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  • Advanced LifeWave Patching Protocols to Support Nervous System Health

    in Health

    Oftentimes when we think of health, we don't focus on our nervous system health. It's only when we see ourselves or our loved ones suffer disorders such as tumors, Alzheimers, autoimmune disorders, or epilepsy that we then begin to look for ways that we can support our nervous system. 

    But it's never too early or too late to support your nervous system. I have invited a very special guest on this episode, Quila Rider R.N. C.N.M., Ac, Ph.D, founder of Alliance of Complementary Therapeutics. Dr. Rider will share with us some techniques on how to use all-natural LifeWave acupuncture patches to support your nervous system health. Join us to learn:

    Several simple, yet powerful step by step procedures to use these patches to help support your nervous system (and what benefits you can expect right away).  
    How these patching sequences helped one man with dysfunction in his central nervous systems to get completely off his medications!
    What clinical studies reveal about LifeWave's ability to balance your autonomic nervous system within just 10 minutes of patch application.

    Give us a call at the number above to have your questions answered!

    (Be sure to share this episode with someone else who cares about their nervous system health). 

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    Laura Webber - Jane of All Trades

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Laura Webber of Jane of All Trades. Jane of All Trades is a fully insured handyman service with a twist, that has been in business since 2012 with many happy customers. We specialize in minor repairs to homes from painting, repairing ice dam damage in ceilings to patching holes in walls or building storage space. We have done a lot work with realtors in the area preparing houses to be listed on the market. We offer advice on decorating and color schemes as well.

    Find out more about Jane of All Trades by visiting their FaceBook page and becoming a fan at https://www.facebook.com/janeofalltrades4u

    To learn more about the Friends of Kevin Networking Group go to http://friendsofkevin.com

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    Trauma, Wounds & Scars: Using LifeWave Patches to speed up healing & reduce pain

    in Health

    "We have a leader in Austria that had a scar for 50 years, and when applying Glutathione patches his scar disappeared in only 2 weeks!"

    LifeWave patches never cease to amaze me with how simple yet powerfully effective they are (afterall, they helped me win a Gold medal!). For this month's episode of Live with the LifeWave doctors we will be talking about how you can use these all-natural acupuncture patches to speed up the healing process for scars, wounds or traumas, as well as how to reduce inflammation and pain during the healing process.

    Join me as I interview fellow LifeWave Doctor Dennis Lobstein as we chat about:

    What studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of LifeWave acupuncture patches to help speed up the healing process for wounds, scars or other traumas? How do these patches work anyways?
    What kind of patches do I need and where do I place them (and how often?) 
    What are the best patching protocols to reduce inflammation? 
    How quickly can you expect to see results? Is there any guarentee?

    Be sure to call in LIVE to have your questions answered by the LifeWave Doctors (no disease names please!)


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    Free Author Book Promos, Pygmalion, and the Fight for More Willpower

    in Writing

    NOTE: I didn't connect with today's guest, so I'm flying solo (unless she happens to call in -- in which case, I'll roll with it, 'cause I'm flexible like a willow.)

    For today's show, I'm highlighting a few author's books, so be sure to check them out! 

    Mike Robinson recently released Waking Gods. Mike was a guest on BPW a year or so ago to talk about his other books, both of which have re-deisgned covers. They are Green-Eyed Monster and Negative Space. Mike's new book could use a little review love. His others have been well-received.

    O.N. Stefan released "a dark, edgy thriller," called Sleep Then My Princess. 3.5 stars

    Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli has a scifi series for your reading pleasure titled, The Red Desert and a crime thriller set in London called, The Mentor. The Mentor has received 936 reviews and has an average of 4 stars.

    Will Patching newly released audio edition of Remorseless: A British Crime Thriller is available now. You also can get the ebook free on Amazon (which I did yesterday!) Will's book has a 4.5 star rating.

    James Jacobs' historical thriller set in Mexico during the year of the 1968 Olympics is titled, Days of the Dead. His book could use some love! Read and post your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

    Check out Amazon for more details!

    Pygmalion, Galatea, and the Golem Effects all have a profound impact on our day-to-day lives, but most of us probably don't even realize it! Today that all changes. I'm sharing a little bit about what I know about these effects, and then I'll briefly touch on our superpower: Willpower.


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    Sim Standard Radio Ep. 83 - Year 3 on Next Gen Consoles, Patches/New Engines

    in Video Games

    Happy New Year! Welcome back Sim gamers, were excited to kick off another year of Sim Standard Radio. Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Tonight we will be discussing year 3 on Next Gen consoles. What does that mean for gaming and what are you expecting? We will also revisit the topic in regards to the patching era. Are you in favor of patches? Are patches a good thing or bad thing? Are there too many patches that nerf realistic aspects of a sports game? This topic was inspired by the recent patch for NBA 2K16, many feel like the game has been nerfed drastically. 

