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    Why Israel has no legal obligation to go back to the 1967 borders

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      After the 1967 Six Day War, in which Israel won Judea, Samaria [Judea and Samaria being the relal name of the "West Bank"], as well as the eastern half of Jerusalem from the Jordanians [who illegally occupied it from the 1948 war], Gaza [illegally occupied by the Egyptians from the 1948 war] and the Sanai [returned ot Egypt in exchange for a peace treaty] from Egypt, and the Golan Heights from Syria, the UN drafted a famous resolution known as Resolution 242, which is seen as the basic framekwork for the land for peace deal that is appealing to the international community. The Arab states, which launched war after war of agression against Israel, selectively interpreted the resolution as Israel going back to the pre-1967 borders with nothing in return. However, the resolution called for Israel to exist in "secure and recognized" borders and, when talking about the idea of Israel giving up the territories, did not use the words "all" or "every". The drafters of the resolution even admitted that those words were not included purposely because they themselves were not even calling for Israel to go back to the pre-1967 borders.  Israel already gave the Sinai Peninsula [91% of the territory Israel won in 1967 which is bigger than Israel itself] ine xchange for a piece of paper that says there will be peace. With Israel leaving 91% of the territory it won in the Six Day War,  plus Israel's territoral concessions during Oslo, plus leaving Gaza in 2005 already shows that, to say the least, Israel more than started to comply with UN resolution 242. To say the least, the territories Israel has is disputed territory. Ever since the British withdrew from the "Palestine" Mandate, Israel has been the only legal sovereign of the territories.

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    Why Israel?

    in Judaism

    I, your favorite host, will talk more about the irrational hatred of Israel and what is the cause of it. I'll talk about more rocket attacks and the fact that a supermarket in London got rid of its Kosher food supply in order to appease thuggish anti-Israel protestors. What will happen if the show was on the other foot? What if the supermarkets got rid of Hallal products in order to appease pro-Israel protestors or even, let's say... the left's favorite person to hate, Pamella Geller. What if the thinking is that Hallal food should be banned because of the brutal atrocities against women, minorities, and Homosexuals [which, unlike so-called Israeli "crimes"] is a real thing. Tune in, as I'll give an analytical talk about this phenomon.

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    Amalek's attack on Ahavat Yisrael

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      Recently, I've been discussing Amalek's attack on Mitzvah observance. The central theme I focused on is Amalek's attack on Shabbat observance [and Shmitta observance] with arguments that the demands of secular society is for the Jew to be enslaved to his/her activities every second. Now, I'll discuss Amalek's attack on another important mitzvah: Ahavat Yisrael, as I'll discuss the hostility toward Israel and toward Jews who care about Israel, as well as the assimiliationist evil [though the person may not be evil, the idea is] rather having Israelis dying and running into bomb shelters than to have people [mostly those who worship the Avodah Zarah of Palestinianism] offended.

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    How Serious are the Palestinians about Peace

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      In this insightful episode, I will show why the "Palestinians" don't want peace; but the destruction of Israel. I will show why the agenda of Palestinianism is a cult that is based on lies and explain how there came to be a big leftist fad around Palestinianism. Now, any calling out of the "Palestinians" for their terrorist aggression or questioning any claim they make means being racist, bigoted, Islamophobic, and blindly supporting the Israeli Government. The leftist fad loves to stress that criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic [and even gives support to those who dress their anti-Semitism as "criticism of Israel"]. But they're the first ones to call you racist if you criticize the "Palestinians" or question their propaganda points. Back in 2012, the "Palestinians" had the gall to declare independence and obtain UN observor status for their illegitimate state even though they haven't followed a single commitment they agreed to. Now, the "Palestinians" [even the "moderate" Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority] refuses to accept Israel as a Jewish state, even though they agreed on paper that they would recognize Israel's right to exist. Obviously, Israel not existing as a Jewish state by definition is Israel not existing. What's up with the "Palestinians"? Are they really genuinely interested in a state that'll coexist alongside Israel? If so, why did the "Palestinians" not care about Gaza or the "West Bank" prior to the 1967 Six Day War, which resulted in Israel obtaining what became known as the "occupied territories." Tune in, as I say it as it is.

