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    Michael Brown spent four years on active duty achieving the rank of Corporal (Non-Commissioned Officer). Michael then spent two years as an Inactive Reservist for the Marine Corps in Texas, at which time he then re-entered Active Military Service by enlisting in the US ARMY on 27 FEB 2000 with the rank of Specialist and occupational specialty of Motor Transport Operator. From FEB 2004 – FEB 2005, he was deployed to Afghanistan as part of OEF-5, where he earned a Bronze Star, an Army Accommodation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit Award and the Army Good Conduct Medal. During this deployment in Afghanistan, he sustained injuries warranting a Medical Discharged in JUN 2006. Afterward, he spent three years in Iraq as an Embedded MRAP Mechanic for the DOD and one year with Triple Canopy. During this timeframe, he was again injured twice resulting in two spinal surgeries resulting in artificial disc replacement, titanium cage and a titanium hip replacement. Upon 2 years of recovery and rehabilitation, he began deploying as a Mobility Instructor for CRUSADERS TRAINING, LLC, where he teaches US ARMY Soldiers Mobility and Recovery measures for the New IMG-MAXXPRO DASH MRAP. Currently, he is focusing his time on earning his Degree in Teaching and focus on being a Strength and Conditioning Coach.I am a disabled veteran who wants to live the rest of my life motivating other disabled veterans to do more than they ever thought they could before...after war.

    Greg Stevens


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    Ep. 70: Sorry Koji

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    Baseball Prospectus signature fantasy podcast, Flags Fly Forever covers the vast fantasy landscape in greater detail than a replacement-level podcast. Bret Sayre, Mike Gianella and George Bissell take a deep dive into current fantasy topics, combining traditional scouting with statistical analysis to provide fantasy owners with an unparalleled perspective.  

    This week’s topics include:

    Offseason Transaction Analysis

    - Craig Kimbrel

    - Andrelton Simmons

    - Joaquin Benoit

    - Nate Karns

    - Francisco Rodriguez

    - Leonys Martin

    - Tom Wilhelmsen

    National League - Retrospective Player Valuations

    We delve into Mike Gianella’s stellar 2015 Retrospective Player Valuation series with an extensive look at the senior circuit’s top earning hitters, biggest surprises, disappointments and also engage in a lengthy discussion regarding Billy Hamilton’s value going forward. On the pitching side, Mike explains the historical significance of the performances by Jake Arrieta, Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke this past season and examines the recent trend of elite starting pitchers (and closers) becoming safer investments on draft day than stud hitters.

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    Yep!! we are gonna go there!  We are gonna discuss the infamous "HALL PASS".  This is when your significant other gives you a pass to step out on the relationship once in a while.  It's been a big topic of conversation since the whole "Toya and Memph Hitz" story broke out.  She's been called all types of names but, is it really that serious? Is this a tradgedy for woman kind.   If the man gets a hall pass, should the ladies get a hall pass as well?  Do the ladies even want one? This should be a good one!  Cant wati to hear the ladies and gents respond to these answers.  Last week we tackled the whole cell phone password issue and it was so intense we ran out of time and never got a chance to hear from the Doc, so we will revisit that conversation another time.  However, This topic, this one is really gonna be something to tune in to.   We would love to hear your opinion! Call us @ 6467164983 tune in at http://tobtr.com/s/8081715

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    The Sinner's Ball Radio Show : Episode #18

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    Join us LIVE at 8PM EST SUNDAY 11/15 ... CALL IN NUMBER 646-668-8869

    Great show planned this weekend

    We have had two weekends off due to Mister Sinister being taken out by the flu !!!!

    Well this weekend we are back and better than ever !!!

    Fun games like PASSWORD planned for tonight

    The news with BILLY

    and Pedro from Euro Asia !!!!!!


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    This week we continue part 2 of the "Password Nuptials".  Things heated up quickly last week in the studio.  There was no love as our hosts "Mr. Yours truly" and "Candy" went toe to toe at odds on this particular subject. LOL  This one was personal.!! So we decided to continue the debate regarding the sacred password.... Just how sacred is it?  and if it's not sacred.... at what point in a relationship should we be exchanging passwords if ever? Call in @6:30pm tonight (646) 716-4983 and let us know your answer to the question."Is exchanging passwords as serious as saying "I DO" "? lol

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    When should you have to give up that passwords for your phone? For that matter, should you ever have too? As simple as some may think this topic is, having a password on a phone in a relationship can cause a lot of problems.  But there are many different thoughts about the matter so we are gonna go ahead and talk about this part of the game we play! Tune in @ 6:30 PM 10/4/2015 when it all goes down via the link a the bottom or call in @ 6467164983.  This will be an interesting one as we hear from both the men and the ladies. But we cant wait to hear what the self proclaimed "love doctor" is gonna have to say about this. lol  See you then!    

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    ·         One man said, “Over the last ten years, my supervisor retrained me, my office relocated me, my company downsized me, and finally my boss fired me. But that’s okay, because during the same decade my body moved me into MIDDLE MANAGEMENT.”

    ·         Another man said, “I've sure gotten old. I’ve had two by-pass surgeries, a hip replacement, and new knees. I’ve fought prostate cancer and diabetes. I'm half blind, can't hear anything quieter than a jet engine, and take forty different medications that make me dizzy, winded, and subject to blackouts. I have bouts with dementia, and such poor circulation that I can hardly feel my hands and feet anymore. I never can remember if I'm 85 or 92. But thank goodness, I still have my Louisiana driver's license!”

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    Beware of Major Cell Phone Contracts

    in Electronics

    CellMakeover is one of the top Metro Atlanta providers of cell phone repair and replacement. Mr. Terrence Robinson is recognized as a leader in the Atlanta community and growing state and nationwide, when it comes to offering great quailty cell phones , no matter from flip phones to the lastest IPhones at a reasonable price.

    Mr. Terrence Robinson, is also an expert with your computer needs. Be it repair, or purchase, please listen to his talk show today before making the mistake of falling in a Cell Phone Bear Trap' ,for the next two years

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    4'8" and Takin' Names! P4P Real Talk with Joy Walker

    in Sports

    Born with a bone disease called Pseudoachondroplasia (a form of dwarfism), Joy Walker has and continues to face challenges in her life that some may consider daunting. But, not one of those challenges has stopped her from turning good into GREAT! Join Desiree and Kaelin as they unpack Joy's journey to her first figure competition and how she's battling back after a double hip replacement surgery to prep for her next competition in 2016. #mindblown #noexcuses 

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    Paranormal Open Mic with Psychic Readings.

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    In this episode the crew talks about the paranormal and will be taking your calls. Our guest psychic will be on the air taking calls as well.

    Be sure to call in free and chat with the crew.

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    Art of Masterful Delegation-Creating World Class Teams and Leaders

    in Business

    Join Johnnie and his inspirational guest and Director of Prison Fellowship, Don Dewey as they explore the true art of delegation and how it is far more than handing off leadership respnsiblities and tasks to others. What does it mean when we say that the wisdom resides with those closest to the customer and how should that shape how leaders in business and life use these priceless insights to develop our teams as well as ourselves. In a world that is realizing turnover in the leadership ranks almost daily, does it even make sense to invest the time in growing your replacement and if so, how do we do that in this non-stop world.