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    "Can a Christian be Demon Possessed?"

    in Spirituality

    "The heart is deceitful ABOVE ALL THINGS, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" (Jer. 17:9)

    Can a Christian be demon possessed? Many Christians believe that the answer to this daunting question is NO; however, where in the bible does it prove this theory?

    In fact, there are passages that seem to indicate (though not conclusively prove) that demon possession of believers CAN occur.

    "As humans we tend to be emotional creatures. As Christians, especially the "Born again", the thought/possibility of a holy believer being demon possessed is repulsive; an emotional standpoint and not at all a doctrine fact." ~Syndi Lumina

    "Join me on my journey to the truth of another impacting episode on Realms of the Paranormal"

    "Let me light your way; you are not alone!" ~Syndi Lumina

    To hear a better version of my cover song "Amazing Grace" please click link below; apparently my wifi connection was cutting in and out, but you can hear it here! I apologize for any inconvenienece ;-)



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    Are you Psychic? Or just making it up? Tune in and Find out!

    in Paranormal

    How do you tell the difference between your imagination and true psychic ability? Join Supernatural Girlz Patricia Baker and Helene Olsen as they separate the wheat from the chafe on all things psychic. Our guest, author and psychic medium Carole Lynne has had many psychic experiences throughout her life, but it was not until she reached her forties that she stated seeing visions of people who had passed on to the other side. After having these visions she began studying both in the United States and in Europe to try to understand her gift and to learn how to use her mediumistic talents to help others. Lynne begins with some badly needed truths, like not everyone is psychic. Listen in and discover if your abilities are fact or fiction. Don’t miss this terrific show ~ “Are you Psychic or are you making it up?”


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    Sunday Night Dead: The Best of Kerr City

    in Paranormal

    This week on Sunday Night Dead, we have had a number of shows discussing the Florida ghost town at Kerr City. This week we kick off Fall by highlighting one of the most interesting locations I have personally experienced. join us 8 eastern on Dead Air.

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    IE ~ EP18: Char McCain - The Paranormal and the Sacred

    in Entertainment

    for those that know me - they know the paranormal is one of my all-time fave conversations. like the poster in Fox Mulder's office said - "I Want To Believe".  here is a chance for me to more info from a paranormal expert and escalate me into that believer status.

    my guest tonight is Char McCain / @CharMcCain / host of The Paranormal and The Sacred Radio Show on blogtalkradio.com. Char is a Forensics Counselor, Psychic, Writer, Artist, Christian Mystic and UFO Experiencer. Her show has been featured on Blog Talk Radio as Staff Pick.  I'M JEALOUS!!!

    Char and I will discuss the Dyatlov Pass Incident - the mysterious deaths of nine ski hikers in the northern Ural mountains of Russia on the night of February 2, 1959 - theories, controversies and aftermath.





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    Paranoramal Talk with also talking about magick

    in Spirituality

    I talk about magick and the paranromal. I seek answer in unkown places

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    P A Radio

    in Paranormal

    P A Radio is back after our break and we have an exciting show this week with our guest, Jason Offir who will be sharing his stories of alien abduction with us. Of course, we will also have all the fun and games that come along with the show as well so please join us for a great evening.

    Jason Offir

    I am Jason Offir founder of NW paranormal, CO-founder and CO host of Beyond the Edge of Reality, and CO-host of Paranormal Horizons. I am a investigator by occupation working for 20 years in the fields of retail Loss Prevention, Insurance fraud and my specialty is interview and interrogation and surveillance. I also have worked in an armed capacity in Maritime Anti-Terrorisim.

    I first noticed that something strange was going on back in the early 90's while I was attending a boarding school out in the country. I began experiencing strange symbols and writings coming into my head out of the blue..then I began seeing the lights in the sky. Things didn't heat up until I moved to Oregon, 2 abductions took place, one was in a hotel room in Seattle, the other was a bizarre event in Southern Oregon while driving through and then an incident took place that set off a year long chain of events.

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    ISIS Paranoramal Radio with Springwolf

    in Paranormal

    Springwolf is the Director of Pagan’s Path, the owner and President of Spring’s Haven LLC, and she has been studying metaphysical principles and spirituality for nearly thirty years. Springwolf is an ordained Metaphysical Minister of the International Metaphysical Ministry, a fifty year old organization of Metaphysical practitioners and education. Springwolf holds a Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysical Science and a Doctor of Philosophy in Pastoral Counseling Psychology from the University of Sedona. She is a member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association. Through formal and informal modes of study, she has earned licenses, degrees, certifications, and certificates from her spiritual path through collegiate institutions, holistic training programs, and esoteric schools. Today she joins us to discuss her book Pagan Metaphysics 101.

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    Spirit and the paranormal

    in Paranormal

    I talk about the paranormal and also bring on Hello all,   We talk about the paranormal and also we talk about the the spiritual side of life.

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    Terror Fi Radio-Chris Melacon, Ken Wiggins, & Jereme Leonard

    in Paranormal

    Join Jodie and GDI as they talk about all things paranormal, UFOs, Crypto, ETC and even crazy things in our world today!  Tonight's guests are Chris Melacon, Founder of Paranormal Society of New Orleans, Co-Founder Ken Wiggins, and Founder of Ghost Quest Paranormal Jereme Leonard.  Paranormal Society of New Orleans is committed to furthering the understanding and advancement of paranormal research.  With the leading cutting edge technology, they hope to educate the public on all things paranoramal as well as help people with paranormal activity in their homes and historical sites. As founder of Ghost Quest Paranormal, Jereme has been a leader amoung paranormal groups in Louisiana.  He lead the way with innovative equipment and creative styles of investigation. Jereme takes all cases seriously and seeks out the truth in order to help people in need.  Join Us Live!

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    UFO Crashes: What the Heck Was THAT?!

    in Paranormal

    Join your hosts as they discuss famous UFO crashes.  Most people immediately think of Roswell when they here the phrase "UFO crash," but there are many other startling cases ranging from the 1890s to present day.  Kecksburg and Carbondale occurred in Maryland's northernly neighbor, Pennsylvania, so they are of particular interest to Jaime and Scott.  Many of these cases have been researched and investigated for decades, but are not very well known among the mainstream public. Are these actual crash landings of UFOs, hoaxes, or something more mundane?  Has the government actively sought to cover-up UFO sightings and alien abductions? Does the government really have secret facilities to research alien technology? Jaime and Scott will look beyond Roswell to the many fascinating cases of UFO crashes.  There's so much to discover, why stop there... the conversation is sure to take some unexpected turns!
    Paranoramal investigation encompasses so much more than ghosts, spirits, hauntings... Into the Unknown strives to bring you interesting episodes on a variety of supernatural topics.  Your coments and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed!

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    Michael Varhola's Paranoramal Adventures

    in Paranormal

    Paranormal Investigator Michael Varhola returns for his monthly visit and to update us on his Paranormal Adventures.
    Michael has just returned from Hawaii with many talkes from the other side, as well as news on upcoming books and events!
    Everything is possible when Michael Varhola is in the house!