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    Former Fire Chief Chris Briels of Burns, OR, and some practical prepper advice.

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    Next Wednesday, April 27th on Last Stand For Freedom Radio tune in for an update from former Fire Chief of Burns,Or Chris Briels, and some practical preparedness tips for patriots and all Americans on how to bug in or out, what do you need to do to keep you and yours safe in most all situations, keep your body and mind ready, what really is happening out there on how it is more than land grabbing from farmers, ranchers or people with large plots of land...how it will effect you in the suburbs too, no, don't be paranoid, be educated and prepared from Gillis and another special friend.

  • a Good diet is good for your mental health

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    Recent evidence suggests that good nutrition is essential for our mental health and that a number of mental health conditions may be influenced by dietary factors.

    One of the most obvious, yet under-recognised factors in the development of major trends in mental health is the role of nutrition. The body of evidence linking diet and mental health is growing at a rapid pace. As well as its impact on short and long-term mental health, the evidence indicates that food plays an important contributing role in the development, management and prevention of specific mental health problems such as depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Nearly two thirds of those who do not report daily mental health problems eat fresh fruit or fruit juice every day, compared with less than half of those who do report daily mental health problems. This pattern is similar for fresh vegetables and salad. Those who report some level of mental health problem also eat fewer healthy foods (fresh fruit and vegetables, organic foods and meals made from scratch) and more unhealthy foods (chips and crisps, chocolate, ready meals and takeaways).

    A balanced mood and feelings of wellbeing can be protected by ensuring that our diet provides adequate amounts of complex carbohydrates, essential fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and water.

    While a healthy diet can help recovery, it should sit alongside other treatments recommended by your doctor.

    - See more at: https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/a-to-z/d/diet-and-mental-health#sthash.4yjygHy3.dpuf

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    Is Prepping Really Dead? on Survival & Tech Preps

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    Is Prepping Really Dead?
    Host: Highlander "Survival and Tech Prep"
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Monday 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    In these days of doubt can we really say Prepping is dead? Or are we now labeled as paranoid whackos with guns in the woods? After the flop of certain tv shows that depicted preppers in a very bad light, what are we thought of now? This episode I will talk about the prepper movement, if it is dead, alive, or just in limbo.

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    'This is My Brave' Production with Kat Atwell

    in Health

    The national production of 'This is My Brave' is coming to Denver, CO! This is a production hightlighting individuals with mental illness who creatively tell their story through poetry, music, monologue, and songwriting. I am excited to be one of the participants, highlighting my story with Pure OCD through a humorous monologue.

    This year, Denver will have the opportunity to see talented individuals perform in a heartwarming, inspiring, and motivating show on May 19th at the Oriental Theater.

    Kat Atwell is putting the show together and participating with her incredible story of living successfully with bipolar disorder.

    Today Kat and I will talk advocacy, lived experience, and counting down to showtime!

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    Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death. Risk factors include mental illness such as depression,bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, alcoholism, or drug abuse.Others are impulsive acts due to stress such as from financial difficulties, troubles with relationships, or bullying. Those who have previously attempted suicide are at high risk of future attempts. Suicide prevention efforts include limiting access to method of suicide such as firearms and poisons, treating mental illness and drug misuse, proper media reporting of suicide, and improving economic conditions.Although crisis hotlines are common, there is little evidence for their effectiveness

    1 (800) 273-8255

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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    Full Armor of God Ministries, Inc.

    in Christianity

    When Jesus hung on the cross, they beat Him and bruised Him from the top of His head to the soles of His feet. The church claims to want to be like Christ, but they want the Pastor to preach the message with a spoon full of sugar to make the medicine go down easier. So many have been in the church 20, 30, even 40 or more years already and they are still on the milk of the Word. This is why they are stuck. This is why there is no growth in the body of Christ. At Full Armor of God Ministries, Inc., the only way not to be offended is to live holy. This ministry speaks to those who want to change their life and be prepared for the coming of the Lord.

    Last Week, our special guest, Revival Robbie came on the line and shared his awesome testimony of how God not only delivered him from drugs and alcohol, but from cutting himself with knives and Schizophrenia. Tune in each Saturday at noon to see just what God has in store next and most of all what He can do for you.

