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    Islam is a Good Thing...Terrorists Hiding Behind Islam is a Bad Thing.

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    As the host of SevsDeadSerious I can't believe how certain media outlets, can you hear me FoxNews, would like to lump all the shitheads hiding behind Islam as indicative of anything other than the bigotry the FoxNews organization spews on a daily basis.  To lump the 99% who follow Islam and don't prescribe to the terrorist acts done by the sociopathic few who are dillusional and frankly evil.  I wonder what the followers of Islam must think using the same level of bigotry espoused to by FoxNews, when they viewed the sex scandals in the Catholic Church; the hush money, moving the pedophiles from parrish to parrish, denying it to the public, fighting law enforcement and all the other Catholic pandering of religion to maintain rhetorical control of the "flock".  Didn't the Bible address that issue..."let he who is without fault cast the 1st stone."  Or doesn't that one work for Fox.  Another potential Douche Bag of the Week.

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    Consciousness 2.0...The Walking Dead

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    "Let's boycott Black Friday and keep our money in our community. Don't support the system that complicates our lives."

    "F*ck you nigga..i want dat $100 flat-screen tv from WalMart."

    Consciousness exists on many levels. Pandering to indifference and argumentative speculations can cloud one's quest for elevation. Subfactors such as ego, race, economic supression, stagnant movements, and a general sense of despair can poison the thoughs of those on the quest for mental freedom. In the journey to aquire and obtain knowledge of self, one must have a clear and concise temperament which will allow them to mentally absorb the hostilities that history unfolds.

    In a selfish society, how does the conscious thinker absorb his surroundings and still maintain overall ideologies of peace and harmony? How does a conscious mind navigate though stagnant movements and still keep its luster?

    Let's dissect and build.

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    Its the mid-terms, nothing's getting done due to partisan gridlock...What's new?

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    Congress and the President can't even call war on some of the most evil fucks on the planet, though they both know you have to blow these evil pigs into the Stone Age; though you could make tghe argument that these fucks aren't that far removed from the Stone Age so blowing them back to it would be altogether too easy.  Your astonished host here a SevsDeadSerious can't see why that a totally bi-partisan issue can become a partisan issue so whatever the outcome, the politicians are protected.  The President has once again proved that even though I voted for him, twice, he still has NO courage for his convictions...unless the convictions of the largest donors of the pols respective parties.  Its as P.J. Rourke said "a parliament of whores" when speakking of the US Congress and that was in the mid-70's...its nice to see that thing change as much as they stay the same.  Same shit, different day, year and decade.  America the home of the free, the brave and the morally bankrupt from both sides of the aisle.

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    Angry Devas: Pandering Women vs Matriarchs

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     Dish on EVERYTHING. From clothes, current events, black female enterprise, black feminism, black female rights, black female sexuality, black female health, black female wealth and most importantly BLACK FEMALE SOVEREIGNTY!


    The Original Mother, the Black Wombyn is the last to awaken to her Divinity and Divine Place in the Cosmos. We are the place to discuss all the things they DON'T WANT us to talk about or focus on. Tune in daily, write to us to be a host, and share! This is FOR US and BY US. so lets SUPPORT our OWN.



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    Is polygamy the new Pimping scheme in the black conscious community??? part ll

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    this episode is a continuation of the previous conversation on understanding the north american polygamy scheme/scam in the black conscious community...

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    When the going gets ignorant, the ignorant turn to FoxNews for their stupid.

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    Your intrepid host once again tags off against the moronic plague that seeming infects the pandering antics of the idiots at FoxNews.  Also, Tom Steyer, hedge-fund billionaire enters the knock-down, drag-out world of Pennsylvania where Pennsyltucky remains supreme.  Though causes are noble, it is the process that has been hi-jacked by the 1%, so it's nice when the hi-jacker hi-jacks in the best interests of your common goals...dare I say pandering by moi.  The new political game rules as ascribed to by the "uber-rich"...rhetoric and hyperbole for all, at our expense.  Whose interests do they represent anyway?

