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    Preaching And Teaching Part 3

    in Education

    Harvest Time Alert is a Cutting Edge Radio Show. We are strong Anti - New World Order. Our goal is to show how the NWO is fast reaching the point of controlling everything in our lives from cradle to the grave. Vaccines, GMOs, gun control, fluoride, chemtrails, the UN, Agenda 21, thimerosal, aspartame and the list goes on and on, are all part of their control over us. We will show you how all these things are being used to fulfill Bible Prophecy written thousands of years ago. We will be bringing you real news and talking about subjects you will not hear or read on CNN, NBC, FOX or any other form of Government controlled mainstream media.

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    The Alex Cardinale Show Episode 22: History of the United States Part 3!

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    On this episode of the Alex Cardinale Show, Alex will be doing his 3rd and final part in the History of the United States! There will be plenty of information in today's show! Over the past 2 weeks we've discussed the American Revoultion, the Revoultionary War, the presidency of George Washington and Andrew Jackson, the Civil War all the way through the Great Depression.

    Alex will be discussing World War II, The Cold War, the killing of John F Kennedy, the Civil Rights Movement, 9/11, and the presidencys of George W. Bush and Barack Obama as well as recent events. 

    Call in at 1 323-642-1605 with any questions, comments, or discuss your favorite president, why you like the USA, your thoughts on the killing of John F Kennedy, 9/11, and the presidencys of George W Bush or Barack Obama.


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    Part 1 of 3

    in Psychology

    Part 1 of 3 for final project.

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    2014 Highlights From The Ms. Computer Lady Show Part 3--1/24/15

    in Computers


    Part 3 of the 2014 highlights of the Ms. Computer Lady show is here.  Reflecting back on a wonderful (and sometimes challenging lol) 2014 with memories and highlights.  Part 1 focused on what the guests had to say regarding their expeiences with computers and technology, what their challenges were, and how they overcame those obstacles.  Highlights included those from Clarence "The Pencilman Pointer", indie recording artist Kennard Wilson, and participants of the Variations of Womanhood.

    The show began commemorating the 10th anniversary of Your Computer Needs of Toledo, LLC.  Emphasis was on how the company started, its triumphs, its obstacles that were overcome, and was ahead for the company in 2015.

    Part 2 included highlights from the show's sponsor United States Vets, Inc., rapper/actor/producer Mikey Jay, up & coming rapper Trends Lffmusic, and participants from Ebiz, Inc.'s Save Our Youth Indie Music Showcase.  

    Greatest moments from 2014 for part 3 of the broadcast will include highlights from the interview with international recording artists Hi-Five, indie recording artist and one of the background singers for international recording artist Kem--Ms. L'Renee, indie recording artist Ms. Ebony Shanta', and for those that want to get an early start on preparing their 2014 taxes the entire replay of the interview with Ms. Regina Page.   It all happens here so don't miss it.

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    The Walk of Holiness - Part 3

    in Christianity

    We are continuing in Colossians 3:1-24. This is one of the greatest sections in the development of living Holy as God is Holy. This will establish many points of criteria to refrain from as well as embrace to bring your life to a defining walk of Holiness. When combined with the Fear of the Lord God, it brings one into the type of intimacy that God desires from us.

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    3 Muses and a Universe - Aloneness

    in Spirituality

    Join Mary, Sheila and Tierney as they talk about being Alone.  Do you find it hard being alone?  Are you uncomfortable in the silence?  Listen in as the 3 Muses talk about developing and healing your relationship with yourself.

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    The 3 Purpose Blocks - Part II

    in Work

    The 3 Purpose Blocks: Claiming Your Purpose More Boldly (Part II)

    How might the very things that get in the way help you claim your purpose more boldly?

    Join us Thursday, at Noon Central time for an inspiring PART II interview with Chris Kyle, a speaker, teacher and founder/CEO of the Ascendant Company. Among many other accomplishments, Chris created and hosted the The Power of Purpose Summit, which drew over 10,000 participants from 85 countries; and is the creator and teacher of the Man On Purpose 7-week online course.

