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    Global Meditation Ceremony Invitation and Greeting

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    The Elders at the Eagle Quetzal Condor Gathering are inviting people all over the planet to participate in the "Spirit of the Earth Ceremony" on Earthday April 22nd. This ceremony will allow people of diverse spiritual traditions to come together in unity and at the same time celebrate their diversity. People every where are encouraged to create ceremonies that express their own respect and love for the earth within the framework of a global medicine wheel provided by indigenous traditions in the North, East, South and West. The ceremony will be synchronize all over the world and to prepare you for your own ceremonies you may listen to the Welcoming speech to the ceremony on behalf of the Elders at the Eagle, Quetzal, Condor Gathering at http://www.eaglequetzalcondor.com/global-gathering/

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    Your Ceremony, Your Way!!! Dr Kelsey Graham

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    Tonight Dr Kelsey talks about the many ways you can make your wedding ceremony special and unique to you. From traditional to the far out!!! Ideas for two hours!!!

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    White Stone Ceremony

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    The White Stone Ceremony is derived from an ancient teaching, which helped individuals to focus on what lies on their path by selecting a new name. This new name was written on a white stone tablet, and indicated their freedom from the past. 

    When prisoners were released during the time of Jesus, they were given a white stone as a symbol of their new beginning. Based on Revelations 2:17 in the Bible, we meditate, asking Spirit to give us a word, as well as a new name.The White Stone represents freedom. 

    This observance is usually done after The Burning Bowl Forgiveness ceremony.

    Learn to listen. Listen to learn

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    PTI.. Pardon the Interruption on Kingdom Talk Radio

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    On this episode of Kingdom Talk Radio we will be doing it Pardon the Interruption style.. Where myself and Brandon Harris with each present 6 topics and will have 90 seconds each to break them down... And we won't know each others topics until show time.... UH OH.. This should be fun. Tune in Tuesday night.. 7 pm by dialing 347 996 5129 or streaming www.blogtalkradio.com/ministertonydyson

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    Burning Bowl Forgiveness Ceremony.

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    This ceremony is for individuals to renounce, let go of, and or ‘resolve’ identified  blockages to their Divine inheritance. 

    tools: a fire-proof bowl, pre lit incense or oil perferrably Sandelwood,Tiger Eye stone (foundation or grounding) something safe to ignite sage, for smudging as well as a hand held fanning feather, pen or pencil and small strips of paper. You will also need the tool of forgiveness and letting go.

    *Always practice safety while you smudge and be sure to have a shell, bowl, dish, or glass to catch the ash"

    Rev. Barbara


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    Proof Jonathan Cain & Paula White "Sealed The Deal" On Baal's Sex Mountain! (88)

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    On Sunday April 12, Jonathan Cain and Paula White revealed to the world that they had "sealed the deal" in a private ceremony back in January while visiting the African country of Ghana.  The private wedding allegedly took place on "Prayer Mountain."  Tune in as Wolf Tracker provides the additional proof the piping-mad Kool-Aid drinkers from New Destiny Christian Center Church are once more demanding.   Once again, Wolf Tracker will graciously accomodate his wayward brethren in hopes that the TRUTH will set them free.  You don't want to miss this eye-opening broadcast as Wolf Tracker lovingly affords these misguided souls with the  "mountain" of ironclad evidence they demand!

    Wolf Tracker cordially invites Paula White to be his special guest on this can't miss two hour program.  She can call in by dialing (347) 308-8221.  He wants to give her the opportunity to debunk everything he has to say!  Wolf Tracker also invites all of the current leaders and members of New Destiny Christian Center Church to also tune in to hear the lively exchange between Paula White "God's D.A. Agent" and the Wolf Tracker.

    Wolf Tracker is a tireless protector of Christ's global flock and an avowed enemy of all Prosperity wolves who masquerade in sheep's clothing in order to fleece gullible saints.  Please spread the word by telling others about this Christ-honoring, wolf-exposing, sheep-protecting internet radio program!

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    Angry Deva's Radio Show: The Dark Godis RETURNS

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    There are only two true frequencies that most humans experience.

    Hate and Love.