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    The devil in the pale moonlight...FoxNews pedaling to lowest common denominator

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    It's scary the amount of stupidity that emanates from our friends at FoxNews.  Based on the fallacy that they pedal what the majority of Americans are thinking the garbage they are spewing is somehow rooted in fact and not...everything else or whatever they choose to feed their listeners.  Fortunately, W.C. Fields laid the groundwork for the FoxNews news philosophy, when he proclaimed "there's a sucker born every minute and...".  Originally it was 2 to take them, but your intrepid slayer of the ideas of the evil FoxNews believe they have way more that just 2 fleecing their braying flock of conservative sheep...bray, prey, sleep, repeat.  Keeping the stupid stupid takes effort you know.

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    Another week in hell and the liars who infest the world

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    Another week in hell featuring conservative thought and the idiots who spew the garbage, which in-turn permeates the thought process of some of our most ignorant citizens.  As we have learned, when it comes to anything that DOES NOT follow their agenda is, well....whatever it is, they're against it.  Just another photo-op for the party of stupid, the GOP to parade their nonsense to the American people...Whatever it is, they're against it.  First the Affordable Health Care Act went to 50 House fights for nothing and now number 13 on the Benghazi hit parade...utter nonsense from the party that invent said nonsense...the GOP!

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    Climate change...denial isn't an option and stupidity isn't the answer

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    Your omnipotent host tasks the right for their intransigent belief that climate change is NOT a problem by pandering to the most ignorant of citizens using the same model that has propelled the NRA to unprecedented heights of hubris as relates to the long-term life of mankind...steadfast refusal to accept anything but what they demand, period.  Your always beloved and eternally sexy host will also look at the world of "kid "coaching" and the men who take on this daunting task of teaching sports to those still in single digits...a little like herding cats.  Plus other topics of national, internatiponal, and in even more case, absolutely no relevance to anyone but sevsdeadserious.

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    The Glenn Atkinson Story on The Ruthie Report

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    Please join Ruthie this week May 8th, 2014 from 8-10 pm CST with this weeks

    Guest: GLENN ATKINSON - Glenn will join the program at the top of the 9 O'clock hour

    With so much talk about how to reward ILLEGAL aliens with amnesty - many are not focusing on those who played by the rules - those who came to the USA LEGALLY and what their feelings are about the pandering lawless fest for illegal aliens - currently taking place.

    But what happens when you do enter this Nation the right way and your paperwork is subject to inspection and law enforcement GETS IT WRONG! You will not believe the ordeal that Glenn has gone thru - legally in the Country ...... from arrest to detention center to ongoing court appearances - fighting the system for his desire to obtain the American Dream...... (legally)

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    Those Left Behind - Bonnie Eggle on The Ruthie Report

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    The Victims and Their Families - of Illegal Immigration Are Being Forgotten

    GUEST Bonnie Eggle - Bonnie will join the show at 9 pm


    While the games regarding illegal immigration continue to be played in Washington DC and by our elected State Officials

    NO ONE considers what this on-going, out of control, lawless invasion and the subsequent pandering is doing to ........

    the Family, Friends, Communities and Loved Ones ....of those lost, those murdered to due to the inaction to enforce our current

    immigration laws and secure the border.


    NOT ONLY are the victims themselves, pushed to the back of many minds - by so many..........BUT ... THOSE LEFT BEHIND as well.


    It is hard for many of those continuing dealing with the loss of a loved due to illegal immigration whether recent or in years past.....

    to hear TODAY - the pandering, the gift giving, the proposed suggestions and legislation of Amnesty - like BONNIE EGGLE -

    leaving them to wonder and wrestle with questions of why, whether the losses and sacrifices of their loved ones are taken into

    consideration - if their deaths matter.


    This elevated pandering- instead of enforcing the Rule of Law and securing our borders ... brings to the fore-front AGAIN and AGAIN

    (and in many cases....painfully) the loss of so many.

    Please join Bonnie and Ruthie as the Mother of yet another fallen Office in Enforcement ....shares with us -

    Kris's Life, that frieghtful day - and what she believes must transpire.






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