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    Standing On The Olive Branch

    in The Bible

    As the storms rage across the globe, while storms rage across California, Obama has told Israel that his last 2 years in office will be focused strongly on dividing Israel's land. The Whitehouse is constantly posting their "Press released pics" show OB in various potions of authority and power not as a President, but a God. Now the latest release is a pic of him standing on the olive branch of our nations seal. Is the a coinecidence? I think not considering the symbolism of what that means and all we are seeing taking place now as wee speak in today's society. We will be revisiting prophecies of ancient Israel to show the pattern of today's events, and have a discussion of this weeks current events!! 8pm Central tonight.

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    Parable of the Sower

    in Religion

    Because Dr. Joye Pugh is joining me for Momentary Zen on Revolution Radio this Wednesday 8-10 pm Eastern @ www.freedomslips.com to discuss the 3rd book of her Beguiled series on the Garden Parable and enmity between the bloodlines, I thought I would take pause and spend this Saturday's show covering the Parable of the Sower to expressly clarify what Yahshua Christ was alluding to in the Matthew 13 chapter on the enemy which snuck into the garden and how the parable of the wheat and the tares reflects upon the condition of the world and difference between the children of light and the children of darkness.  We will pick-up with the Book of Atam and Eua the following Saturday.

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    Kolossos Olive Oil; Founder, Giorgios Karayannis

    in Food

    Giorgios (your go) Karayannis, co-founber of Kolossos, producers and importers of 100% pure Olive oil, from the land of the best olives in the world - Greece. Join ArtSees Diner, Mary E., as she explores the passion that is sensed in every luxirous droplet of nature's elixir!  We will explore what makes the perfect olive oil. If you answer "It's Greek to me!" then you have come to the right place. Because as Giorgios will tell you, you are right! It is - GREEK!

    The best olives in the world come from Greece. Kolossos produces and imports the finest, Extra Virgin olive oils. Kolossos is estate grown and carefully hand selected olives are harvested and pressed at the precise moment resulting in a 100% pure, unfiltered oil that is extraordinary in taste and fragrance, as fresh as summer on the islands of Greece. Their premium varieties come from groves centuries old, standing the test of time. Mary E. and Giorgios will explore some of the best ways to enjoy your Kolossos olive oil and share a few tips along the way. 

    Here's a little secret...shhh... Mary E's  favorite way to enjoy Kolossos olive oil is to generously swirl it over Moe's amazing hummus from The Pickle and Turnip in the heart of Michigan City Uptown neighborhood,  followed with a smooth sip of Ksara...shhhh if too many people find out, she will never have a seat! 

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    Dr. Olive C. Brown and Noelle Sewell

    in Books

    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | www.Sharvette.com

    First Segment: Dr. Olive C. Brown

    Dr. Olive C. Brown is a powerful prophetic voice, a Pastor’s Pastor and a trailblazer. Author, Pastor, Presiding Prelate and Powerful Woman of God.

    Unlocking the Giant Within by Dr. Olive C. Brown will encourage readers to release the supernatural potential that resides in you. We all have a giant locked up on the inside. Most times giants are not released until their circumstances force them to come to the forefront.

    Unlocking the Giant Within will help you identify, train and unleash your Giant – It’s Screaming to Come Out!


    Second Segment: Noelle Sewell

    Noelle Sewell is the Founder of IndySpotlight.net a Global Showcase of Independent Christian Artists. 

    Noelle joins us to discuss HIV/AIDS, how it has affected the Christian creative community and how the Christian community can play a greater role in reducing the spread of not only HIV but other diseases devastating our communities.

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    The Parable of the Lord's Vineyard

    in Christianity

    In this episode, we will finish reading the all important and critical parable of the Lord's vineyard of twelve olive trees that reveals his will concerning the redemption of Zion, the building of the holy city, New Jerusalem, and giving us an outline of the events surrounding it.

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    T.E.A Time- Atlanta Olive Oil Company

    in Entrepreneur

    This Week's Show: We are live at the all new Atlanta Olive Oil Company a one of a kind Gourmet Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Retail Store & Tasting Room located in Downtown Atlanta. 

    Atlanta Olive Oil Company was started by two entrepreneurs Hillary Dunson & Verna Cleveland two women with young families and a rich history of community engagement. Their common civic engagements forged a strong friendship, then family kinship, and now a partnership. It is their hope to introduce friends, families, and greater neighbors to the benefits of pure olive oils and the expansive flavors of infused balsamic vinegars that will enhance any meal. Be sure to stop in the Atlanta Store & Tasting Room at 1133 Huff Rd NW Suite F in Atlanta, GA 30318 Find them online: http://www.atlantaoliveoil.com/  FB: https://www.facebook.com/AtlantaOliveOilCompany

    T.E.A Time- A acronym for The Entrepreneurial Academy -slogan "Thrist For Enrichment & Achievement For Your Small Business Development is a interactive project developed by LouddMouth Radio Producer Sabrina Sonny Jones-Smith to provide tools & resources to new & existing entrepreneurs throughout the world through the LouddMouth Media Brand. LouddMouthradio.com reaches listeners online on http://stitcher.com & http://tunein.com two dynamic podcasts platforms reaching over 50 million+ active monthly listeners & 4 million in car dashboards. 

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    Luke 18 Parable of Christ's Imminent Coming

    in Religion

    In the current study, we delve into Luke 18, following our study of Chapter 17. This study, as was the previous chapter, focused on the coming ofhte kingdom of God.
    The primary reason for introducing the parable was the expectation of the immediate arrival of  the kingdom of God.

    The context of the parable is the persecution the apostles would face leading up to the imminent coming of Christ resulting in the destruction of the temple.


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    Late Night in the Word

    in Religion

    Join us for study of the Word of God from a Hebraic approach.  We have been discussing the purpose of salvation and what happens to us when the God named Salvation, delivers us from the kingdom of Darkness.  Listen in to be challenged and motivated.  Call in with your questions and prayer requests.  Shalom!

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    The Parable of The Sower, The Kingdom and 4 Kinds of People

    in Religion

    WHAT IS THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN? To understand the Kingdom of Heaven you MUST understand the Parables Jesus taught. Jesus says if you do not understand the first parable "The Parable of the Sower" you WILL NOT understand the other parables in the bible and thus you will not understand the Kingdom of Heaven. So pull up a chair and get your favorite cup of coffee and leave those church clothes behind as we break bread and discuss the Kingdom of Heaven.

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    Late Night in the Word

    in Religion

    Nothing better than not being able to sleep and having the opportunity to talk about the Word on the radio.  Please Join Us.  Call.  Say hello by chat.  We are all about the Hebraic Roots of Bible and love questions.  Hope to hear from you.

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    Late Night in the Word

    in Religion

    Hebraic Roots Radio

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