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    When should you have to give up that passwords for your phone? For that matter, should you ever have too? As simple as some may think this topic is, having a password on a phone in a relationship can cause a lot of problems.  But there are many different thoughts about the matter so we are gonna go ahead and talk about this part of the game we play! Tune in @ 6:30 PM 10/4/2015 when it all goes down via the link a the bottom or call in @ 6467164983.  This will be an interesting one as we hear from both the men and the ladies. But we cant wait to hear what the self proclaimed "love doctor" is gonna have to say about this. lol  See you then!    

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    This week we continue part 2 of the "Password Nuptials".  Things heated up quickly last week in the studio.  There was no love as our hosts "Mr. Yours truly" and "Candy" went toe to toe at odds on this particular subject. LOL  This one was personal.!! So we decided to continue the debate regarding the sacred password.... Just how sacred is it?  and if it's not sacred.... at what point in a relationship should we be exchanging passwords if ever? Call in @6:30pm tonight (646) 716-4983 and let us know your answer to the question."Is exchanging passwords as serious as saying "I DO" "? lol

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    Relationship 101: Is your bae entitled to your social media password?

    in Romance

    MDR Radio will be chatting it up with guest relationship panelist Kourtney and Venom.

    Topic: Is your bae entitled to your socia media password?

    Audiance what are your thoughts? Do you have access to your significant other’s social media accounts? Do they have access to yours? Why or why not? Does not providing your password automatically mean you’re hiding something? Well be taking your questions and comments on this topic. If you dont want to chat about it please feel free to email your questions to mdrradio@gmail.com Subject: relation101

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    in Religion

    Throughout The Day We Have To Use So So Many Passwords. It's Almost Like We No Longer Are Required To Remember Phone Numbers, But We Need To Remember Passwords. You And I were Assigned A Number When We Hit This Earth, (Our Social Security Number), Ha, Remember That Becuz That Is Your Primary I.D.  Also In The Workplace, We Need A Password For Computers, To Get Into Our Office, Home, Garage, Bank Card Information Requires a Password & Various Accounts That We Obtain We Need a Password.  We Even Need A Password When Applying For Employment Or Even Getting Unemployment. There Are Codes and Passwords Needed To Do What You Have To Do....
    Most of These Passwords Allows All Of Us Access to Where We Need To Gain Entrance. Well Guess What, You've Been Given A Password To Touch & Reach The Heavens, To Talk With Your Heavenly Father, Remember, We Are Reminded Even In The Word Of God That There Is Nothing New Under The Sun.  God Has Given Us A Password Thru The Blood Of Jesus. We Have Authority. That Number is P.R.A.Y.E.R. God Has Given All Of His Children Access To The Throne Of Grace.
    It's Time To Get Out Your Password To Touch The Heavenlies... You Will Be So Glad You Did!
    Tune In ... You Will Be So Glad You Did!

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    Star Trek Password

    in Comedy

    Episode 187 “Star Trek Password” John has a laser gun, Marc and John speak in slow-motion, a noise complaint and the full audio from their appearance at Rocpodfest II, a shout out, the Dunkin Donuts mistake in Marc’s favor, reviews of the movie “Joe” and “The Interview”, a Valentines Day overview, a hacker friend’s music video generator, cat on a toilet, a new game inspired by two classic TV shows, and a major show announcement.

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    Game Show Temple LIVE! | Password game

    in Television

    On July 26th at 10:00 PM (EDT), Michael Tiller presents the classic Password game for 4 players, two of whom give one-word clues to passwords in varying amounts of points. Halfway through the show, point values double, and the team with the most points at the end of the show plays a category version of the Lightning round for the Password Jackpot. It all happens at 10:00 PM (EDT), so don't miss out!

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    The Global Psychics & Healers present Olivia

    in Spirituality

    Her whole life, Olivia has been passionate about discovering and living in a world where manifestation and healing is effortless - the way she knew in her heart that it should be. Inherently.

