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    Writers Group Spotlights: Writers Window Pane - Vero Beach Florida

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    In this Writers Group Spotlight series, I will be spotlighting Writers Groups from around the world. We will discuss the benefits of joining a local writers group, give examples of what to expect and how to join, and meet a few Authors who are also members of writers groups. 

    Guest 1: Janet Sierzant: A Brooklyn girl, Janet grew up on Long Island. All her life, she was told that she wasn't college material, but after relocating to Georgia, Janet enrolled at KSU and graduated with a Bachelor's degree. It wasn't until then that she discovered her love of writing. Now, living in Vero Beach, Florida, Janet's an active member of the Florida Writer's Association, and the Treasure Coast Writer's Guild. (Entangled)

    Guest 2: Valeria Wenderoth
    Valeria grew up in Rome, Italy, and was raised bilingual (Italian and French). She studied music in Italy and earned a Master and a Doctorate in Music History in the USA. She moved to Hawaii, where she started a family and began teaching at the University of Hawaii. Her work brough her to Colorado for a year, and she has recently settled on the Treasure Coast of Florida, where she lives with her husband. Traveling is one of her passions, so you never know where she'll be next. Valeria is a professor at the University of Hawaii and her job is to develop and teach online courses. (Bad By the Numbers)




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    BOLD Moving with Michele Aikens & Friends

    in Business

    Join Michele Aikens,.CEO of Sepia Prime Woman Inc, and the BOLD Movers Network, for.coffee, intelligent discussion and a debrief to your week. This is.Woman's History Month, let's talk about Women Owned businesses in our communities.  This week we talk with Denise Pane of River Coyote Web Designs about how to maximize the influence of your website.  Join the conversation at 914-803-4503.


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    Enjoy a happier, healthier new year with a Johari window.

    in Relationships

    Imagine looking through a window with four sections (panes).  Each section shows you and others a different part of your life.  This window is known as a Johari window.  Each pane provides insights on who you are based on different perspectives.  Each perspective is a portal to learn and live a more aware and awake life.

    Over the next 30 minutes, you'll discover the power of viewing life through a Johari window.  Results include reduced stress, increased health and happiness.

    After the show, visit Soul University to learn more about yourself with no strings attached.  Most our classes require no membership, fees or email address to access class materials.  

    Contact Soul, your host, to access private, confidential, insightful individual counseling and group support.

    Music: Eternal Hope by Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0

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    What do you REALLY want?? with Pane Andov

    in Education


    This week we are spending time with Pane Andov, an Australian ET Contactee with many years of experiences to ground his perspectives. As a result of a very intense ET experience and activation at age 7, Pane has a long history of very detailed UFO research as well as a lifelong committment to the study of the sprirtual and energetic aspect of his journey making it a very wide-ranging discussion!  Due to difficulties aligning our respective schedules, the show was pre-recorded over the weekend and will air on Sunday night US 7PM PST, Monday morning Australia 11AM EST. Another deep and broad discussion...Please join us!


    So the burning question, one which we fail to ask ourselves at the time when it matters the most:

    "What do we REALLY want?"

    Come join us as we candidly voice aloud ‘conversations with self’ and ponder questions such as:

    Why we made certain things unattainable simply because we were too afraid to connect with our true desires? … and How do our conflicting conversations with SELF keep us out of alignment with what we truly want to experience? What is it that you are waiting for anyway? What happens when the inner world is at odds with the outer world? What is the missing elusive ingredient?

    Join us weekly as we discuss, explore and uncover the genesis of our illustrious manifestations and creations!!

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    DaBossesSection presents WildOut Sunday

    in Entertainment

    wildout Sunday pranks calls and our funny ass pane

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    Il giornalista Sandro Ravagnani conduce Coffe Square ospite dalla Calabria il piccolo attore Giovanni Francesco Spina protagonista del film Palline di pane.

