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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1263

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Nicole Decroix from Allenport, Pennsylvania, a survivor of childhood emotional abuse, neglect and maltreatment. Growing up disabled in a small cat-filled house with her mother, father and two brothers, Nicole couldn't get any food or drink on her own, and was dependent on her neglectful mother for nearly all her needs. "My father worked in the steel mills for years then lost his job," she says. "The earliest abuse I remember was being the tub and my mother would dump cups of water over my head to rinse the soap out I would feel like I was drowning." She goes on, "Being disabled, I'm incontinent, so I wear diapers. My mother would leave me in them for as long as she could. I had to learn to change myself." Nicole says the bug-filled house was filthy and it smelled like cat pee all the time. "There was also a lot of emotional abuse. She would tell me I was lazy and that if I lived on my own I would never make it. A lot of my needs weren't met. I couldn't get any food or drink on my own." She couldn't be in her wheelchair because the house was so small .. "so I sat on the floor or my bed." But in 2011 one of her brothers passed away, and six months after he died she decided to leave. "I went to live with my dad. Mom had kicked him out a few years earlier." That turned out to be a smart move. "I stayed with him a while," she says, "and then I got my own place and I am living on my own now. I cut my family out of my life." She's gaining a new perspective on her life now, and NAASCA welcomes her to the family. "In the future," Nicole reports, "I would like to start helping survivors."

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    Squadcast Episode 5

    in Pop Culture

    hot taeks and we bash diaper fillers

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    Who Did You Miss This Christmas ???

    in Culture

    To Begin With, This Is Not A Book,This Is A True Love Story.I Turned Twelve Years Old The Day That She Was Born, Her Momma Said That She Was My Birthday Present, Boy, What A Gift. I Learned How To Change Diapers Correctly,Medicated Gel And All......More On Tonites Show From 6:00 P.M. Til 8:00 P.M.

    That's The Ask Uncle Billy Show, Call In With Your Thoughts And Opinions At 1(323) 870-3963

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    The LCS Hockey Radio Show

    in Comedy

    A whole shitstorm of nothing.

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    #350 Shark Bites, Entrepreneur’s Manifesto, Workforces Report, FuzziBunz Diapers

    in Business

    Segment 1: Scott Jordan is the CEO of Travelwear company SCOTTeVEST. He appeared on Season 3 of Shark Tank and has since gone on to building his company into a tech apparel powerhouse. 

    Segment 2: Steve Mariotti left a successful business career in 1982 to become a public high school teacher in New York City’s roughest neighborhoods. Steve discovered he could reach even his most troubled students by teaching them to run small businesses. In 1987, he founded the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to bring entrepreneurship education to low-income youth.

    Segment 3: Matthew Owenby has more than 15 years of experience in the financial services/HR industry and is senior vice president, chief human resources officer at Aflac, a company with more than 9,500 employees. 

    Segment 4: Tereson Dupuy is the founder and CEO of FuzziBunz Diapers.

    Segment 5: Jim Knight is a leading training and development expert with more than 20 years with Hard Rock International where he led the renowned school of rock. He is the author of the new book “Culture that Rocks”.

    Sponsored by Sage and Nextiva.

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    in Entertainment

    Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blackfoot’s rock and roll powerhouse Rickey Medlocke joins Halli at her table on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show for a rare in-depth interview, Wednesday, November 18, 3 pm ET.

    Rickey Medlocke has been performing on stage since the age of three. His grandfather, Shorty Medlocke, was a well-known Delta blues musician and taught his grandson, still in diapers, to play a miniature banjo. His musical abilities increased over the years. At age five, he began teaching himself to play the guitar. At the tender age of eight, he was playing drums in Grandpa Shorty’s band. He went on to master the banjo, guitar, drums, mandolin, dobro and keyboards. And let’s not forget the voice, rough, raspy, irresistible. The kid from Jacksonville made good, first carving his way in the competitive world of rock and roll at eighteen as founder, singer and guitarist for the celebrated band Blackfoot. And then as a member of the iconic Southern Rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. He continues to tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd, but more importantly, Blackfoot is back!

    A conversation with the iconic singer, songwriter, musician, producer, Rickey Medlocke, on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, November 18, 3 pm ET. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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    Paris in mourning - NObama extremists - Captures marine

    in Politics

    Hr1  Paris under attack.

    Jason Wert, newscaster with USA Radio News, provides the latest update on the Paris attacks.

    University of Minnesota rejects 9/11 remembrance because it might incite racism. Ridiculous!

    Hr2  Why can't our President call the Paris attackers what they are Muslim extremists or Islamic terrorists?

