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    Conexion en el sistema de Colegio- Historia de migrantes- Cocinando con Lupita

    in Education

    Una voz que te conecta sin limites"

    Bienvenidos a Conexion Contigo el primer programa de radio completamente por Internet y en español en el Estado de Washington, este programa es Unico, Diferente, Educativo, Informativo,Divertido y Dinamico.

    Hoy comenzamos una nueva programacion Martes y Miercoles  a partir de las 8:30 de la noche.

    Jueves y Viernes a partir de las 6:30 de la mañana.

    Hoy tenemos...

    - Efemérides

    - Hoy Educacion para todos "Entendiendo el Sistema de registro en un colegio comunitario"

    - Historias de Migrantes, con Wendy Madera " El chavo del Ocho  "

    - Cocinando con Lupita- deliciosa nutricion y la economia a la mano- " Pastel de papas ".

    -Comentarios y mas.

    Gracias por su sintonia.


    Lupita Zamora

    Productora y Conductora


    tel 206-397-2995

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    Preemie Parenting & All the Juggling that Goes With It!

    in Parents

    Join Sara Bingham, WeeHands Founder and author of The Baby Signing Book, each week as she shares parenting tips, language development strategies, and the joys of connecting with your baby, toddler and/or preschool child.

    Since 2001, WeeHands has been an industry-leading children's sign language and language development program delivered through interactive, fun classes, as well as a line of tailored products. In 2014, WeeHands became part of Morneau Shepell’s Children's Support Solutions, an organization that provides health-centered and educational services to children with differences to help them reach their potential.

    This week, Sara will chat with Deb Discenza, who is an author and is also the founder of PreemieWorld. Deb understands the need of today’s preemie parents to be able to grasp medical information in layman’s terms and to be able to create a “new normal” in the midst of the NICU chaos.On this show, we'll be talking about parenting preemies and all the juggling that goes with it!

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    Trauma & the NICU: Life Beyond the Pain

    in Self Help

    Trauma comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, including the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). How do parents react to seeing their children in such distress, and how do they handle their own? Preemie fathers Joel Brens (founder, Papas of Preemies) and Nick Hall (founder, Graham's Foundation) join Michele to discuss how we move through trauma and turn tragedy into work of making a difference in the world.

    Michele Rosenthal is a popular keynote speaker, award-winning author and post-trauma coach. Her shows combine scientific research, cutting-edge guests and personal stories that highlight the challenges and successes of deliberately deciding to change the direction of your life. For more ideas about how to create change you choose, visit www.ChangeYouChoose.com.

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    Across The Pond A Look At American Culture in The 60s

    in Rock Music

    After Yesterdays episode we will be continuing on our journey and listening to the fallout from Bealtemania and the British Invasion as a comparison to the popular music of the States. This Episode includes Elvis Pressley (Later Music),Mamas and Papas,Jefferson Airplane,Greatful Dead and much more.

    No Microphone today due to a hectic schedule but i will try my best for tomorrows episode including a schedule of live radio broadcasts from sunny Scotland 

    Please sit back and enjoy and also come and have a chat inside our chatroom and any requests would be greatly appreciated.

    The show is in its early stages im looking to start a 2 hour show including improtant news developments,political discussion,social studies and ofcourse the lifes of some wonderfull rock legends and there creations.

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    British Pioneering 60s Rock Collection

    in Rock Music

    A little treasure trove of 60s Brit-Pop including The Kinks ,The Beatles ,The Animals and much much more.

    Todays episode will be slick and clean and tomorrows episode will look over the pond to see what was happening in the old USA which will feature the Mamas and Papas ,Jefferson Airplane,Elvis Pressley ( The Real one not that fat fucker who held him hostage!) and The Greatfull Dead.

    Start from the 60s we can work our way through. I hope you enjoy the show .


    No calls being taken on the first episode but we will try our best to structure the show so we can have some chat.

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    O Patriota: Doutrina Social ou Doutrina SOCIALISTA da Igreja???

    in Politics Conservative

    Nesse programa, irei falar sobre as três principais encíclias católicas que se referem à política e à economia. Irei mostrar como pelo menos DUAS DELAS têm inspiração socialista. A vida dos papas que deram as mãos aos fascistas e daqueles que realmente estavam preocupados com o seu rebanho.

    Não percam!!!

