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    Straight Talk on book publishing and promotion from Pam Perry, PR Coach &Social Media Expert

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    If you've been "dipping your toe" in the water and have yet to really take the plunge to make a BIG splash with YOUR book, business or ministry - this show is for you!I want to give you FREE PR Coaching tips to help you get going!My last solo show was so successful - I decided to do it again with emphasis on Social Media Marketing & what to expect from a PR Coach.

    One of the biggest requests we get from people is, "Where do I start? And how can I get my book OUT THERE?" This show will answer those questions... and see more solutions at Ministry Marketing Solutions Products and Programs

    I'll be answering your burning questions live too - so call in or join the chat room! Look forward to helping you get on the "write" track. Let's CRUSH IT! Pam Perry, YOUR PR coach

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    What You really need to get Major Publicity Today

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    This is a solo show. No Synergy Energy - all Pam Perry PR Coach energy.
    This show is a take off from a recent PR coaching class and blog post where I explain to my clients what it takes to get Major PR today. 
    The response was overwhelming. I showed them websites and different clients who have gotten major media hits - and walk them through the process.
    I showed them where they started - their transition and how they got their "big" break.
    It's all about having a coach to lead you. Want help? Listen to this show and See more free articles and the blog at  http://www.pamperrypr.com

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    The University of YOU in the Information Age with Pam Perry

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    Special Show on how to propel yourself to success and leverage technology to do it. Connect with Pam Perry, get free mp3 on what every author should know

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    Black Tech Empowerment Saturdays

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    We firmly believe if you don't get online - you will get left behind. And too many of our folks are getting left behind. And that scares us. So we endeavor to motivate, encourage and help be the beckon of light for those who are scared of the fast changes on the internet or don't get the critical importance of the information highway - and how to leverage it to get their message out to the masses.  "Black Tech Empowerment Saturdays" will feature hosts Pam Perry and Melodye Hunter interviewing the nations top Tech & Social Media Super Stars in the black community.  
    Sign up to get details http://www.melodyehunter.com/pamperryfreegift
    Guest experts:
    Elbert McQuiller, My Black Networks Marcia Wade Talbert, Black Enterprise Khaliph Young, City of Detroit

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    What's the Difference Between a Book Publicist & PR Coach?

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    In the age of Facebook and Twittter and Web 2.0, the role of the publicist has changed. Many authors can conduct their own publicity campaigns and reach out to media themselves.
    Authors are blogging and coming up in search engines - and getting interviews on the radio and TV, written up in magazines and newspapers. 
    Smart authors are learning how to leverage their content and messages for syndicated articles, videos, teleseminars, webinars, podcasts and blog tours.
    And there's so much more!  I teach it all!
    So, is there a need for a publicist today? YES! And what does a book publicist do actually?
    Well, I'll break it down for you - including the fees.  I'll even tell you what blogs, books you should read and what conferences you should be attending - if you're serious about your writing/speaking career.
    Listen up and join my VIP list www.PamPerryPR.com

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    The Inside Secrets to Book Marketing and Promotion #prcoach

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    This show is for those serious about marketing their book and promoting their brand.
    As a publicist for over 20 years handling clients who have landed in Essence, Ebony, O, Black Enterprise, etc. and have had clients win book awards and major speaking contracts &accolades, I'm not going to hold back telling you what you need to do in order to be a bestseller.
    Listen to this show as I go over a typical marketing plan and social media strategy.
    Have questions, send them thru  www.pamperrypr.com or join us live!
    Those that show up, go up.
     - Pam Perry

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    Free PR Boot Camp Coaching Show with recent grads

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    Are you branding like a super star? It's time to sharpen your internet marketing saw! Hear free tips.Someone said that my online PR telecourse was appropriately titled, "Boot Camp" - because they felt like they were kicked up a notch or two. That's what PR 2.0 is all about. It's about going to the next level in your overall marketing and branding - using social media as your tool. Hear a few recent grads from the PR Boot Camp. Listen up to Anthony Neely, Nickcole Byrd and Charlotte Howard as they tell their experience - and what strategies & tips they learned that really gave them the confidence to "kick it up a notch" and CRUSH IT! Whether you are an author or entrepreneur, this online PR Boot Camp is for you!

    Check it out. Get free mp3 on PR Boot Camp Online PR Boot Camp Details

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    You Need A Platform to Be Heard, Here's How To Build One

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     Hear from Dr. Will Moreland. He is an author public speaker and noted expert on leadership and personal development.
    He has built a platform by:
    1. Using Social Media to Build Your Tribe
    2. Brand Building
    3. Positioning Yourself Correctly
    4. Re-Branding Yourself
    Hear how he did it and more Social Media PR tips from Pam Perry on How to Leverage Your Brand to Launch LIke a Superstar. 
    See www.PamPerry.org to register for the live event on Social Media Day in Farmington Hills, Mich.

  • Social Entrepreneurship: Dr. Geneva Williams Speaks on Leadership & Innovation

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    Dr. Geneva Williams is a social entrepreneur.  She is a leader and pragmatic visionary who:

    Achieves large scale, systemic and sustainable social change through a new invention & a different approach
    Focuses first and foremost on the social and/or ecological value creation & tries to optimize the financial value creation.
    Innovates by finding a new product, a new service, or a new approach to a social problem.

    Source: Schwab Foundation

    OUR GUEST: Dr. Geneva is an expert facilitator and leadership coach, and has been a guest lecturer and adjunct faculty member at Michigan universities. Her career in Detroit, MI includes a history as the first female president and chief executive officer of the region's United Way in 1991 and cofounding United Way Community Services in 1995, merging two United Way affiliates to more effectively provide health and human services, and serving as its first executive vice president and chief operating officer. She later was the founding president for City Connect Detroit in 2001, an organization with the mission to create & leverage public-private partnesrhips in securing greater financial investment for Detroit's community needs.

    Currently, Dr. Geneva is a consultant for the Kresge Foundation &  recently served as CEO of Detroit 9090, a charter school management organization where more than 90% of the youth enrolled finish high school & attend college. Dr. Geneva is also cofounder & CEO of New Season, to help people transform schools & communities. She earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership & Public Policy from Wayne State University.

    See www.DrGenevaSpeaks.com

  • Get the Website of Your Dreams, last chance for 2014

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    Hate your website or don't have one yet?  During this special podcast hear how to implement changes to make your website get the traffic you deserve.  If you've wanted to get online and thought it was too hard to get SEO and "brand like a superstar" using social media, hear this impactful conversation with Ralph Claxton as we discuss how to develop your online and offline marketing strategies.

    Together Pam and Ralph have been teaching online strategies and designing wordpress websites since 2007 and have over 250,000 social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

    The year is winding down, now is the time to get your brand up and online for the new year!  We will tell you how in 7 steps.  Tune in to get the pdf delivered directly to you for free!

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    How to Engage in Social Media AND Grow Your Business

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    So, how do you incorporate new media without giving up your limited time or neglecting your business?

    Well, hear this show that will answer that question - and more.

    Pam Perry will discuss a step-by-step process how to turn your social media time into cash.

    Social Media Day is June 30!  Perry will be hosting a LIVE EVENT in Farmington, Michigan. 

    Learn on  this show:

    Why most people waste time in social media

    How to reduce the time you spend and still increase response

    How business owners are making money using social media

    How to monetize your brand in social media

    To learn more or to register for the LIVE EVENT, go to: www.pamperry.org