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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Hard Rock Band Breathing Theory

    in Rock Music

    Breathing Theory is a hard rock band from Central Florida composed of heavy riffs, melodic leads, and gripping and thoughtful lyrics. Founded as a three piece in 2008 as "BurnTheSky," the band went through several members, growing into a five piece, and settled on the current name before recording their debut, "The Parasite EP" in 2011. With the release of their single "Fireflies" circulating on U.S. radio stations, XM satellite radio, and Music Choice, and touring across nearly the entire nation, BT slowly became more than just another local band. Prevailing through the test of time and tribulations, three of five members stepped down towards the end of 2013, but founding member and vocalist Cory Britt refused to be stopped, and recruited three new committed musicians to continue their quest to conquer stages across America. After writing and recording the Uprise sessions and embarking on four Eastern U.S. tours, the bands long awaited sophomore release and fresh new lineup lit a powerful fire under the quintet, and they have since dominated the Central FL scene with a fresh and passionate fury modern rock music so desperately needs, continually proving to audiences both at home and from afar that their sometimes commercial, but ALWAYS heavy hard rock sound will continue to appeal to the heart and soul of rock and metal fans alike. In the last year, they have met tons of new friends, both in the form of fellow bands and brand new fans, and left behind a wake of rock n roll fury accompanied by the smell of gasoline and burned, (sometimes exploded) rubber! They have shared the stage with national acts such as 12 Stones, Bobaflex, Flaw, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and 40 Below Summer, to name a few. For more information, visit www.breathingtheory.com


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    "Miracle signs and wonders" of healing Cancer

    in Lifestyle

    I would like to welcome Steven and Shirley to the show!  Steven will briefly share how he was given this healing gift.  They both will be covering how and when his arm hair turns JET BLACK in 1 minute. Shirley plays a role by seeing the root cause of the illness and most of the time it’s a parasite someone has inhaled and then points it out to Steven. They will also be sharing some healing miracles.  Do you know of anyone that can benefit from this healing? Be sure to tune in to www.blogtalkradio.com/conscioustalkradio to listen in or you can call in with your questions to (347) 850-8423.



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    Mayo Clinic Radio: Planning Long-Term Care/Parasite Blog/Mouse Avatars

    in Health

    Choosing long-term care for a loved one ... or yourself ... can be a difficult decision. The level of care, the cost and the physical surroundings all must be considered. Mayo Clinic geriatric specialist Dr. Paul Takahashi offers guidance on how to evaluate long-term care facilities and services. Also on the program, parasitologist Dr. Bobbi […]

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    5:00 - Graduates

    5:45 - FDN course keeps improving

    7:00 - Post-grad support, need for a grad space with membership & case studies

    13:00 - “Any clients of your ever experience ravenous hunger while going through a parasite protocol? I’m usually not a fan of calorie counting but she’s requesting guidance since she feels her hunger hormones are out of whack.”

    20:30 - Would you give a 16 yr old Support Adrenals if she has Phase 3 adrenal dysfunction?

    25:00 - Relief care vs. corrective care and FDN

    29:00 - Brain body diagram, how FDN’s work

    30:00 - “MRT came out sensitive to milk. How much of a problem would it be to run the intestinal permeability test?”

    33:00 - Forming and impression versus clinical diagnosis

    37:50 - Immunolabs sub fraction food sensitivity testing, IgG

    39:00 - “ I started the Candida diet and cleanse 2 weeks ago, today I found out I have H Pylori. Do you think I can continue the Candida Diet/protocol and start the H Pylori protocol. I would love to do them together but not sure.”

    40:30 - Commission on ordering labs, PLP, how FDN’s charge for kits.

    44:00 - Medications, pharmaceuticals, getting off of meds safely “I am considering some potential clients that are using pharmaceuticals.  I know we can never tell a person to come off pharmaceuticals or change their dosing but I was under the impression there was to be some education or examples given on how to deal with clients that wish to come off their drugs, especially SSRIs. Do you have any experience with this or how do you handle conversations around the drugs or do you have a network of doctors you know that will titrate clients off. “

    52:00 - Caller, bovine adrenal if sensitive to beef on MRT

    55:00 - Julie from MA, re-testing hormones, interpreting re-tests, cortisol-cortisone-licorice root

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    Paul Chek - Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections

    in Health

    Paul Chek returns to Underground Wellness Radio to discuss healing fungal and parasite infections...the right way. Topics will include: * The #1 factor in healing fungal/parasite infections * The BEST natural remedies for eradicating them * Why parasites can be GOOD for you * How to eat for fungus & parasite elimination
    Learn more about Paul's Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections DVD set at www.chekdvds.com.
    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health


    Future Memebership Program and upcoming post grad program

    Announcement of new graduates

    Running Tests in Kids and implications

    Discussion on braces and stressor related to braces.

