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    2014 Year In Review: Among The Realms Radio

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    Hi everyone! We want to thank all of our guests and listeners for a great year! Join us for a recap of the highlights, special guests and feedback of our shows this past year. Guests and listeners also share their experiences with their own personal spiritual growth. Did you begin a spiritual/metaphysical journey this year? Have you been working on psychic development? Have you developed new psychic abilities? Did you see or hear a passed loved one or another spirit? Did you meet your spirit guides or angels? Call in and share your stories!

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    330 Paranormal Investigations

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    We are a small group of like minded individuals with a common goal. We have 20+ years of combined experience. We are believers and skeptics. Para-unity!!

    These Guys are from Canton,Ohio and they support Para-uniy please like them here is Link



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    Shadow Radio Wednesday

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    Join Justin and Wendy for a fun, lively and sometimes even informative paranormal show.
    We will discuss different paranormal topics, possibly do "Live" on-air investigations and/or recorded investigations, chat with guests, and promote Para-Unity in the Paranormal Community.
    Chat will be up and callers taken.
    Our Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/ShadowsRadio

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    Join us for special guests this friday for an uplifted lighthearted paranormal chat with some of the people that matter the most. Joining the show will be Gareth Harding - NLPI's newest Investigator.  We talk to Gareth and find out a little bit more about NLPI's Newest Recruit. Author Edwin F. Becker tells his experience that sparked the first nationally televised exorcism in 1971 in Chicago, Il This week we talk to Alex Matsuo from the Examiner.com and author of PARAUNITY IS A JOKE Steve Brooker - NLPI Investigator who talks about an experience over 30 years ago.   Have you had an experience that you would like to share or talkabout?  Call in via Skype! We have invited Dorset Ghost Investigators and unfortunately they are unable to make the show. It will be a MAD and CRAZY show but the topics will be seriously PARANORMAL.

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    The Friday Paranormal Show NLPI RADIO

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      Are Paranormal Films over the top.   Your calls on your Paranormal Experiences.   Tonight 9Pm

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    Discussion with Black Wolf Paranormal at Spooked In Seattle

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    Please join Colette and the rest of the Black Wolf Paranormal Team at Spooked In Seattle for a paranormal discussion!  Hosted by June..
    Our topic for discussion is going to be on the liabilities teams face and the protocols that we take on investigations. Should the client be included in the investigation? Should you ask for them to leave the house while you investigate? What forms do you have in place? Guest investigators, yes or no? Things of that nature. We plan to present what works for us and why it works and then have a round table w/ those there about what protocols we all take and learn from each other!  Please listen in and join us in chat!  
    If you can join them in person, Please bring donations OR a can of food for the Northwest Harvest Food Bank in Seattle! Thanks!

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    Night Haunts Paranormal Radio

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    Paranormal radio where anything goes.  A Paraunity show with teams from S.H.A.P.E.S., Parareality , PIRS. Kentucky Paranormal Research and Roland Paranormal.   Come listen in and chat!

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    Julia Brewer-Stockyards-Beer-Becca S."Prime Time Paranormal"

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    Tonight: George and Mike with Julia Brewer, Director of Old Montana State Prison, who reached out to John Zaffis (Haunted Collector) and the crew because she was desperate.  Employees and visitors of this historic site in Deer Lodge have experienced serious negative energy, including being choked, hearing men’s voices and Julia’s daughter being pushed into a maximum security cell by a door!  http://www.syfy.com/hauntedcollector/episodes Becca Shugart also joins us to discuss the Texas Paraunity Fest 2013. Plus George and Mike on their meeting in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards!

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    PMZ - Monday Night Mayhem with Will Scoville

    in Comedy

    LISTEN TO THE #1 BLOGTALK RADIO SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE!  PEACE AND LOVE MONDAY IS BACK!  Good vibrations, pretty unicorns, paraunity, fluffy pillows, spectacular rainbows, and good KARMA!  Welcome to our EVER LOVING SHOW!  
    Hot PARA TOPIC:  Paranormal workplace?  The straight poop direct from the next stall!  SERIOUSLY!  When the people of paranormal get REALLY EFFING STRANGE, we EXPOSE them!
    Special guests:
    Stacey Scott - Technical Remote Viewer, will attemp to remote view WILL SCOVILLE live on the air!  Find out what he's REALLY wearing during our show?  Are those Batman BOXER BRIEFS?
    Nicol Vampy Guy - Para Promoter Extraordinaire!  Nicole shares her SECRETS on how she gets Paranormal Investigation groups KNOWN!  
    Join Will Scoville and co-hosts A&E Biography's My Ghost Story, Robbie Prince, Shelley Wade and RJ Warren of RIPCrew!
    Don't miss this week's paranormal news with our local ParaDiva, Shawne Groves!  Bizarre ParaStreet interviews with Vince the Madman, and ParaTime with Robbie Prince!  Witness the epic mayhem as we unveil the new wave of paranormal talk! News Views, Rumors, Controversy, and more!  
    Get the latest skinny on Will Scoville's highly anticipated controversial paranormal documentary, Voice of the Unknown!

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    ParaUnity - The Conversation about community in this field

    in Paranormal

    Monday Nights is Open Team Night on Dead Air's Abnormal Paranormal Radio Show. On November 7th, 2011, Scott Sessoms of East Koast Paranormal and Shannon Beaudry of Delta Elite Paranormal Services will be hosting the show. 
    Questions can be sent to ekparanormal@yahoo.com and will be checked during the broadcast. 
    Created by George Lopez of "Dead Air Paranormal" this community radio show is a concept of bringing together the people of this field of study through thought provoking interviews and evidence presentation.  Show host George Lopez will even turn over the reigns to other "seasoned" paranormal personalities to provide different perspectives into paranormal Phenomena.  The Southern Bell from Hell Bridget Harrison on "Ladies Night Thursdays" and "Weekend from Waco" with Rev. Mark Manly just to name a few!!
    1-646-929-2384 to call into show / radioshowdeadair@gmail.com to email questions, comments and concerns.

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    PMZ - Monday Night Mayhem with Will Scoville

    in Entertainment

    The MOST CONTROVERSIAL topic ever UNLEASHED on PaRaNORMAL BlogTalkRadio!  Are the PERVAYERS of ParaUNITY and the paranormal community as a whole A BUNCH OF OCCULT RASCISTS?  We IRRATIONALLY argue the fascinating and sometimes factual evidence live on the SHOW!  Does the host need a PISS TEST?  We have the INSIDE SCOOP OF POOP!  ParaFACTS, FRUITCAKES, and REALITY altering knowledge, welcome to MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM! 
    Talk about TABOO, You've NEVER heard these topics on paranormal radio, EVER!  
    Join Will Scoville and co-hosts A&E Biography's My Ghost Story, Robbie Prince  Shelley Wade as they bring you the new wave of paranormal News Views, Rumors, Controversy, and more!
    Don't miss our INSIGHTFUL  and somtimes BIZARRE ParaSEGMENTS!  ParaNEWS with the lovely Shawne Groves, ParaTIME with RIPCrew founder Robbie Prince, ParaSTREETINTERVIEWS with Vince the Madman and ParaSMACK with YOU! 

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