    Over years, her search for understanding on how to achieve the kind the life of that she knew was possible became increasingly frustrating., and nothing worked. When “The Secret” came out, she thought “maybe this is it”, but quickly discovered that it definitely was not - even this most "advanced" of material spoke to her still of the limitations of "polarity". Still determined, her search continued until she came upon a most revelatory site - Inner Mastery Tools by Anita Lucia Briggs. The difference between what Anita offered and the other stuff out there was like night and day - a whole other world, simply incomparable to all that she had studied before!

     Olivia instantaneously latched onto the teachings and profound multi-layered clearings she experienced through Anita’s guidance after a lifetime of searching for this level of depth. Through this work with Anita she was eventually led to the discovery of the great Mystic Almine, and has never looked back, having now discovered what feels without doubt like her "spiritual home". Diving deep into the incredible healing modalities of Fragrance Alchemy, Belvaspata and the wisdom of Almine’s incomparable body of work, coupled with the vast knowledge of Anita’s experience, opened the door to what was so elusive to her previously. 

    free readings


    Password - InnerMastery




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    Helping Children Overcome Fears and Unwanted Behaviors: Courage Critters

    in Parents

    Host Dr. Marla Deibler - Premiere of Mind Matters

    Renae M. Reinardy, Psy.D. received her doctorate at Argosy University, Washington, D.C. She is the Director of the Lakeside Center for Behavioral Change. Dr. Reinardy specializes in the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder, trichotillomania, hoarding disorder, and related conditions. She has been an adjunct professor at the doctoral level and has presented numerous times at national conferences and at local meetings and trainings. She is also the Program Developer of Courage Critters, on on-line and plush animal system.  Dr. Reinardy has been interviewed on Good Morning America, North Dakota Today and the Joy Behar Show. She has also had her treatment techniques featured on Dateline NBC and A&E’s Hoarders.

      The Courage Critters program is a tool that parents, caregivers, teachers, doctors and children can use as a guide to decrease common childhood fears and body focused repetitive behaviors. If every child knew these skills it would be of great benefit to our children's mental and physical health. The Courage Critter provides the child with comfort while the website offers a fun, and informative program. The Critter is a high quality plush toy that arrives with a password allowing the child membership into the Courage Club. This will give children access to all pages on the website.

    There are many stuffed animals available on the market, but none serve the same function as Courage Critters. Children often hold a beloved stuffed animal close to them in difficult situations, but only the Courage Critter has the training to stand up to fear bullies and body focused behaviors! This is a unique system for issues that impact most children and their families. 


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    How To Minimize the Risk of Identity Theft

    in Technology

    Have you been a victim of IdentityTheft? Are you concerned about all the reports of personal information being stolen from corporate data bases?

    Today's guest, Steve Weisman, a lawyer and member of the Massachusetts Bar and Federal Bar, is one of the country’s leading experts on scams and identity theft. He writes about identity theft for USA Today and has been featured on Nightline, CBS News, ABC, CNBC, among others and quoted in numerous publications including The Associated Press, The Boston Globe, Barron’s, The New York Times, Money Magazine, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.  Steve has authored eight books, including Identity Theft Alert: 10 Rules You Must Follow to Protect Yourself From America’s #1 Crime (2014) and The Truth About Avoiding Scams (2008).

    Today, Jim and Steve will discuss what you need to know about identity theft and what you should be doing to minimize your risk of becoming a victim. 

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    144: Internet of Poop

    in Technology

    The Internet's taken a scatological turn this week; bad news from the WEF; Tidal's billing problem; Verizon kills Net Neutrality; blinding us with science; quantified break-ups; coffeeshop cube-farms; your stupid password; building a better pyramid.

    Show notes at http://grumpyoldgeeks.com/144

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    The Sinner's Ball Radio Show: Episode #22 - G Tom Mac and Battle of Wits

    in Entertainment

    Join Mister Sinister, Thomas, Billy and Pedro as they start the new format for The Sinner's Ball. Music legend G Tom Mac will be joining the show for a interview with Mister Sinister. HardCase and Pedro will engage in a Battle of Wits in a game of Password. Also this week: News with Billy, Lost in Translation with Pedro and Missed Connections. This weeks music will feature: G Tom Mac. As always we will be taking calls at: (646) 668-8869.

    Find out more at mistersinister.com and facebook.com/thesinnersballradioshow