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    911 stands for killing black people and getting away with it

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    As many of you have seen, the video of the murder of the young 16 year old black teen in chicago. This has gone on way to long for us as Black People to just saying look the other way and turn the other cheek... These pigs in uniform only look at us as being nothing but wild animals that when they cant tame us, they see it justified to shoot us down.  Yes we still have Black on Black crime which needs to be sought after, but there is no way to compare that to the senseless murders from these white racist, trigger happy darren wilson cops.


    Michael brown was running away when he was gunned down, Eric Garner was minding his own business when he was choked to death. The guy at walmart only had a toy gun when he was shot to death. a 12 year old kid in cleveland wasnt even given a warning before he was gunn down. the list goes on and on, and now u have a 16 year old black teen walking away from the cops shot 16 times.....


    a white boy can walk into a church and gun down 9 black people just to be taken alive, put a bullet proof vest on and taken to burger king.. but a 16 year old teen, is gunn down for having a 3 inch knife????

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    Post Black Friday Christmas Cheer

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    Christmas is still 24 days away. ISt it too early for Christmas Music. NO!  After all the crazyness of "BLACK FRIDAY", .missing out on that $9.99- 40 in color TV  after standing in lines for hours we all need a little pick me up. What picks you up more then uplifting and fun Christmas music? Listen in and enjoy as we talk about our favorite Christmas Songs

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    Guest on the Joanie Show/ Gail Cogburn.

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    Psalm 96:1-2

    Sing to the LORD a new song; Sing to the LORD, all the earth. Sing to the LORD, bless His name; Proclaim good tidings of His salvation from day to day.

    https://www.facebook.com/Gail-Cogburn-  FACEBOOK

    http://www.gailcogburn.com/    WEBSITE 

    https://www.reverbnation.com/gailcogburn  REVERBNATION

    Program will aire 12/1/15 @ 9:00pm-9:30

    Gail is a singer-songwriter and minister of the Gospel. 

    Gail has been on my program several times in the past. It is good to have her back on again 

    Joanie Buchanan Program. --Beside Still Waters.

    Psalm 119:105  "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."

    Matthew 24:35   "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away."

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    JOTS RADIO Attention People Pleasers - It's time to Reclaim Power!

    in Spirituality

    Are you a People Pleaser? Do you give away your choices, put other peoples needs first, or feel stuck in a constant state of tug and pull?  There are so many ways we give away our power.  We are going to discuss several of these, including the people pleaser syndrome.  The theme came in strong this past week, especially with the holidays in full swing.  Family drama also tends to kick up as the stress ramps up.  We want to help you heal so you can shine bright like the diamond you are!

    Like our fanpage, www.facebook.com/stephanievanhoosespiritualmedium

    www.stephanievanhoose.com, www.suejamison.com

    Disclaimer: All guidance and advice given does not take the place of your FREE WILL.   

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    Hope for America

    in Christianity

    Societies that thrive are those that have God as the center, but when you separate God and those who love Him from government, you get a nation that has no purpose. You get a nation that eventually becomes so godless that it begins to oppress the righteous. So how do we get back and take back a nation that has fallen so far away? What is America's

    In this episode, we will be discussing the answers to these questions with Bill Vanderbush, a pastor and international minister who recently was priveledged to pray the opening prayer in Congress in Washington D.C.. We will visit with him about his trip, and about what God is speaking to him regarding America, God in government, revival, and the kingdom of God.

    For more information about Bill, go to his website: www.BillVanderbush.com


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    Once Upon a Time "Broken Heart" Review

    in Television

    Join our Once Upon a Time hosts every Monday as they discuss the highlights of the latest episode of Once Upon a Time - E-mail your thoughts on the episode and the host will read them on air.

    Be sure to follow us on twitter!
    Raechel: @RaechelEP
    Emily: @emkonopka

    Summary: In a Camelot flashback, Hook becomes a Dark One and his lust for revenge against Rumplestiltskin is reignited. When Emma and Hook disagree about their best course of action, the final pieces of the puzzle are revealed as events in Camelot catch up to the present and we witness a charged confrontation between the forces of light and dark that sends our heroes on a collision course with destiny. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Hook’s centuries old lust for revenge against Gold puts both of their fates in jeopardy while Emma’s love faces the ultimate test as she tries to convince Hook to turn away from the darkness before she, Mary Margaret, David and Regina embark on a new mission as an unsuspected evil is released.

