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    AEC 305 Unit 3 Exam Review

    in Education

    In this show, your host Dr. Roger Brown will answer students' questions about the AEC 305 Unit 3 exam material.  He will also provide study suggestions and information about the format of the exam.

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    in Religion

    The HOPE of the FAITH is NOT the HOPE of what men EXPECT as HEARD from MEN!  FAITH comes by HEARING the WORD from YAH that it was foretold this WORLD will NOT TELL!

    The MOST HIGH is NOT PASSING OUT LIE TICKETS!   Everyone in EVERY DENOMINATION resultant of the FALL does NOT have a LICENSE to teach its PEOPLE LIES that they should in SWEARING FALSELY be GUILTLESS!   IF every one of 45K has a LICENSE to LIE, what then is LEFT of the COVENANT?   Shall men say there is NO COVENANT because the LORD gave a LICENSE?   The HOLY SPIRIT teaches ALL THINGS!  Should MEN say they are FAITHFUL if they SEEK LESS than the FULL ERADICATION of EVERY LIE .. and LESS than the FULL REMEMBRANCE of ALL THINGS that MEN have LIED AGAINST and/or "conveniently" FORGOTTEN?   Consider JUDE!   The JUDGE will soon present this WHOLE WORLD with a TICKET that NO PRIDEFUL SOUL can begin to PAY! (Isaiah 45:19-25)

    Every institution of man preserves LIES in that  SOME TRUTH of the SCRIPTURE they DENY!  They who trust partialities say they are CHILDREN OF LIGHT, yet  . . without the LIGHT likened to the RISING SUN that AWAKENS beyond OBLIVIOUSNESS they yet SLEEP!  ALL presumptuous fatal flatteries forestalling men's efforts toward ALL TRUTH, is a DAMNABLE ILLUSION which captures them who do not discern the COMING of the RIGHTEOUS KURTI!   What the "CHURCHES" teach TODAY is NOT the FAITH, but WORLDLINESS!   It is NOT what the MESSIAH nor any of His APOSTLES TAUGHT!   "CHRISTIANITY" is a POLYTHEIST machination of MEN FALLEN from GRACE!   It denies SEEKING the ONE PURE PERFECT ORDER of TRUTH!  

    After INTRUSIONS of the DECEITFUL PRECEPTS of MEN, this was NOT the WORSHIP of YAH! .. NOR was it ever the ACCEPTABLE unto the CONFIRMING the SOUL!   Shall YAH be PLEASED with the PRAISE of them who yet hold to LIES?



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    You don't know beans about your IRS matter, why?

    in Legal

    After 35 years and thousands of IRS cases, I can show you what you don't know. You can call Steph at 713-774-4467 or download from our free advice tab our guide to solvng your own IRS problems. go to http://www.taxproblem.org.

    Yes for 35 years and thousands of real tax situations I have learned more than anyone I know can ever learn in one lifetime.

    Even if you have a representative, find out what you don't know and how you can be throwing money away.


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    Passing time while waiting for collapse, and some points to ponder while we wait

    in Politics Conservative

    Paul Ryan was a no-show. So was Mitch McConnell. 

    But Obama on Monday signed the federal budget bill crammed through by Republicans last week. The deal eliminates any cap on the federal debut through the remainder of Obama's final term in office. Obama says he applauds this as part of a "longer term, more responsible budget process." 


    You may have also seen in the past week or so that an heir to the Disney forture now spends her money and time creating documentaries touting progressive causes. Abigail Disney's latest venture chronicles an evangelical minister whose outlook on guns has undergone conversion, and he now preaches gun control. 

    Wonder what Abby's Uncle Walk would say of such things? 

    Would Disney's Swiss Family Robinson have been a better movie if the Robinson's had declared their island a gun free zone? 

    Even the Leftists are finding things to be spiralling out of control. Especially on college campuses. Meanwhile, the left's attempt at mainstream media keeps dishing lines about today's conservatives being a rising form of fascism. 