    Hate has a very slow vibration. While love is a very rapid moving frequency and energy current.

    We have been taught to run from one and toward the other. And taught that hate is wrong or evil or negative. It is not. I say, give the slave master back his damn religion. You must NEVER forgive your enemies. You must NEVER forgive someone who has wronged you.

    The reason black women struggle is we love everyone but our gat damn self! That is a Huge Problem.

    I LOVE ME! So I am totally willing to HATE anyone who has ever done me wrong. And I allow myself to HATE them because it means they stay out of my life. I am not slow and mundane and dealing with them calling that forgiveness while I internally hate their guts. That is why black women are FAT AND SICK and catching damn disease.

    Not this God!

    I believe in the Opening of the Mouth ceremony. And we about to have one.

    Tune in boo! I'm live large and in charge.

  • Clemency For Those Who Has Been To Prison

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    Come aboard a trip after the release from prison and the things to become a part of society once released. The first thing the state ask is each person returning outside from prison is to register with the ploice department or sheriff office. Many returning inmates never register some because they have forgotten to excited to be free again. Some because they are afraid another change may come up.

    The clemency function is an act of mercy that absolves an individual from all or any part of the punishment that the law imposes. This is a power to grant full or conditional pardons, or commute punishment. There are rules for these lengthy procedures, and these powers are vested in the Governor only with the agreement of two Cabinet members who are also statewide elected officials.











    I. Types of Clemency

    A. Full Pardon

    B. Pardon Without Firearm Authority

    C. Pardon for Misdemeanor

    D. Commutation of Sentence

    E. Remission of Fines and Forfeitures

    F. Specific Authority to Own, Possess, or Use Firearms

    G. Restoration of Civil Right

    s in Florida

    H. Restoration of Alien Status under Florida La

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    The Morning Cook Up Show @ 11am #AfternoonyShow w Office Boys NY @12pm PDRADIO

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    It's that time ppl your morning already in motion you looking for that next power pack to get you through the day....well plug in to the Morning Cook Up Show with the Office Boys NY Mr. Briefcase and Mr. Professional only on Poetic Designs Radio. At 11am things heat up with the Morning Cook Up Show showing some indie power love to all the indie Artist and Entrepreneurs geting in work and @ 12pm the #Afternoony for you to have some theme music for the lover or smoking jacket in you...call in live 657-383-0107 or www.blogtalkradio.com/Poeticdesignsradio shout out your Boo Boo or get some "Smoking Jacket" Theraphy soothe out some things lol...Whats Cooking?

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    Isa 55:7  Let the lawLESS man forsake his WAY, and the UNjust man his THOUGHTS.  And let him return unto the LORD, and HE will have MERCY upon him; and to our ELOHIYM, for HE will abundantly pardon.   55:8  For MY THOUGHTS are NOT YOUR THOUGHTS, neither are your ways MY WAYS, saith the LORD.

       As the people of the Most High, we who are called are chosen of YAH to be an invariant Light to all the nations. Here then is a very important question for all who claim to believe.  Dare we however in spite of all our differences simply presume as a PEOPLE that are OUR COLLECTIVE THOUGHTS are THE THOUGHTS of the ONE MOST HIGH?   What is it that is foretold to galvanize our thinking that we may return in truth unto YAH?    How is it that they who are called rulers, teaches and pastors among us have not spoken to prepare the masses for this promised great expectation?    It is time to awaken beyond all misallegiance!   Discern and take now advantage of what for a short time is a blessed opportunity.

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    Aboriginal Secrets: Healing, Awakening & Spirituality

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    Tune in to hear mysteries revealed of Aboriginal healing with Supernatural Girlz Patricia Baker & Patricia Kirkman and their guest, Robbie Holz.  Hear all about Robbie's journey from being a bedridden patient to the discovery of her own healing powers and initiation into a secret Aboriginal women's ceremony in the Australlian Outback.  

    Listen to how principles from the 60,000 year old Aboriginal culture can transform your life and give you unwavering support through life's difficult moments.  

    Robbie is an international speaker and holistic wellness consultant.  She is the author of Secrets of Aboriginal Healing & Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening.

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