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    Howard Hewett (born October 1, 1955, Akron, Ohio, United States) is an American R&B and gospel singer, and former lead vocalist of the R&B group Shalamar.

    Raised in Akron, Ohio, Hewett moved to Los Angeles in 1976, where he met John and Alonzo Daniels, owners of an historical club in the LA Crenshaw district, called Maverick's Flat. It was at Maverick's that Hewett first met Jeffrey Daniel and Jody Watley (eventually Shalamar). Hewett and the Daniels brothers formed a show group called "Beverly Hills" and through Daniels bookings toured throughout Europe, the UK, Scandinavia and Asia for all of 1978 till the middle of 1979.

    After returning from overseas, Hewett started recording for Jeffrey Bowen, a Motown producer (The Temptations, Commodores, Bonnie Pointer) who was working on a solo project on guitarist Eddie Hazel (Parliament-Funkadelic). Hewett never completed the project because towards the end of 1979, he got a call from Jeffrey Daniel, who was on the road with Shalamar in the middle of a promotional tour. They had suddenly found themselves in need of a lead singer and Daniel made Hewett an offer that he accepted. Within three days Hewett flew to New Jersey, where he met up with Watley and Daniel, rehearsed the lip synch and choreography to the current Shalamar single "Take That To The Bank", and found himself in front of a TV camera on a local dance show in Paterson, New Jersey. They completed the promotional tour and returned to Los Angeles and immediately started recording the Big Fun LP with their producer, Leon Sylvers. The trio went on to record songs such as "Second Time Around", "Make That Move", "A Night to Remember", "Dancing in the Sheets" and the ballad "This Is for the Lover in You". Hewett was the group's lead singer from 1979 until 1985.

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    'The Power of Being Yourself' An IC4TS chat with 'Action Woman' Jacquie Forde

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    This week Mark chats with 3 Principles 'Action Woman' Scotland based Jacquie Forde. Jacquie really gets things done. I have the secret suspicion that she coould be Sean Connery's daughter because she's almost James Bond like with her determination and resilience... In our conversation we talk about the 'Power of Being Yourself' and the upcoming introduction of the 3 Principles understanding to the Scottish Parliment which Jacquie is responsible for.

    Jacquie Forde is a social entrepreneur, coach,consultant ,business woman, mum to three gorgeous tenacious daughters, wife and friend . She is driven to making to a difference for individuals and organisations helping them understand how to live fully creating meaningful results in life and business to improve health and wellbeing. Prior to starting her own businesses Jacquie was a nurse and midwife and worked in sales, training and public affairs for several blue chip Pharmaceutical companies which gives her a unique blend of work experience in both the private and public sector.For more details about Jacquie’s corporate and professional development services, as well as full contact details please contact her at jacquieforde@me.com. www.jacquieforde.com

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    The Return of The House of Funk

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    Yea... It's been a minute but I'm BACK!!!  Move that coffee table to the side then get the drinks. I'll take a ginger ale 'cuz I'm on the J.O.B. My and a couple of the fellas are gonna be throwin' some bones down while ya'll get your groove on,  if ya know what I mean. What kidda speakers you got on your computer? I hope the thump because it's time for...... THE HOUSE OF FUNK!!!!!

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    The Mother Ship Has Landed. George Clinton Live

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    Musician George Clinton was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina on July 22, 1941. His music career began in a barbershop where he created a doo-wop group called The Parliaments. Clinton regularly reorganized musicians in The Parliaments, later known as Funkadelic and then P.Funk All-Stars, to create new sounds. He had a number one hit on his 1983 solo album, Computer Games.

    Early Career

    Musician. Born July 22, 1941, in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Raised in Plainfield, New Jersey, Clinton began his music career in the 1950's, while working at a barbershop in Newark, New Jersey. He founded a doo-wop singing quintet he called The Parliaments out of the shop's backroom. When Clinton headed to Detroit in the early 1960s to work as a staff songwriter for Motown, the group stayed in New Jersey but continued to work together long distance.

    Landing a deal with Revilot Records, The Parliaments turned out their first hit with in 1967 with the single "(I Just Wanna) Testify," which landed at No. 3 on the Billboard R&B charts. The only member of The Parliaments to actually appear on the recording, however, was Clinton; no one else was able to travel to Detroit for the session, so studio musicians filled in.

    Parliament and Funkadelic

    When Revilot went bankrupt later that year, the group's name became tied up in litigation. In 1968, they renamed themselves Funkadelic, after Clinton's back-up band. In 1972, when Clinton was finally able to get back the Parliament name, the group began using both the Parliament and Funkadelic monikers, but under different record labels. Often referring to himself as "the Referee", Clinton mixed and matched the musicians and singers in his groups, which helped maintain a fresh, innovative sound.


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    Interview with Be The Symbol on the Golden EP and the World Youth Parliment

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    Tonight, Father Rosado will interview Be The Symbol (Brandon Morel) on the recent Golden EP release.  Be The Symbol will also speak about his trip to Berlin Germany and his involvement with the World Youth Parliment

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    Who Is God

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    Last week we discussed "Who and what in the hell is the devil?" And it would only be fitting to discuss "Who Is God"......Join us as we have an open discussion called the "Round Table" where we open the call-lines for everyone that would like to participate, to sit in a conference, parliment or summit styled episode; therein we will delve into the perceptions and conceptions of who God is......