    Try to connect today's dots, and it looks like scribbling. Expect no better when the dots are from today's leaders, who lead with the immaturity of a raging child with a box of broken crayons.

    So back to our headline, how are you passing the time on the way to collapse? How much time do you think we have left? 

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    What you don't know about the IRS will definately hurt you.

    in Legal

    After 35 years and thousands of successful IRS cases, I know how to avoid an audit and how to make sure the IRS doesn't overcharge you or take unwanted collection action. Join me on my show M-F 8-8:30pm ctl. You can also go to our website at www.taxproblem.org and download our free guide. You can call Seph at 713-774-4467 to evaluate what you should do.

    Don't be a victim of the IRS or these so called debt relief companies who promise anything just to get your money.


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    in Entrepreneur

    maddie brown

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    Love Your Self; Love Your Life. EPISODE #3.

    in Lifestyle

    If you have ever felt stuck—or like life was passing you by—this show is for you. Our Host, Kristine Burke, knows from first-hand experience what it feels like to struggle. And thanks to years of enduring those very struggles, today Kristine knows how to view struggles as the miracles they are. Using the guidelines she presents in her ebook, Loving Your Anxiety Attacks (and Other Worries) Away!, Kristine laughed her anxiety away—flipping her challenges into opportunities and her adversaries into teachers.

    In this Show, Kristine invites callers to share their struggles, challenges, or adversaries and work through a simple process of seeing life's message(s).

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    Thanks, Thanks for nothing, Thanks, it means a lot

    in Christianity

    Thanks, sometimes in passing we through it out, scribble it on the bottom of the page.

    We laugh in the old movies when the catch phrase was, " thanks for nothing!"

    Thanks, it means alot, it means it all, when you thank Jesus.

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    in Spirituality


    Following on from our first part which can be found by following the link below to our Youtube channel I hope to give the rest of the story as to how my Brother Jonathan has guided me from the world of spirit since his passing in 1999 which has led me to an understanding of our siritual nature as human beings havng a physical experience here on the Earth. 

    During this one hour special I will be talking about 

    Dealing with grief and the passing of a loved one
    Early signs spirit show when they are around you. 
    How spirit appear in dreams 
    How life is constructed into timelines based on probabilities. 
    Spirit guides and spirit teachers
    Basic tips on how to explore your own soul purpose
    and much more

    So please feel free to join me. - you can check out Part 1 of this 2 parter by heading over to.


    Or check us out for more content at http://www.spiritualworlds.co.uk

    This is our first episode hosted on Blogtalkradio of Pathways to healing, however many more will follow, please follow our show for more content still to come :)

    Love and Light 

    Jared and Sam

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    You're not afraid of the IRS are you?

    in Legal

    When you understand how people think and operate you tend to be less afraid. Don't be a victim of your fear. Knowing how the IRS handles your tax return and various matters with their agency will help you gain confidence i dealing with them by yourself or through your representative. Don't be fooled by inexperienced representatives who will tell you what you want to hear, ad then fail at what you think they were trying to accomplish. I see it all the time. After 35 years and thousands of tax cases, I know the IRS like the back of my hand. Download our free advice pdf at http://www.taxproblem.org and call Steph at 713-774-4467 so we can see what exactly needs to be done to help you avoid an audit or collection action or resolve any IRS matter.

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    Te'Reisha Nashay Graves Esquire

    in News

    Tomorrow tune in LIVE on Alamo Speaks@ 8P.M.,I will conduct an exclusive interview with Richmond,CA Native Te'Reisha Nashay Graves-Esq ,A recent California Bar exam applicant,,"Approximately 8500 people took the California Bar Exam and only 46.6% of those people passed"! Graves a recent graduate of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University Law School,made the Dean’s list almost every semester and was in the top 5% of her class ranked number 3/105, She made Law Review and graduated with honors May 9, 2015,She is now an Attorney at Law.Shalom.

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