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    False Prophets Among Us Pt3 "Apostle Johns AntiChrists" Sound the Shofar

    in Christianity

    False Prophets Among Us Pt2 "Antichrists" | www.warn-usa.com

    False prophets, false teachers, false Christs; the opponents of Jesus Christ and the great one of deception comes. These are the Antichrists!

    In the world today there are many opponents of Jesus Christ. John warns us that there are 'AntiChrists' [plural], more than one. Any one who opposes Jesus Christ is an "anti" Christ! Or one that opposes, is 'anti' to the Christ or Messiah.  Leaders, teachers, and people daily make it their duty to denounce the truth in Christ Jesus. They appear as "lights" in a lost world. But there is only one "light", that is Jesus Christ. This week we break this down and look at the "antichrists" and what it means. Further we push on in indepth study to find more out about False Prophets. 

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    An Hour With The Real Ellen Karis

    in Comedy

    Ellen Karis is the “Greek Goddess of Comedy,” and has had a successful career performing in North America alongside such notable comics as Drew Carey, Tom Papa, and Bobby Collins. The entertainment industry has hailed her as the “little dynamo,” given her petite stature, strong improv skills and her ability to build a quick rapport with any audience. Born and raised in NYC in a traditional strict Greek home, her brand of sarcastic, observational humor has been described along the same lines as comedy legends Joan Rivers and Richard Lewis.

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    An Overview of Dementia and Five Important Care Tips Part II

    in Caregiving

    I have spent many years assisting hundreds of caregivers very much like you.  Caregivers, both professional and family members, frequently ask for the “right way” to respond to the many challenges they encounter.  While there is no one-size-fits-all magic formula, there are tried and true proven techniques to help guide you. This show we will be talking with caregivers who are living and caring for those with dementia, and we will be sharing with our listening audience five things to keep in mind when you are a caregiver for anyone with any cause of dementia.

    Learning and utilizing these five care approach techniques WILL empower you and make your situation more manageable.

    We want you to be our guest on Live With the Dementia Whisperer. Be sure and listen live, call in and share your dementia care journey sucesses and challenges with us. The guest call in number is (929)477-1393 - we look forward to talking with you live!

    And download the episode for ongoing training and support.

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    Papa's Country Gospel

    in Current Events

    Gospel Music with a true Country twist

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    Hollis Thomases, ReinventionWorks
 - Your Future is what You Create!

    in Business

    Date: January 29, 2016 @ 10:00 AM
    Guest: Hollis Thomases, CEO ReinventionWorks
    Subject: Your Future is what You Create!

    ReinventionWorks is a centralized multi-media and communication platform to empowering people and businesses to take control of their future through tools, education, networking, and marketplace resource.

    ReinventionWorks hosts a weekly, live, free webcast called Reinvention Conversations from the Front Porch in which Hollis interviews ordinary people who have accomplished life-altering career reinventions.

    Hollis brings her 10-year career working for trade associations, small businesses and large corporations alike which she has used to start her first company in 1998, a digital marketing & advertising firm. After successfully growing that company for 15 years into a multi-million dollar business serving a prestigious client portfolio including Nokia, Johns Hopkins University, NatureMade, and the Four Seasons she is bringing her perspective to ReinventionWorks.

    Hollis Thomas's can be reached at 484-679-6364 & email HolliThomases and reinventionworks.com

    Join Ronald and Hollis on January 29 at 10:00 AM and find out how you can re-invent yourself by identifying what it is you naturally gravitate to in life.

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    Quality of Life: Community, Education, Youth

    in Family

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa D. Smith, mother-daughter travel team and publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, for Big Blend Radio’s Quality of Life show airing live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona.
    On This Episode:
    - Community Alliance for Youth panel discussion about the recent Youth Success Week in Oceanside CA: Bobbi DePorter, Dr. Duane Coleman, Stedman Graham, Margaret Malek, Helice Bridges, Mark Reardon.
    - The Great Run & The Big Walk – Dennis Yang, Founder of Papa Didos Foundation discusses his 11,000 mile Great Run for children’s health and literacy; and Jim “Palomino” Ostdick will talk about his Reach Across America walking journey of over 4800 miles on the American Discovery Trail for the trail systems in San Benito County, CA.
    - Elvis Rocks for Yuma Youth –  Scot Bruce talks about his upcoming performance that benefits CASA of Yuma County, AZ; along with Brooke, President of the Yuma Council for CASA, a council who advocates for the best interests of abused and neglected children in Arizona involved in the juvenile courts.