    Susyn Reeve is a best-selling author.  Her books include, The Wholehearted Life and The Inspired Life:  Unleashing Your Mind's Capacity for Joy   She has 35 years experience as a Corporate Consultant, Self-Esteem Expert and InterFaith Minister.  She has been a delegate to the UN Commission on the Status of Women. (www.SusynReeve.com)

    Rikk Hansen is one of the nation's leasing experts in guiding midlife professionals and entrepreneurs to discover a life work that's truly their CALLING.  As founder of Brilliant NEXT, he has pioneered a system called New Fire Discover that guides midlife women and men to find certainty of purpose and exciting direction for their next fulfilling work - in a short period of time despite any obstacles or fears.  (www.BrilliantNEXT.com)

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    Godly husbands and wives part 3

    in Health

    Yolanda Henderson is a certified holistic health coach. She desires that we all get and obtain favor from The Lord. One the best forms of favor is marriage. Rather you are married or not or desired to be married or just want a better marriage join us! She will discuss martial issues that most marriages face today. You can be the husband of a happy wife and vice versa, being a wife of a happy husband. Get your notebooks together and listen to what the bible says about marriage and how to use an holistic approach. This 3 part series Includes:

    Wife and husband roles
    finances and spending habits
    decision making
    love and lust
    abuse and mistakes.
    sexual issues and help

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    The CHRISTian Household Part 3

    in Religion

    Thanks for listening to "The CHRISTian Houshold Part 3". If this is your first time tuning in, please listen to Parts 1 and 2. This broadcast will bless you and your household. It will bring peace, unity, and restoration into your home.

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    Part 3 Freedom

    in Politics

                                                  Part 3 Freedom

    Freedom is what our fonding father wanted when they first setup the governemnt of the Unided States of America.

    In truth when one does explore our founding fathers and their idea to just freedom is and it should mean. today's liberal and democrat just hate the ideas that come from our founding fathers to the United States of America. Liberals and democrats all hate freedom to start with, for they and everyone of them happen to agree with Karl Marks and his idea from his book "Communist Manafesto"

    true freedom come with the idea of a Republic whereby the people rule, and that means the liberal would also hate this idea of having a republic type of governemnt.

    John Adams the true founder of freedom and liberty to the United States of America got it right where it came to a republic is the only type of governemtn when it comes to freedom and liberty.

    in 1773 those who dumped the tea into Boston Habor had the right idea when it cam to civil disobeince to fight for one's freedom.

    Peopel read your history and not the history that the liberals and democrats would want to to read, for they love to lie and disort the true look at just how Empire Obama lies and disort the truth.  

    Libertarians have it right, and best idea when it comes to just what true freedom is to be all about and lberty too.

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    Waiting for Your Ministry Part 3

    in Christianity

    Preparation for Ministry

    If the Lord sends you, He is responsible for your training and preparation. Though He may choose to use opportunities presented by organized religions, if you’re not taught by Him, you’re still not taught.

    * Put Aside Your Own Desires Part of the process of the Lord bringing you into greater dependence on Himself is a greater experience of His giving nature. Admit to and embrace what you want! Then relinquish it to the Lord to do with as He pleases.

    * Put Aside Expectations As the Lord draws or instructs you into certain areas, don’t run out ahead of Him, and try to “take it from here.”

    * Start with a Clean Slate, with Yourself, Others and with God Ask the Lord if there are any relationships, debts, misconceptions you need to clear up.

    * Make Yourself Available Don’t be surprised if the first things He does is start to put demands on your time, resources, and patience to reveal areas where you aren’t as available to Him as you thought.

    * Count the Cost Vocational Ministry is closer to joining the military than entering into any other occupation; you’re dealing with life and death struggles against both the enemy and bureaucracy, and every aspect of your life will be accountable to the Lord.

    Counting the Cost of Ministry

    God’s concept of ministry is very different from what is taught and experienced in most religious circles these days.

    * School of the Spirit (for all Saints, the Children of God)

    * School of the Prophets (for the Friends of God)

    * The King’s College (for the Sons of God)


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