    Variety Radio Online – bringing you all things entertainment including news, reviews and interviews. Check out our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

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    Frat House Sports' Red Zone Blitz #31

    in Sports

    Hard to believe, but we’re just about to turn the corner into the final quarter of the NFL season as we head toward Week 13. Meanwhile though, there was a lot of action including three big “bust” games on Turkey Day. Nonetheless, the Carolina Panthers remain unbeaten. How likely do they go 16 – 0? Is it time to panic about the Green Bay Packers? The Indianapolis Colts lead their division with a 40 year-old QB, and the Washington Redskins sit atop the NFC-Least. Finally, are the Denver Broncos better without Peyton?

    Plus, Frat House Mike & Brandon are breaking-down some of the biggest games: Panthers 33 – Cowboys 14  /  Bears 17 – Packers 13  /  Colts 25 – Buccaneers 12  /  Redskins 20 – Giants 14  /  Broncos 30 – Patriots 24.

    We’re just days away from a special full-day of mid-week football. How’s your team doing? Get in on THE BEST NFL-talk action on the Internet right here and participate with YOUR CALLS at 347 – 826 – 9964!

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    Truth Serum with LONE WOLF

    in Current Events

    Tonight’s topics ‘Caucasoids Take Care Of Their Own.” The Pig who murdered Laquan McDonald freed on bond yesterday. “al-CRACKER Strikes Again.” Caucasoid kills three at Planned Parenthood facility. “The Trump Factor.” The media stunned that Trump poll numbers go up with each offensive comments. “The Enemy Among Us.” Trump come away with some endorsement from black pastors. “SCARY-ASS-NIGGAS.” How the white man uses fear of death to control KNEE-GROWS. “NO LOVE.” How black Christians have mistakenly loved Devils. “Pro Black with apologies???” Some Pro-black feel beholding to whites to explain their positions. “The New Black.” A new generation of fearless blacks has arrived. “The Coming Storm.” What if the inner cities produced suicide bombers and black so-called extremists? “Ending on a much lighter note.” My conversation with my only son.

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    Voices Carry for Animals # 69

    in Pets

    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

    Guest will be: David Lynch - Humane Society of St. Lucie County/ Director of Marketing and Community Outreach


    “Your Hometown Shelter”

    Each year, we rescue, care for, or re-home almost 7,000 animals in our community. Our goal is always to provide immediate care for the animals under our roof and to create a better future for all of St. Lucie County's animals. No animal is ever turned away !

    Mission statement

    The Humane Society of St. Lucie County is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing compassionate care and safe shelter for homeless animals and education to the community on responsible pet ownership.

    Who we are

    We are a nationally accredited 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation which depends upon the community, businesses and individuals for support
    We have been in existence since 1956
    Volunteers, a board of directors and 28 employees have accepted the challenge of caring for the nearly 10,000 animals we receive each year from the animal control agencies and residents of our county
    We have contractual agreements with the three county municipalities: Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce and unincorporated St. Lucie County
    We advocate responsible companion animal care and spaying and neutering
    Education is an integral part of our Mission Statement
    The Humane Society of St. Lucie County with the Florida Animal Friend Grant of $25,000 was able to perform 800 spay and neuter procedures for a low cost to pet owners in St. Lucie County.

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    Body Shaming

    in Spirituality

    Many young girls and women have body shaming issues that cause them to great harm to their body in an attempt to fit into society's image of "beauty." The beauty industry, including pastic surgery, is a trillion dollar business that creates images of that promotes a false illusion of beauty leading women to believe that by focusing on the outward appearance, they will become more popular, happier, and accepted.

    In the home, are we speaking words of love to our young girls and women or are we promoting the same negativity? Beauty can only be defined by self-love and every woman defines beauty in her own image. Join us tonight as we discuss this issue of "Body Shaming" and how to keep our youjng girls away from it and hel out women to heal from it. Join us in the chat room or call in live to share your story with us! 

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    Author Les Leopold discusses #RunawayInequality on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Current Events

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Les Leopold to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss what led him to write the book RUNAWAY INEQUALITY and what he hopes readers are able to take away from it. 

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