    Discussion on Klebsiella

    Verbal Final Discussion

    Discussion on Parasite and Bacterial Infections

    Discussion on H.Pylori and panic attacks

    Business building discussion and tips from Reed



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    The Coffee Detox: Life& Wellness Coach, Michelle Edmonds / Debbie Cosme,co-host

    in Nutrition

    The Coffee Cleanse is well known for:

    CANCER, especially colon and pancreatic

    HORMONAL PROBLEMS -both male (testosterone and female)

    TOXIC LIVER or fatty liver

    PARASITES and therefore is a supplemement to a Parasite Cleanse





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    Detox Tuesday with Sister Michelle Edmonds (Parasites!) and Pastor Williams

    in Christianity

    What a good time in the Lord

    What do Parasites and  Toxic People have in common? They BUG you!! LOL

    Always eating off of you, annoying, cause irritation in your gut.; cause irritation in your gut, because you know the relationship is not right for you Leave waste in your body

    Leave waste in your life Cause you to eat more (because they eat off of you, like a baby in a mother’s womb) Cause you to eat more (what you may call emotional overeating)

    Hard to kill, can come back Hard to eliminate, often return Family members can have them

    Can be family members

    Make you tired and cause you to feel sick Can be exhausting and make you feel sick Get rid of them by changing your diet, and detoxing by doing a structured colon cleanse with the help of a coach Get rid of them by changing your circle of acquaintances and detoxing from the parasite called unforgiveness, with the help of a spiritual leader 

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    Boston College Football Week 5: Duke Blue Devils

    in Sports

    The injury bug is turning into a parasite.

    One week after losing their quarterback for the season, the Boston College Eagles defeated the NIU Huskies, 17-14. Along the way, they lost their starting running back, another tight end, two other running backs. They improved to 3-1, but the survival attrition continued to take its toll.

    With this in mind, we're going to take to the airwaves to talk about the Eagles and try to dissect last week's game. What went right? What went wrong? What can be fixed? What needs to be gameplanned against? All of that is on the table.

    Dan and AJ will welcome two guests onto the broadcast this week - friend of the program and ACC insider Brittnee Taylor-Newman from Football.com joins them to discuss the game with the Blue Devils and the entire landscape of the league; and Joey Weaver from From The Rumble Seat dials in to talk about what to expect out of Duke. His Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, a preseason favorite to win the conference, are now unranked thanks to two straight defeats, the second of which came at the hands of David Cutcliffe's team last Saturday.

    Be sure to give us a call at 646-200-0446 to talk about the attrition, the roster, the coaches, and the games! 

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    Who’s the Bad Guy?

    in News

    Greg Felton, Vancouver-based investigative journalist who specializes in international affairs and the Middle East and author of The Host and the Parasite—How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America and Exploding Middle East Myths—15 Years of Fighting Zionist Propaganda discusses his recent article posted on Counterpunch, Greece Succumbs to Imperialist Banksterism.

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    Divine Inspiration with your Host Alicia Monet

    in Spirituality

    Fibroid XSpell Kit & Parasite and Worm Remover Cream It's about that time again for the Herb Alkhemyst to grace this show and share her natural medicine with all of US. This evening {CA}, morning, noon, or night depending on where your listening from, the Herb Alkhemyst will break down the formation of fibroids and how to expel them. Now, there are far more Wombman than I originally thought that are suffering through fibroids. A lot of them in SILENCE. You don't have to be ashamed, or embarrassed, though I too was once closely aquatinted with shame, guilt, and embarrassment. Herb Alkhemyst will also share her Parasite and Worm Removal Cream, which works wonders for skin rashes, acne, herpes, and things of the that nature. Call in if you have a question or if you'd like to give a testimonial if you've used any of Amma's Healing Services. 516-590-0975