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    The London Eye AKA EDF Energy London Eye & The Millennium Wheel | Bruce Oliver

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    The London Eye AKA EDF Energy London Eye & The Millennium Wheel

    Bruce Oliver, host of the Cruise with Bruce show, interviews Lauren, Press Officer with EDF Energy London Eye. The London Eye is also known as the British Air Millenium Wheel, The Millenium Wheel and EDF Energy London Eye. You can combine your experience on the London Eye with visits to other top London attractions such as Madame Tussauds, SEA LIFE London Aquarium or London Dungeon found in same park. The London Eye is located on the south bank of the River Thames in the Jubilee Gardens. It is a short walk from Westminster Underground and Waterloo Train Stations. Since 2000 tens of millions have taken the half hour ride on the largest "ferris wheel" in the world. In reality it is not a ferris wheel because it is supported only on one side unlike ferris wheels that are supported on two sides. From the giant observation wheel or cantilevered observation wheel you can see the Parliment Building and other famous structures in Greater London. 

    If you'd like help planning travel to London to see the London Eye visit: http://TravelURL.Net/info-request

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    Many have been attributed as being the kings of funk, or the baddest bassist around.  But in the industry, this man put the "P" into funk and took it to another level! Lige Curry, bassist for multi platinum and various award winning Funk group Parliament Funkadelic, is responsible for those amazing bass lines on every P-Funk Jam you can name.  It was his skillful thumps, slaps, and riffs that drew our attention to the made us want to know how our Funkintelechy was. As a veteran in the industry, he has seen many a group come and go, yet theirs has been a mainstay for over 3 decades. But the Funk does not stop there! Lige Curry and The Naked Funk have been in the studio cooking up some extended funk in a brand and style all their own.  AND IT'S READY TO SERVE!

    Join me as I sit down with the Thumpasaurus Lige Curry in part 2 of his interview.  We will talk shop, stink up the airwaves with some Funk, and have a smelly good time!!


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    Exposing You to More Bounce "ZAPP" Original Greg Jackson

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    Greg Jackson: Artist, Songwriter, and Producer, Multi-platinum recordings. Solo Album debuts 2014

    Born in Cincinnati Ohio, Greg started performing at the age of four when his uncle and aunts would take him to several school activities with them just so he could perform for their friends. At age fourteen, he joined a Cincinnati based band by the name of "The Soulseekers" (1969) who later changed their name to "400 Years of What" (1972). 

    After performing locally for years, he later hooked up with members of Parliament Funkadelic (1975) now known as the Original P. then move to Atlanta GA. While writing and rehearsing approximately a year for Original P., he received a called from Bootsy and his brother Catfish Collins (1976) asking him to join a band that they and George Clinton was producing by the name of Roger and the Human Body now known as Zapp since 1980. 

    Working with the Troutman brothers gave him an opportunity to not only tour the world, but a chance to share his musical ability by writing, producing, co-producing and performing with such artist as Roger Troutman, Shirley Murdock, Bobby Glover, New Horizon, the Human Body, Dick Smith, Sugarfoot of the Ohio Players, Bigg Robb and Dayton. Greg is currently on tour with Zapp and working with Troutman brothers (Lester, Terry and Rufus) who he has become their long time friend.


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    Eddie Lanier joins Choc'Let to lay down REAL FUNK!!

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    Eddie Lanier was born in New Jersey, home to funk giants Parliament-Funkadelic and Kool N The Gang, but it was Sly & The Family Stone that turned me out and made me a funkateer for life. Bought my first guitar after hearing Sex Machine. Played guitar with a high school rock band that did a few SATFS songs. Later played in the back-up band for some singers in an organization run by Martha Taylor (wife of Richard Taylor singer with The Manhattans). Many of those musicians went on to work with Kool N The Gang. 

    Maintained my love for SATFS and all related music throughout all these years. Throughout those years, I met and became friends with many of the original Family Stoners. For the last ten years or so, I frequently hook up with them mostly at the east coast shows. 

    These days, I run the Sly & The Family Stone FB page which now has over 5000 members as well as the current Family Stone FB page.

    I am associate producer for the upcoming Sly & The Family Stone Convention in Oakland.

    Keeping the legacy of Sly & The Family Stone legacy alive...forever!

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    Ladies Night on The Smoking Glass Hour with Baron Glass

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    Tonight's Line Up

    7:30 p.m. -- S & S Connection with Dr. Pamela Saulsberry & Dr. Jenny Savage -- This episode will address why being aware of your own culture, its strengths, its history, and its perpetuation is important to a healthy self-image for your child.  Discussion will address the importance of Black and other children of color to understand the importance of and pride in their culture; why White children need to understand their own culture of privilege; and how all children of all races and ethnicities can learn respect for one another when we teach children to respect our own culture and the cultures of others.

    8:30 p.m. --  Howard Gayles will be discussing his music career. Howard Gayles, is a musician who played with Larry Graham at one time and before that with Sly & The Family Stone. He was going into the service and he had bought his son, Sean Gayles, a drum set before he left. Sean started playing and playing, and wanting to do more research into drummers like Billy Cobbham, Tony Williams and Dennis Chambers from the Funkadelic. Sean took it from there...tune in for more of the story.

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