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    Epiphany's House guest hosted by Palmetto Star

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    And it keeps on moving along..House sitting for me this episode is my cosmic brotha from another mother..Palmetto Star...All open mic..Have at it

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    If you were born after 1980 the television probably played a large part in raising you. You remember  what you we were eating, saying, and doing during your favorite programs. These shows were taking your mind to different states of acceptance for a false reality. While you were watching tv the program was watching you getting programmed. Next 2RAW4TV,  unleash those shackles, take off the TV mind control contraptions and set your mind on a journey toward freedom!
    Visionary, artist, and urban gardener, Indigo Blue, also talks about his plight, his fight, and his crowd funding campaign that will change everything.
    Join Us 4/16/15 @ 11pm est  blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV call in 3234100036


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    Police are killing more citizens on America's street then soldiers getting killed in the middle east. Every 28 hours at least one unarmed black man is shot by the police. With shocking statistics like this why do people keep inviting terrorism to their doorstep by calling the  police? how can we provide security to our neighborhoods without relying on a corrupt and psychopathic organization?

    Next 2RAW4TV we talk about just that plus so much more with trailblazing artist Zo the Jerk

    Join Us 4/9/15 @ 11pm est  blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV call in 3234100036 

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    Good news, we the people are winning! Elitists have threatened us, criminalized our children, and terrorized our neighborhoods, yet through it all we are prevailing! The last acts of a falling regime is always extreme violence. The brutality is a psychological tool used to keep people compliant. It is not working anymore. We may go through hard times but read THE WRITING ON THE WALL and you can see we are clearly victorious. The next 2RAW4TV  will be a celebration of life, victory, and a real discussion about what's next.

    True God and the notorious TEAM DAR come through to talk about the music, the road, and how TEAM DAR is taking music to the next level 4/2/15 @ 11PM EST blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV CALL 3234100036 TO COMMENT, ?. OR LISTEN VIA PHONE

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    The current narrative of the police state is to shoot first, blame later. Police are now shooting people then coming up with reasons to validate their brutality afterwards. After they have concoted a reason for the shooting they the police department then sets out to assinate the charector of the person they had shot. This is the demonic repeating cycle of police terrorism. While the circumstances may be different all of the people being shot share one commonality. They are all Black. Why are the footsoldiers of the establishment so hell bent on destroying the original people? Why are we funding the madness they are perpetuating? Why is it illegal to be aboriginal? THE CRIME OF BEING BLACK. 

    The staff of the non profit grass roots orginization, United Nations of Consciousness,  will be talking about there mission, hashtag activism, and blackeconomics



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    The Healing Power of Music with Pop Songstress & Instrumentalist Kristin Hoffman

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    "My goal is to spread love, light, peace and truth into the world through the vehicles of music and energetic frequency." – Kristin Hoffman

    Starting at age 4, ethereal renaissance pop songstress and Juilliard trained multi-instrumentalist Kristin Hoffmann began building a prolific career that reads like a lifetime achievement award speech. In addition to stints at major record labels and song placements on hit TV shows like Dawson’s Creek, The Young and the Restless and Palmetto Pointe, she has shared stages with The Wallflowers and many other musical luminaries. She is most passionate about projects that explore music’s healing power and allow listeners to tap into their higher potentials.

    Having studied with Sound Healing pioneer Fabian Maman, Kristin not only made music to accompany acupuncture sessions but also composed 170 songs for health-challenged children as a writer/producer at non-profit organization Songs of Love. A spokesperson for ocean conservation, she has performed her Song for the Ocean at environmental awareness conventions around the world. In 2011, she became the singer for Bella Gaia, a multimedia immersive theater experience created in conjunction with NASA. Her most recent work includes a self-produced album entitled The Human Compass and a symphonic collaboration with composer Marco Missinato called Unfolding Secrets: A Symphony of the Heart. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the meditational film, “Amazing Space,” for which Kristin composed the soundtrack. Visit www.kristinhoffmann.com

    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna.  Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter.