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    Meet Veronica Martin, D.N.P., R.N., Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer

    in Business

    Join us as our host, Carol McDaniel, sits down with guest Veronica Martin, D.N.P., R.N., vice president and chief nursing officer at All Children's Hospital.

    With over 20 years of nursing experience, Veronica comes to All Children’s from Shriners Hospital/Health System, where she served as corporate chief nursing officer, leading system-wide clinical activities focused on quality, patient safety, outcomes and patient experience.

    “Veronica’s leadership skills, experience and her focus on education and collaboration will be an ideal fit with All Children’s culture,” said Jonathan Ellen, M.D., All Children’s Hospital president and physician-in-chief and vice dean and professor of pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “She will elevate patient care at All Children’s and serve as both a mentor and leader as we pursue magnet designation."

    Martin previously served as chief nursing officer and vice president of patient care services at WellStar Cobb Hospital with fiscal, strategic and operational responsibilities for a 382-bed hospital. At Tampa General Hospital, she was vice president of the women’s and children’s division and became associate chief nursing officer and vice president for TGH. She also held leadership roles at University of South Alabama Children’s & Women’s Hospital and in the Women’s & Children’s Division at Medical Center of Lewisville.

    To learn more about Veronica Martin and her position at All Children's Hospital, tune in Wednesday, January 27 at 12:30 p.m. EST. Remember to follow the backchannel on twitter! #ACHradio

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    Neil Haley Interviews Author, Speaker, and Educator Phyl T. Macomber

    in Education

    Phyl's book, “The Power of T.H.E. P.A.C.T.” was published in 2010 when the framework first launched. Simply put, T.H.E. P.A.C.T. simplifies learning for children of any age, which in turn simplifies teaching for teachers of any grade. And, it is bridging the gap between special ed and gen ed with meaningful inclusion of learners with disabilities - including those with special needs (which has been my speciality since my fellowship at Johns Hopkins). She is thrilled to be able to share success stories as T.H.E. P.A.C.T. is being implemented in various locations around the US - including Alaska and Hawaii, some of the provinces in Canada, and parts of Australia and Italy. 

    In addition to the first book (I am currently working on Book 2),  an “App System” for T.H.E. P.A.C.T. called the "iPACT”  went live in the Apple App Store in October of 2014. 211 app activities are housed within this system - for connect-the-dots instruction - and it offers teaching staff differentiated templates for the four modules of the framework, each aligned to the Common Core Strands, which are Learn About, Read About, Write About, and Talk About. You can find out more  at www.AboutTHEPACT.com. 

    In addition, Phyl has also been featured in an international bestselling trilogy called the Common Threads by Dr. Shellie Hipsky, President of Inspiring Lives International, who interviewed 100 empowering women from around the globe who are making a difference. Avaialable on Amazon.com.

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    WC&P: Peter Schiff @Hillsdale College and Imam Saafir Rabb II

    in Education

    Interculture operates as a facilitator. They develop or enhance strategies for their clients, be they governments, corporations, foundations or civil society organizations that wish to improve their results or solve daunting challenges. Our process brings simplicity to the complex.  They understand the value of cultural competence and its relevance toward creating value for their clients.  It is this understanding, coupled with their wide reaching network of capable consultants that makes all the difference for Interculture clients.

    Saafir Rabb II has long worked with members of the US and international communities to promote an effective interface between profitable business and corporate social responsibility. As CEO of Interculture, Inc. he is a social entrepreneur, community developer, and high-level business advisor who maintains a strong commitment to social change and urban revitalization. He served as COO for I Can’t We Can (ICWC), a celebrated community development and drug-rehabilitation organization. He served as a consultant to the Obama administration’s transition team for public diplomacy, participates in the Brookings Institute’s US-Islamic World Forum, is a Senior Advisor to the Dean of the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, is a member of the Pacific Council, and a board member of Educate Girls Globally and Kanye West’s Donda’s House. Saafir completed a two-year program in Islamic law at the Abu Nour Institute in Damascus, Syria, and is a Columbia University Rothschild Fellow for interfaith relations. He holds a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. Saafir primarily resides in Baltimore, Maryland, and frequents the Middle East.

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    THE MONEY CODE : Become A Millionaire With The Ancient Jewish Code

    in Paranormal

    Charity begins at home! See how this plays in the Money Code.

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