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    Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito and AL

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    We'll be discussing Obama's visit to a Baltimore mosque last week and it's ties to Extremism, which didn't seem to bother Barack Hussein Soeotoro Obama. During his visit, Hussein Obama made some factually challenged statements.  It seems Pres Soundbite has very little concern for facts, as long as it makes for a good soundbite. 

    We'll discuss the 72 US House of Rep Virgins who signed onto HR 569.  The 72 Congressional Virgins submitted to Islam.  Congress shall make no law respecting an "Establishment of Religion" - unless of course you are pandering to Islam, then throw the US Constitution aside!  Whether it's submitting to Christianity or Islam or Judaism, Congress shall not "Establish".  Why is that difficult for Democratic Congressmen to understand?  Have they lost all common sense or do they harbor that much disdain for our Republic and Constitution? 

    We will certainly discuss this and other events impacting our Freedoms and our Freedom of Speech!  Join us this evening at 6pm EST, where we may or may not be broadcasting live from chilly Little Falls, NY! 

    follow is on Twitter: @radiojihadnetwork or @mamamiaNOsharia! 

    God Bless our Troops and God Bless America!

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    Muhammad and Jesus Friends? - What are we doing to our children?

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    Hr1  Hillary says she's a Christian & person of faith. Hmmm? How about a little evidence please.

    The Bible isn't a feel-good book or a campaign tool to get voters. It's a guidebook for living! They all claim to be Christian when stumping in the Bible belt. That's called "pandering!" Check their voting record and see if their actions line up with God's Word. What's wrong with judging others? Jesus said to do it!

    HuffPo says Christians should accept Muhammad as a prophet. Show me that in the Bible.

    Hr2  Speaking of racism... Rutger's professor says God of the Bible is an a**hole, white supremacist.

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency,On all things pop culture

    Are we being too soft on kids rather than prepping them for real life!

    Catherine Zeta-Jones complains there aren't enough movie roles for women over 40. Really?

    Should citizens be allowed to chase down a police officer for speeding!

    Engineering course at UMass builds LGBTQA-themed light displays. Do we have to break every discipline down into separate courses?

    Hr3  Mandatory condom hand-out for 11-year-olds in San Francisco. No, parents, you cannot opt them out of it!

    Dr. Michelle Skeen talks millennials, the real world, and communications skills. We live in a more competitive world now, and there's a lot more for people to deal with.

    What are we doing to our children? Have you seen the "encouraging" slogans on the condom packages?

    Stop looking for differences & look for similarities. Relationships!

    When we connect with people and animals, it positively affects our hormones.

    And what about those trans-species? Why aren't they being called out for mental illness so they can get some help? It's not healthy to encourage someone dissociate from who they really are.

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    The first days of 2016 showcase that these are perilous times

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    We've said 2016 may eventually be known as the year of the "great unraveling."

    Too soon to say for sure how things will end up, but it sure has started off with a bang. 

    The go-it-alone gun control games put forth by Barack Obama is an early cause for great concern. Maybe he's just pandering to his base with some bureaucratic shifting... Maybe he's ready to send ATF agents into gunshows to start some serious confiscation ops. We'll parse some of the finer points. 

    Then there's Germany. Cologne specifically. Where politically correct politicians dare not mention Muslims in connection with a wave of sexual assualts perpetrated against German women on New Year's Eve. So far, the city's response has focused on telling women to dress more conservatively, and to put more distance between themselves and men. At the rate things are going, Burkas may be the recommended attire for next year's New Year's celebrants in Cologne. 

    Forget not that the Obama team (and complicit Republicans) are working right now to airlift tens of thousands of "refugees" to America. Maybe by next New Year's, American communities will have their own Cologne-like experiences. 

    We've been off two week. Lots more to talk about. Join us at noon on Friday. 

    You're welcome to join the program via phone call, chat room or Twitter. 

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    CANDIDATE RAZZLE DAZZLE Candidates try to conceal weaknesses on nat'l strength

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    Being afraid is what ISIL, the remnants of Al-Qaeda and their murderous friends want. What they cannot withstand are smart responses that degrade their capacity and demonstrate American distaste for government violence beyond the minimum necessary in response.
    What we should fear are pandering politicians. We should be anxious when politicians promise safety at the price of trashing our Constitution, our values and our history.
    Anyone who has read the writings of Osama bin Laden and his ideological spawn knows that their objective is to get America to destroy itself by getting into endless land wars in the Middle East.

    Saudi bid to lead anti-terror campaign raises questions of intent.

    Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Peace and Unity

    Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. --President George W. Bush

    More than a half century ago, when a nuclear-armed Soviet Union was an actual military threat, a new president spoke with determination about preserving liberty. In his 1961 inaugural address, John F Kennedy said “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

    In 1933, when the worst economic collapse in our history ravaged the nation, Franklin D. Roosevelt took office saying that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advances.”



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    Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk

    in Politics Progressive

    From threatening another government shutdown over women's health funding and talking smack about the Pope after a visit to our country to letting the Benghazi which hunt cat out of the bag and insulting fellow citizens while pandering for votes on the campaign trail, the current state of the republican party is a never ending source of entertainment, befuddlement, comic relief, and often, fear for the future. Tune in to Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk on BlogTalk USA for current events in the news and politics as well as updates and analysis on both sides of the political isle as we journey along the campaign trail to Election 2016!  

  • Progressives push for a more deeply divided America

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    Crazy talk. Moonbattery and delusions. 

    That pretty much sums up how the Democrat candidates pitched themselves in this week's debate. 

    Hillary Clinton says she sees Republicans as more of an enemy than Iran. 

    Even commie former Obama advisor Van Jones thought that was over the top. 

    And did you hear how Clinton and Martin O'Malley enjoyed unloading on the NRA? 

    Were they pandering to their progressive core, or are they really plotting strategy to undermine the Second Amendment if either should rise to the presidency in 2017? Bernie Sanders sounded down-right pro-gun compared to Clinton's pandering to would be gun-grabbers. 

    Last word we had from Obama on gun control, he again suggested an Australian or UK style gun confisction approach. 


    Gotta say, there' s huge bunch of Americans who will just say no if it comes to what the Democrats seem to be moving towards.


    Plently more moonbattery to dissect on this week's Don and Doug. Friday's program starts promptly at one o'clock eastern

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    Eyes Wide Open

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    From threatening another government shutdown over women's health funding and talking smack about the Pope after a visit to our country to letting the Benghazi which hunt cat out of the bag and insulting fellow citizens while pandering for votes on the campaign trail, the current state of the republican party is a never ending source of entertainment, befuddlement, comic relief and often, fear for the future. Last week Congressman McCarthy, presumed successor to John Boehner's position as Speaker of the House, spoke the truth on Fox "News" and confirmed what we already knew about the Benghazi which hunt. Now, we have learned that tea party Congressman Jason Chaffetz will challenge Rep. McCarthy for Boehner's gavel.  You may remember him from his starring role as liar who presented anti-choice propaganda as facts during the bogus Planned Parenthood hearing late last month.That should be fun to watch!  We also have more than a dozen Republicans on the march right now, throwing red meat out to their rabbid base.  Ted Cruz stated to a crowd in Kalamazoo, Michigan last week that it would be "crazy" for us to accept "Muslim, Syrians into our country."  Of course, he was referring to the 10,000 refugees we are preparing to accept as they have had to flee their war torn country.  Tune in to Eyes Wide Open for discussion on all this GOP madness and much more!   

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    Pandering to an Israeli warmongering thuggish bully

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    This week Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu, the Israeli warmongering thuggish bullying Prime Minister received a thunderous reception as he addressed a joint session of Congress. It was an embarrassing seen that this little country that is dependent on the United States for its existence would send its Prime Minister to dictate United States foreign policy. Let’s talk about that and other prescient issues.

    What do you think. Let’s talk about it.

    You can also find previous episodes on YouTube here.

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  • Muddy Waters with Dakari Lenear

    in Current Events

    Tonight on Muddy Waters we will discuss how the right wing is pandering to the and lunatics, racists while depending on historical revisionism and propaganda to scrape the bottom of the barrel for votes!  More specifically we will discuss how the right is fueling the fires of racism and anti-immigrant sentiments. We will also talk about the Planned Parenthood PROPAGANDA video they are using as a tool to attack women's health care.  Please tune in for an exciting discussion on Muddy Waters.

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    Debates, Party Loyalists and the Long Season of Hate

    in Politics

    As the 2016 election season starts in earnest, Mike Madison will take a look at the candidates, debates and the ridiculousness of it all. Americans will be facing 15 long months of listening to pandering candidates and party loyalist commentators and citizens. It is a relentless onslaught of babble. There has become so little difference between the two parties that the results of elections are the same regardless of who wins.

    We will also take a look at the escalating trend toward a deeper system of socialism as the country continues to become unraveled financially.

    Lastly, we will discuss a true "Let Them Eat Cake!" moment in today's White House and the "Small Governement" Republicans latest attack on state's rights.