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    Women can conceive without a male Partner! A discussion on the Virgin Birth

    in Women

    On this episode Kerri Ryan, well known for her blog and Facebook Page called Goddess of Sacred Sex, and Aurora Rae Kozinn discuss Parthenogenesis. Othewise known as the Virgin Birth. Women's ability to self-conceive!

    YES! THE VIRGIN BIRTH IS POSSIBLE. And a woman's ability to conceive without a man's aid IS documented.

    We also discuss the Priestess Arts, Ancient Egyptian Parthenogenesis Practices, The Virgin Mary's background and much more!


    Contact Aurora at ourredtent@gmail.com

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    Den Poitras/Male Femininst Talks About Parthenogenesis

    in Spirituality

    Den Poitras calls himself a radical male feminist who believes in parthenogenesis. Well, he doesn't really just believe in it - one of his best friends might possibly have accomplished it. Tune in to hear about his life experiences that led to this revelation, including delving into medical mysteries of women, his theories on raw food that lives comes only from life and how that plays a part in parthenogenesis, and his appreciation for the quote of America's genius inventor, Buck Minister Fuller: "Give men their gadgets and inventions, let women run the world." He'll talk matriarchy vs patriarchy aka unconditional love verses conditional love, breatharians, celibacy, yoga, Jesus, Mary and the Essenes and the implications of parthenogenesis.

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    How to kill Religion series - Parthenogenesis: The Facts and Myths

    in Culture

    Taking the minds of the people away from religion. Using Science, History and Civilization as our guidance. Email me at asumthegod@gmail.com any questions or request Peace

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    An Indigenous Breakdown of the Bible by The Young Legend....

    in Education

    This will be one of the Greatest Presentations ever
    The scriptures of the Bible have been questioned from every angle however for the first time Dr Ali will reveal the truth of the Following
    The Asiatics (A-Xi-atics) Semetic Lineage aka Niburian Bloodlines...
    The Gateway of the Sun and the Science of Prophecy in 25 thousand year increments- The Last Book is 90 Pages + 1
    The One Nation - Alahaym (Eloheem)
    The Races - The Reformation of humanity after the Flood
    ADAM AND EVE of the Bible and the Grafted Races...
    The Cosmology of the Tree of Life and its Origins in the West - The Yaxkhay Tree
    Pole Shift - The Biblical Flood Occurred in North America- Scientific Proof
    Nabi Nu -Mr (Noah-Utnaphistim) and the Settlements on the Nile and Tigris-Euphrates
    The School andThe Lineage of The Nabiyyina (Prophets)
    What did they learn
    Tree of Life # 13 Meditations and the Psy-Bank and tapping into ancestral memory- The Lineage of Ausar-Iyl aka Yahsar Ahla - The Real Shi-mu...Djus
    Prophet Ibrahiym - Hs Identity in Khemet ( Ta Mur)
    Who was Moses - Ah Mus- Djut Mus I, II, & III
    The Exodus in Papyruses and the Wheels
    Yashua the son of Nun (Miriam) in Ancient Khemet - Senmut and Nefure...The invasions of the Libyans ( Neith Cults - Parthenogenesis and the Origina of the Grafted Devils)
    The Septuagint - When the Ancient Oral Tradition was transcibed 285 B.C...The collapse of the Traditions
    How the White Greco Romans became Jews...Study with the Coptics (Moors)...
    The rewriting of Aboriginal History and the New testament Author Flavious Josephus...How the Jews created THE FICTION JESUS=ZEUS from Indigenous Prophecies
    Islam and the Correction of Moorish Heritage...and the Coming of Mahdi...Aboriginal Mathematics...and the Black Star a Star would be the sign of THEIR BIRTH

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    Marguerite Rigoglioso/When God Was a Virgin Mother & Eleusinian Mysteries Illuminated

    in Spirituality

    Marguerite Rigoglioso, author of Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity we will discuss evidence that Goddesses were once understood to have been virgin mother creatrix deities and how goddesses originally did not need male consorts. We'll delve into parthenogenesis, the Gaia Hypothesis (the earth is a living entity) and was Gaia an actual goddess? We'll talk about the older Athena, the one not born from the head of Zeus. We'll delve into Marguerite's original analysis of the Eleusinian Mysteries and the Thesmophoria (rites of Demeter and Persephone) and how this myth encodes a story of female self-replication. We'll delve into the argument that Persephone's rape by Hades was a huge cosmic event that marked the interruption of the parthenogenetic capacity of the goddesses and more....tune in. You won't want to miss this entire show dedicated to Marguerite's work.

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    Checking in with Dr. Warren Booth

    in Pets

    Dr Warren Booth USARK Director,  Department of Entomology, North Carolina State University is our guest for this addition of Reptile Radio. We'll be talking with Dr. Booth about some recent research he's been working on; for example Parthenogenesis in boa constrictors. For more information on Dr. Booth or to read some of his publications please visit http://www.cals.ncsu.edu/entomology/booth  

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