    In addition to the patches we will discuss the benefits and negatives of implementing new engines in sports games. What is an engine problem vs a tech problem? Are some of the things we ask for able to be done with current engines? Once we are done with the topics we will open the line to the callers. We look forward to you guys being a big part of the discussion. See you guys at 8pm EST.

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    Reducing EMF sensitivity and Stress using LifeWave Patches

    in Health

    More and more schools and workplaces are adopting wireless internet and computers in every room. When we stop to think about all the EMF radiation from electronics that we come into contact with everyday it's no wonder that our bodies are so stressed. Oh, and as an important side note- when children are stressed, they misbehave, become moody or lose focus. Hmm...

    If you have children, or you are like me and have EMF sensitivity (or think you might) I highly suggest checking out this interview with Chinese Medicine Expert and LifeWave Patching Pro Dr. Dennis Lobstein. 

    Join us to learn:

    Signs that you have EMF sensitivity
    Simple ways you can protect yourself inside and outside your home from EMF (including low frequency and high frequency radiation)
    How to effectively use acupuncture patches to relieve stress and sensitivty to EMF, especially in high frequency areas (such as airports and movie theatres). 


    Be sure to call in to have your questions answered by the LifeWave doctors themselves!

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    How to use LifeWave Patches for Menopause Symptoms

    in Women

    I have a LOT of women coming into my office looking for natural alternatives for menopause.  Initially some are concerned if natural treatments will be able to relief such severe symptoms such as fuzzy thinking, hot flashes and/or insomnia.

    I love using all-natural LifeWave acupuncture patches on all my patients because it is very quick, effective and my clients can do it for themselves! These patches work with your body, which means that it can actually prevent or reduce the severity of your symptoms rather than just relieving them temporarily! And the great news is you don't have to worry about all those side effects that so many prescription drugs have. 

    Join me as I interview Dr. Dennis Lobstein, LifeWave Expert, Doctor of Health and Exercise Science and Master of Asian Medicine as we discuss how to use these powerful, all-natural acupuncture patches to relieve menopause symptoms including: 

    hot flashes
    sleep disruption
    mood swings
    menstrual irregularity
    low libido

    Have questions? Tune in LIVE to have them answered by the doctors themselves. Curious about past LifeWave shows? Visit www.patchtrainingteam.com/lifewaveradio. 


    Know someone who is suffering from these symptoms? "Share the love" by sharing this free interview / Q&A Session with someone you love! 

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    How to Use LifeWave Acupuncture Patches For Children

    in Parents

    Did you know that you can use all-natural LifeWave Acupuncture Patches on school age children to address issues such as:

    - "Growing pains"

    - Headaches

    - Irritability

    - Problems focusing and paying attention

    - Sleep difficulty (nightmares, terrors, sleep walking)

    - Sugar cravings/addiction

    Tune in as I interview Dr. Dennis Lobstein, MTCM,PhD and learn how these all-natural acupuncture patches (nothing goes in and nothing comes out) can be used to counteract the effects of toxic environment and produce incredible results!


    This is a pre-recorded interview. Have questions? Post a comment at our LifeWave Radio replay blog page here:http://patchtrainingteam.com/lifewaveradio/


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    LifeWave Protocols for Healthy Detoxification

    in Health

    If you read my blog, you know that I've talked a lot about the need for detoxification - especially with all the toxins and stress our bodies undergo. Unfortunately so many detox programs out there are NOT a good fit for most people, and even more concerning are their outright dangerous methods. 

    What if you could help support your body's natural detoxification system without the food deprivation or other dangerous, unhealthy tactics?

    Join me as I chat with Dr. Dennis Lobstein about how all-natural LifeWave acupuncture patches can be used to support healthy detoxification - without anything even entering the body! 

    Join us to learn: 

    The science behind how these patches boost your body's natural detoxification process
    Several of our favorite patching protocols for healthy detoxification (what patches to wear and where to place them!)
    When NOT to wear the patches 
    And much more!

    Be sure to call the number above to have your questions answered. 

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    How LifeWave Can Support Your Adrenal Health & Reduce Stress this Holiday

    in Health

    It's no secret that this time year often accompanies a ton of added stressors: family, traveling, arrangment of holiday plans, gift shopping and so much more. And it's no coincidence that many people feel exhuasted and sick before even making it into December! 

    That's why it's SO important to take care of your adrenal health and learn how to manage your stress early this year! Luckily LifeWave patches are an easy and effective all-natural alternative to "stressing out!" 

    Join LifeWave Doctors Dr. Karen Kan and Dr. Dennis Lobstein to learn:

    How LifeWave patches can reduce the effects of stress including anxiety and inflammation

    What LifeWave patches to use to boost your adrenal system (we will even give you some specific patching protocols to try out!) 

    Additional tips and tools to stay healthy and naturally de-stress this holiday season.


    Want to ask your questions to the LifeWave Doctors? Give us a call at the number above and we will answer your question. 

    To learn more about all-natural Lifewave patches visit: www.patchtrainingteam.com