    Media personality, Xander Gibb asks, how much more do we have to allow President Obama do before we stop him from further destroying our country by impeaching him?

    University of Missouri student VP says 1st Amendment needs to go because it creates an unsafe & hostile environment. Xander says that 1st Amendment that she's complaining about is what gives her a platform to speak her mind.

    Hr3  What is wrong with the Obama Administration? We still have a US Marine, Amir Mirza Hekmati, imprisoned in Iran for the crime of simply being a US Marine! John Kerry blew it. A hostage release should have been negotiated before the Iran deal. Now what do we have to trade? #FreeAmirNow

    Greg Gutfeld rips college students saying: "The entire campus needs a giant pair of pampers."

    Protesters at Amherst College publish ridiculous list of demands to squelch free speech... or else they will escalate the situation!

    There's just no reasoning with some people. Just because you want $15 minimum wage doesn't mean you deserve it.

    Alan Dershowitz goes off on PC college culture saying ‘the fog of fascism is descending.’

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

  • Rev.Russell Moore's Bible Study: "Babies R Us" Hebrews 5:12

    in The Bible

    By Now we should be teachers. What god has invested in us in Christ will bring us to maturity. But you have to do more than believe it you have to obey it before you grow in grace.  Obeying him is believing him you can not seperate faith and action.  In the Bema Judgement faith will be tested by how we obeyed God in difficult situations and what our reaction said about God.  Everything a Christian does says something about God Join Me and lets talk about it. Monday @ 3:00 PM

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    Dependas...What you need to know so you don't become a victim.

    in Military

    Top Definition


    A person who is married to someone in the service who doesn't just depend on their spouse for financial support, but pretty much relies on them for it. They start out all cute and All-American until after the wedding, then it's like cookies, couch and coach purses. Arguing with other dependas over Facebook all day over who's the bigger dependa. They're generally not educated and have no goals or aspirations in life. They live their lives through their husband's successes and think they rank and are better than "civilians" when they themselves are in face...still civilians.

    You can usually find them at the PX and/or commissary like a herd of cattle during every pay period blowing their spouse's paycheck on oreos, Coach and Michael Kors and then complaining 2 days after "they" got paid that they're broke and need someone to deliver them free diapers for their 6th baby. (also see "dependa-twat", "dependasaurus" and "dependapotomus")

    -"My husband and I just got married last month, what are some websites that give free stuff to military wives?"
    --"Shut up dependa."

    -"I got married to My Marine, he's going to take care of me now. No more working at Taco Bell for this girl!"

  • That's Novel interviews Authors C.M. Wilson & Samantha Long

    in Books

    C.M. Wilson on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1hGPGu3  C.M. Wilson is 37 years old. Originally from Ocean Side, California, she was raised in Flint, Michigan. She now resides in Grand Blanc, Michigan with her 19 year old calico cat. When she isn't writing, she loves to watch movies, scrap book and make beaded necklaces. 

    She started writing short stories and poems at 15 and then got serious about writing at 19. 

    C.M. got signed to BraveGirl publishing June 24, 2014 and absolutely loves it. "It's crazy busy, even hectic at times but I absolutely love it. The company is amazing and I'm honored to be a part of the BraveGirl movement."

    Samantha Long on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1UN6Jc1  I'm a multitasking mom of four. When not writing/doing laundry/changing diapers, I like to catch up on episodes of Supernatural and Castle. If you can't find me in front of the computer, I'm most likely watching my DVR.?

    I've been writing since the first grade, where I wrote a one page story titled "If I was an Indian". My warrior husband was going to be the best hunter, I was going to live in the best teepee and apparently, I was having an affair with the Chief. Racy, I know.

    Of the things I'm addicted to sweet tea, movies, and books top the list. My favorite authors include Nora Roberts, Lauren Kate, Kresley Cole, and Gena Showalter. Few of many I love.

    Thanks so much for reading!

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    Your Jordans Or Your Life - (619-768-2945)

    in Social Networking

    Today on "It's My House" our topic is:  "Your Jordans Or Your Life".

    Is a sneaker that "retails" for $250 - $300 worth robbing someone for them at gun point ? Are owning a pair of Air Jordan shoes worth more than the following:

    Getting Pampers for the baby ?
    Paying the rent ?
    Paying the mortgage ?
    Being late on the car note ?
    Not eating for a day or buying groceries for the week ?
    Are Jordans worth paying Attorney fees ?

    Visit our website: www.itsmyhouseonline.com

    Call "It's My House Radio" = 712-432-8863.