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    Federal "Experiment" Deprived Premature Babies of Oxygen; Risks Hidden from Pare

    in Politics

    Sharyl Attkisson of The Daily Signal published a shocking piece titled, "Full Disclosure: Did Government's Experiment on Preemies Hide Risks?" (June 03, 2014)

    The article outlines how the federal government's National Institute of Health (part of the Department of Health & Human Services) conducted a "study" called SUPPORT, which stands for "Surfactant, Positive Airway Pressure, and Pulse Oximetry Randomized Trial."

    The government-funded experiment ordered that 1,316 extremely premature infants be provided with different amounts of supplementary oxygen.  Half of the group received a 'higher' dose while the others received a 'lower' dose.  

    Many parents have come forward claiming that they were never told anything about oxygen levels being manipulated and only that the SUPPORT study was to offer 'support' to their delicate babies. 

    The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine with the following conclusion:

    "A lower target range of oxygenation (85 to 89%), as compared with a higher range (91 to 95%), did not significantly decrease the composite outcome of severe retinopathy or death, but it resulted in an increase in mortality and a substantial decrease in severe retinopathy among survivors. The increase in mortality is a major concern, since a lower target range of oxygen saturation is increasingly being advocated to prevent retinopathy of prematurity. (ClinicalTrials.gov number, NCT00233324.)"

    So there you have it, the study confirmed that because certain babies were provided with less oxygen...they died.

    Is this the government that you want in charge of your healthcare system?

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    Supporting Parents of Premature Babies: Part 1

    in Parents

    Join Sara Bingham, WeeHands Founder and author of The Baby Signing Book, each week as she shares parenting tips, language development strategies, and the joys of connecting with your baby, toddler and/or preschool child.

    This week, Sara will chat with Beth Maclin, founder of The Little Bear Foundation, about premature babies and the support their parents need. 

    Learn more about how WeeHands and signing with your baby at www.weehands.com or share with us on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/weehands.

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    The Human Solution Live with Joe and Fetha

    in Family

    Radio with a purpose..

    Today's Host: Joe Grumbine, Founder of The Human Solution. Co Host Fredrica Ballard. CPS warrior, Defendant, and Chapter coordinator of The Human Solution Nevada Chapter. 

    Guests include:

    Dr David Allen, talking about his upcoming medical board hearing

    Carmen Delisi: Talking about the toll our prison system takes on family and friends

    Atty Matt Pappas and THS founder Marla James, talking about landmark case

    POW Craig Cesal talks about Life with out parol on "Ghost pot charges"  

    Kristin Flor, THS national prison outreach coordinator talks about our new "Adopt an POW" program

    Tom Korby with Nor cal update, 

    THS member comedian Tere Joyce with a comedy bit

    Mickey Martin: talks about his new gift for pow's kids program

    A poem by Roger Christie

    Hear about the progress of our "Let Freedom Grow" project

     "Let Freedom Sing" unity through music protest song contest

    Cody Donnelly and Rory Murray call in to sing their entries 

    Weekly contest! and much much more... the most fulfilling 2 hours on the web! 

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    Ask MomRN Show - Holiday Tips & Prematurity Awareness

    in Family

    HealthTap is a mobile app that offers free and immediate access to a network of more than 50,000 doctors.  For anyone who has a health concern or question, their mobile phone can now instantly deliver answers a lot faster than the doctor's waiting room. An expert in digital and mobile health, HealthTap CEO Ron Gutman discusses how mobile phones will be used in healthcare moving forward, and how mobile phones will benefit the millions of uninsured Americans who are about to enter the healthcare system in January.

    The at-home spa day is quickly becoming a go-to for celebs and the everyday woman as a way to beautify in the comfort of home. Jamie Krell has teamed with Good Earth Tea to help you learn how to capture the beautiful celeb glow while relaxing with your friends at the casa.

    We all know that, regardless of the hustle and bustle, the holidays are centered around the bonds created during seasonal celebrations and traditions like Thanksgiving dinner, cookie exchanges and Christmas and Hanukkah parties. Joining us with tips on making the most of those special family times AND a way to help others while we’re at it is Top Chef’s Antonia Lofaso.

    November is Prematurity Awareness Month. Dr. Gregory Sysyn and mom of two preemies, Crystal Diehl, explain what parents should know about raising a preterm infant.

    Did you know your diet can have a major impact on your eye health? Dr. Michael Roizen shares important nutrients your eyes need to keep them healthy.

    Whether you are a brand new parent or have teenagers leaving the nest in a few short years, MomRN has advice, support, and encouragement to help you on your journey through parenthood. Her expertise has helped thousands of parents as they strive to be the best parents they can be. Join MomRN and her expert guests each week for practical advice for raising a happy, healthy family.

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