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    Join us Tuesday 7pm pst for a special broadcast of The Grown Folks Talking Radio Show. We will be discussion mental illness. We will have guests on sharing their stories and offering support to others that may be or have a friend or family member suffering from mental illness. If you want to share your story, give us a call Tuesday 7pm pst 424.258.9216, press 1 and you'll be with us. You can remain anonymous. So join us Tuesday 7pm pst for The Grown Folks Talking Radio Show. It's easy to listen, just click the link or call 424.258.9216. You will not want to miss this show.

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    America's drug wars and its black victims

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    America has created an environment particularly as it relates to race that makes us think we are over paranoid downright crazy when we see certain things and when we have enough sophistication to know what it is when we see a construct that is not normal appear,they tried to convince us that it is coincidence.#GetUpOn 

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    shut em down radio interview with BIG TWIN

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    shut em down radio interview with BIG TWINS  WE WILL PLAY NEW TRACK OF HIS MIXTAPE TNT OUT NOW!  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tnt/id1089771675 SHOW STARTS 8PM TONITE CALL 3478501177 PRESS 1 TO TALK  twitter  @BIGTWINSQB  A member of the Infamous Mobb and a longtime associate of Mobb Deep, Big Twins (aka Twin Gambino) was born and raised in N.Y.C.'s Queensbridge Projects. He first appeared on Mobb Deep's 1996 album Hell on Earth on the track “Animal Instinct.” In 2002 he kicked off his career as an Infamous Mobb member with the Special Edition album; then he appeared as a solo artist on the Fat Beats, Vol. 2 compilation, which put him in the company of underground artists Atmosphere, J-Zone, and Quasimoto. The year...  @BIGTWINSQB & Twiz the Beat Pro feat. Godfather Pt. III - Paranoid Video)https://youtu.be/k9hE-bPxAqo

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    KELLY O'CONNELL AM 1450: Torch GOP Whorehouse!

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    The upcoming coronation of the Donald now seems almost certain. A gathering sense of panic and doom now regularly circles the increasingly paranoid and fatalistic GOP. This doomed voyage, replete with its inane and ill-trained officers, is circling the drain of the hellespont, completely freaked-out by the scenery. What can they do to “Save” the Grand old Party for the salvation of America?


    Glenn Beck leads the way with his increasingly grim claims of the coming end of the world, replete with God’s judgment, collapse of society and a return of Adolph Hitler. Others claim that ANYONE, including Hillary, Bernie, MIttens, Ryan, including possibly Idi Amin &-- and anyone else you can think of will be better than Trump. Is this even possible?


    The brokered convention is supposedly the fate of the GOP, as the party itself claims IT chooses the nominee and not the people, who foolishly believe that voting means something. But as catastrophe looms before this upcoming date with destiny, is it really the GOP’s duty to fall on its sword so Hillary might be elected, if she skips the indictment letter and target notice? If so, WHY have a party in the first place?


    In fact, why not start building the 3rd party of our dreams, full of liberty, and free speech, and defense of capitalism, and smart foreign policy and traditional values and respect for America’s core religions.


    Can such a dream even arise, phoenixlike -- out of the ashes of the burning down of the GOP whorehouse? Stay tuned, Sportsfans!!!


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    RWN Radio - The Omen: The Apocalyptic Campaign of Donald Trump

    in Politics Conservative

    RWN Radio - The Omen: The Apocalyptic Campaign of Donald Trump

    Much like the traits, rich, charismatic and evil, of the movie, The Omen, the supposed Anti-Christ Damien Thorn, [Donald Trump] is playing on the paranoid fears and employing the ignorance of his hate-filled minions to gain political power.

    What Say Ye America? We want to hear your thoughts about the manifestation of hate that so many deny exists but that so many suffer every day.

    Join the Real World News team this Tuesday evening, March 15, 2016, at 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST, as we explore the eerily similar parallels of the Donald Trump campaign to the fictional story “The Omen.”

    To listen and comment by phone, dial (646)200-3148.  Or listen online and join the chatroom here on Blog Talk Radio, or from our website at www.hottopicstalkradio.com/realnewsradio

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