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    Trading Fours with Stephen Hill

    in Education

    How do actors use improvisation beyond the stage/screen? What’s the relationship between art and artifice in acting? What types of education are most valuable to actors? On Friday, September 5, 2014, we’ll trade fours with actor Stephen Hill who is making quite a name for himself on the big screen in Draft Day, Law & Order, Dead Man Down and others. Check out his profile on IMDb and join us at 11AM Eastern/ 8AM Pacific to “Get in on the rhythm.”

    Follow Stephen Hill on Twitter @StephenHillActs
    Learn more about Stephen Hill's career on his website, Stephen Hill Actor
    Call to join our conversation, 347-989-8321

    Follow Dr. Modeste on Twitter @GlobalJackie and Dr. Wes at @Jazz Democracy


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    The Farrakhan Effect Part 1

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    Brother Sean X, Brother Ahmand Muhammad, Brother Perry X and Panelist as Students of The Teaching of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. We will deal with how The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has impacted so many lives throughout the world. Even the Hip-Hop artist. This is called The Farrakhan Effect. We also will sharing our experience that w had in Brooklyn with The Allah Team and The Lions Out of The Cage With Jay Electronica. You dont wanna miss this one. For you cowards don't bother to call in. So join TheGodSquad Radio Broadcast. This Sunday 7/20/2014 at 6pmEst.

    Listen in/Call in: (347)857-1256


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    Pharmacy Podcast Episode 156 NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL COUNCIL

    in Business



    The National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC) is a health policy research organization dedicated to the advancement of good evidence and science, and to fostering an environment in the United States that supports medical innovation.
    Founded in 1953 and supported by the nation’s major research-based biopharmaceutical companies, NPC focuses on research development, information dissemination, education and communi

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    Our "A" Games Starts with How We Look!

    in Real Estate


    The Power of Fashion for Men & Women

    Discussions points:


    1.  What should every male & female business professional have in their wardrobe?  

    2.  What are hot designs? Floral, animal print, solids, strips, hound tooth, herringbone, glen plaid, window pane

    3.  What are the colors that men and women should were during the fall and winter?

    4.  What are the hottest styles for men and women right now? 

    5.  Who are the best designers with the best fabric for custom suites? 

    6.  Why buy custom suits when you get quality suits on the rack at Nordstroms or Macy? 


    Guest Speaker:

    Rocky Chugani, Designer
    Rocky's Custom Clothes
    13934 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
    Cell: (818) 430-7352

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    First Contact Radio

    in News

    First Contact Radio 2/24/14 Show #1089 hosted by Joshua Poet


    This Week's Sky at a Glance

    Moon Phase

    Mayan Oracle



    Interesting UFO sighting over Moon on 23rd February 2014

    Strange Light Illuminating and Flashing on Moons Surface - Video

    Grey UFO over Moon on 21st February 2014

    UFO Over Texas Shows Off a Spectrum of Colors - Video

    Triangle – shaped UFO sighting over Kiev, Ukraine on 19th February 2014

    Glowing UFO Fleet Over Fresno, California On Feb 21, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

    UFO Sightings in Pucallpa, Peru February 2014

    Beautiful Morphing ORB

    The Anunnaki met with our leaders in 1954 says Retired, Command Sergeant Major, Robert O. Dean!

    NASA Scientist Tells About Find Life In Mars Rocks During NASA Mission! VIDEO, UFO Sighting News

    Pane Andov Believes He Can Provide Full UFO/Alien Disclosure

    Dem Congressman Calls Cancer Survivor Whose Insurance was Killed by ObamaCare a Liar

    It Only Takes One Member of Congress, to Start Impeachment

    Pentagon Plans to Shrink Army to Pre-World War II Level

    Tiny Crystal Is Oldest Known Piece of Earth, Scientists Say

    Dolores Cannon - We Are Living In The Most Important Time In The History Of The Universe

    Saul February-19-2014

    Agape week of February 23, 2014

    Daily Affirmations - 24 February 2014

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"


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