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    Religion is a big business in America. In many neighborhoods multiple churches, synagogues and mosques crowd the corners and intoxicate the minds of many. Some people came to America to escape religious persecution while others rode on the bottom deck of a ship named Jesus. Religion and racism always went hand in hand. At one point the first recorded terrorist group, the KKK, was the  face of American Christianity. Fast forward to now, violent racism is still deeply embedded in American organized spiritual institutions. How can we break this vicious cycle of indoctrination by gun point?  Next 2RAW4TV we venture where mainstream  media refuses to go. Race. Religion. What is the correlation? Would you be surprised if I told you that to many here RACISM IS RELIGION?

    SC juggernaut, Huey B, returns to 2RAW4TV to talk about his music, movement, and how life has been on the road.

    All of this and so much more on the next 2RAW4TV  3/19/15 @ 11PM EST blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV CALL 3234100036 TO COMMENT, ?. OR LISTEN VIA PHONE

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    Claim Malcolm X Day!

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    America celebrates it's murderers. School children get the day off so they can reflect on the blood drenched "accomplishments" of slave owners. We feast in the name of genocide and share presents in the name of death. Today, however, is a new day and the people are waking up and ready to rid themselves of the shackles of the old oppressive world. Where is a day to honor our freedom fighters? People that changed the conditions of the most targeted and enlightened them to endless possibilities, when are they celebrated? On May 19th an international movement has come about to celebrate righteousness, Malcolm X Day. This will be a day of reflection and resistance but what is Malcolm X Day? On 3/12/15 2RAW4TV reflects on the life of Malcolm X and will discuss the significance of HIS Day. A day for heroes, liberation, and awakening. On May 19th we are not asking for permission to honor our mighty warriors, we are taking it! CLAIM MALCOLM X DAY. we will talk to a wide variety of people about this including the founder of this magnificent day- join u for this epic broadcast!
    2RAW4TV Presents: Claim Malcolm X Day! 
    11pm est
    Call in 323-410-0036 

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    Apr 28 ~ Charlotte View: Palmetto Supreme Organic Compost: Waste can be Green

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    Charlotte View welcomes Dan McQueen, President of Scoop-D-Doo, Inc. A business in Rock Hill, SC. Dan is going to talk about their flagship product, Palmetto Supreme Organic Compost, made from horse manure, wood chips, hay and straw collected from the Upstate of South Carolina, Charlotte NC, and surrounding areas.

    These all natural ingredients are composted to ensure the highest level of maturity and seedling removal to eliminate odor and create a natural high quality finished product.

    Palmetto Supreme Organic Compost is an all purpose soil amendment that when added with potting soil or with the natural soil will enhance moisture retention properties and greatly aid in your plant growth and sustainability.

    Delivery is available all across North and South Carolina for bulk purchases. Spreader service is also available. During this interview we will listen:

    What is compost? 
    What is used to make Palmetto Supreme compost? How is PS compost made?
    What are the benefits of using compost? Is compost safe? Is compost weed free? Does compost smell?
    Is there a difference between good and bad compost?
    Can I plant directly in compost?
    Where can I get Palmetto Supreme Organic Compost?

    Contact Information

    Dan McQueen / Owner  / 803-389-7759


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    Africans were brought to this country on slave ships they were stripped of their names, culture, and religion. The people with supreme knowledge of spiritually were disallowed from utilizing or spreading the valuable truths that had been passed down from prior generations. Truth that would have created a supernatural advantage that would have empowered the slaves to gain their freedom. Now, after chattel slavery is over these ancient secrets are being revealed to the descendants of these powerful spiritual ancestors. Now with the generations waking up to their divine reality they are still hitting a glass ceiling in which the former power structure do not want them to pass. They are met with cruel injustice, harsh inequality and blatant racism that on an unparalleled then even some of their parents were even treated. There is hope, spells, and fury brewing waiting for the right moment. This would be the BLACK MAGIC REVOLUTION: WILL THE OCCULT LIBERATE BLACK PEOPLE?

    Mystical hip hop force 5 ELA joins 2RAW4TV to talk about magic, mutants, and music. This Thursday will be RAW.

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