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    Boys Trying 2 be Men, but Ur Pants Saggin!

    in Religion

    Walk down the street, on the bus, train, there they are those guys with the pants saggin! Oh, boys please pull those pants up…Tune in Wednesday @7pm EST.  @Da-Table with Host Andrew “Cliff” Hayes, and Kelvin “Kel” Hall as they talk on this issue that seems to be the TREND amongst our young boys. To tune in dial 310-982-4274 [press #1 to speak with Hosts], and visit us on our website www.spiritsoulnetwork.blogspot.com/

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    Pants Up Don't Loot!

    in Politics

    Join Amanda & @JoeDunn8 for #RealPolitik Live @ 9PM ET - Analyzing the various riots, protests, people without jobs, people who don't pay taxes, Obama voters.  Your calls at (347) 826-9184 (or listen via phone without saying a word).  On Demand 24/7 after the live show! Your tweets welcome: @RightInPlanning & @JoeDunn8!

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    At Eye Level - Seat of the Pants

    in Entertainment

    Hosted by Matt G and "Doc" Savage


    This week, we're just gonna let it all hang out and let the chips fall where they may. We don't have an agenda (as usual) we're just going with whatever comes up. The ultimate in free-form radio... just like the "good ole days"! 


    Of course, it's no fun without you, our listeners, so please call in and be a part of the conversation. Got something you want to say? Say it! Just remember the rules: be honest, original and don't hate.

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    The LCS Hockey Radio Show

    in Comedy

    Major Minority will be here to discuss Serial.  A good podcast.  Plus, the ghost of past shows will be here.  Other than that, we got nothin'.  Tune in. 

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    Dec. 14, 2014, 10pm (PST) - Our addiction to Horror with writer Samantha Tonnell

    in Paranormal

    Why do we like being scared?  Why are horror films, books and stories so popular amongst people young and old?  That's why we have budding horror writer Samantha Tonnell coming onto Spaced Out Radio.  Samantha will cover her work as she looks to scare the pants of her readers, as well we will talk about people's fascination about being freaked out.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Bogus Sanctity Of "Non-Christians"

    in Politics Conservative

    Jonathan Gruber's "pants inferno" and how his turn in Darrell Issa's barrel protected ObamaCare; Why are "non-Christian" sensibilities sacred?; Why is it not just permissible, but required, that Christians be mocked and persecuted to "preserve, protect, and defend" "non-Christian" sensibilities?; Would any Baptist with a child's corpse in his trunk not be arrested?  Of course not - but for Muslims, that is apparently now a constitutional right; While we lament passage of another "Cromnibus," let us celebrate the fall from power of Harry (G)Reid and his depraved obstructionism; and, time-permitting, today's Morning Jolt.

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    Fight Church Radio

    in Entertainment

    join us for 2 hours of me thinking outloud.
    featuring special guests and news updates from the Portland Intelligencer

    I have some awesome stories to share:
    -first I can't wait to tell you what went down in Salem on Tuesday when we (the protesters) squared off against a posse of racist senior citizens who had reserved the Capitol for a holiday concert. 
    -on Monday night the police showed up at our television show, they ended up storming out and calling everybody assholes. 
    - I will tell you the story of "red pants" the unfortunate looter in Berkley.
    - I will explain the concept of 'ironic martyrs' as it relates to a local business owner who took to twitter to voice his displeasure over the recent local actions .
    - UofO basketball coach Dana Altman says the recent "hands up" display by two of his basketball players was done in an inappropriate time and place. I will tell you why white people need to shut up a bit.
    -speaking of which, I was very publicly requested by a white person to stop protesting for police accountability. yeah, that ain't gonna happen. believe I shall address this.
    - Measure 92 conceded today.
    - the homeboy Belico is trying to set a world record today for most rap performances in 24 hours. we're hoping he has a minute or two to spare today to come on with me.
    - Shay Horse has been involved in crazy protests in New York this week over the death of Eric Garner. he is supposed to call in and share some stories with us.

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    NBA, College Hoops, NFL, & Indie Music - Powered by Jim Vierra & Friends

    in Sports

    Brought to you by:

    Jim Vierra & Friends Music





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    College hoops, NBA Standings and chat, and the best indie music on the planet! Sports and Music uNITE!

    Advertising and song play for just $5 at www.Fiverr.com/DTongSports

  • Flip Tip #091: The money is in your database

    in Real Estate

    Are you flying by the seat of your pants, unorganized and not following up as much as you should with your real estate leads? Tom Krol, wholesale ninja, tells us how important it is to manage your leads and data, and just how critical it is to continue to work your leads forever.

    Thanks for joining the FlipNerd Real Estate Investing podcast, where we interview the most experienced real estate investors in America. It's an incredible opportunity to learn about rental properties, rehabbing, wholesaling and assigning real estate, flipping houses, creative deals, and overall real estate investing education. We're the fastest growing real estate investing podcast in America, check out all of our incredible REI content!

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    Get Your Groove On with Grooveryde

    in Lifestyle

    Live the “sweat life” with guest deejay, Deanna Black and her guest, Anjua Maximo.  Anjua is a life coach and the catalyst/co-founder of Grooveryde, Cleveland’s premiere indoor cycling, yoga fusion and boot camp experience.  This fitness entrepreneur is also the creator of Pure Mvmnt and says, "I am truly experiencing that moment when what I think, say and do are in alignment. I love coaching. It is my calling, what fills me up, what I could do every day. Helping others to see their greatness and possibility is what I dedicate my life to. Amen and a high five!" 

    Deanna and Anjua will also share their professional experience with lululemon, the fitness clothing company (possibly more famous for its see-through yoga pants), and how it transformed their lives.  Find your calling and live your purpose now with Deanna and Anjua.  

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    Putting on clothes of Thankfulness !

    in Christianity

    We want to aplogize for not having a show last week. Wild Bill's work schedule had him with just enough time at home to get some clean clothes and he was back out the door again. Like many of you we are still trying to get back to normal after Thanksgiving.  When Wild Bill says normal,he means where he can button his pants again! There have been so much darkness in the news of late.  We wanted to bring you a show that we felt fit this time while having fun.  Like many of you, we are all looking at what is happening in the St Louis area.  The police shooting and the riots that followed and the officer not being charged with a crime has earned national attention. The discussions that sicken us here, are the people on television and radio who did a great job of provoking the public.  We all heard reports of how this young man was shot in the back, and was still being shot after he was on the ground.  Three seperate investigations into the physical evidence were conducted. One by the family, the state, and the federal goverment all proved this was not true!  Yet, many people on the radio and television used people to put this information out as fact that it did happen.  They got paid, their ratings went up, and they have no consequence to the crimes they helped to provoke.  This should change!  We found where a couple of preachers set the stage for a fun show.  The title of putting on clothes of thankfulness.  Wow, the depth of just the title stirred us.  How many of you go out of your house without brushing your teeth, and washing your face?  Do you wear your Pj's to church?  Do you go in some dirty clothes that you pulled out of the hamper?  We hope you answered no!  Think on these things as you hear this message tonight and think of how this message should apply to your life.   

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