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    Double Standards on Israel time: Jonathan Pollard vs. NSA Spies

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    For more than two decades, the US has held Jonathan Pollard behind bars even longer than the maximum punishment the US would hold for a US ally. Jonathan Pollard merely tried to retrive security information that Israel desperately needed. In fact, this article outlined perfectly the double standards against Pollard and even supports of Israel generally who don't spy vs how Muslim terrorists and their supporters were treated with kids gloves. But to top it off, even with the anti-Israel propagandists going on and on about how Israel supposedly spies the crap out of America, there is also evidence of Israel being one of the nations that Obama's NSA spied on. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu even said that he'll investigate these reports. It came after European leaders blasted Obama after Edward Snowden exposed the NSA's spying efforts on world leaders. If it was Israel or former US President George W. Bush [or any Republican President] doing the spying, we'd know how the left would react. In addition, Obama and his leftist supporters claimed that he would repair America's image after it was supposedly destroyed by George Bush. Why the double standards? Why the hypocrisy? Is there rally double standards against Israel? Is Obama one of the left's biggest liars? Tune in, as I call a spade a spade.

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    Esau and Ishmael: Anti-God rebels

    in Judaism

     I've been reading a book on the spiritual history of Israel from the time of creation to the present day called "This Land is my Land." The book has helped me with my spiritual growth; as I relate my own personal life to what it says. But one of the the conepts I'll talk about is the history of the Roman era and Palestinianism from a spiritual perspective. All the major empires that occupied Israel ruled with another empire, whether it was Babylon [with Eilam] the Persians [with Media]or the Greeks [with Macedonia]. It is also said that Rome ruled with the Arabs. In a sense, that can be so. For Rome represented the lowest of the low in terms of spirituality and godliness. Rome represented Esau. They promoted idolatry and thought that they were invincible with their large empire, thinking that material human wealth and power was the most important thing in the world. Just like the "Palestinians" today, the Romans sought to deny and eliminate the Jewish connection to Israel. According to the book "This land is my Land", the foreskin of an uncircumcised Jewish boy represents the kelipot [obstacles to Godliness] of Ishmael and Esau. Considering all that, is there really any coincidence that before the 2,000 year Diaspora, Rome did all it can to deny the Jewish connection to Israel, and now, when Israel is reestablished, Ishmael, through the scam of "Palestinianism", does all it can to deny the Jewish connection to Israel? Tune in and listen.

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    Oops!!! The Torah must be Levite Supremacist

    in Judaism

      Anti-Semites and others [whether it be radical Atheists, self-hating Jews, Palestinianism or whatever] have misinterpreted the term "chosen people", which is nowhere to be found in Scripture. For a long time, it has been claimed that the idea of Jews being the "chosen people", as outlined by the Torah, is really a Supremacist ideology. In fact, Reconstructionist Judaism has done all it can to reject notions of "chosen people." Tonight, I will demonstrate how that is flimsy logic. "Chosen", in that context, does not mean better or superior. It means recieving a special mission. But those, who severly misinterpret the text should know that, using their own flimsy "logic," the Torah is not Jewish Supremacist. It is Levite Supremacist, as I will demonstrate how the Levites were chosen for a special misison among Israel; just as the people Israel were chosen for a special mission from G-d.

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    Rashi's argument for the Jewishness of Israel

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      In this episode, I will analyze Rashi's viewpoint on the Jewish claim to Israel, which I see as important. Right now, we see arguments in the secular world about whether the land belongs to the Jews or the Arabs. With that, Palestinianism has managed to dupe the world into supporting their struggle to wipe Israel off the map. And with that, supporters of Israel [at least the more right-wing ones like myself] counter with historical facts; about the fact that Palestinians were never a people and that Israel merely defended its existence from Arab agression. Also included is the historical claims Jews have to Israel. However, here is what Rashi, one of the greatest commentators has to say about the Jewishness of Israel:
    "Because of [the verse] 'The strength of His works He related to His people, to give them the inheritance of the nations' (Ps. 111:6). For if the nations of the world should say to Israel, 'You are robbers, for you conquered by force the lands of the seven nations [of Canaan],' they will reply, 'The entire earth belongs to the Holy One, blessed be He; He created it (this we learn from the story of the Creation) and gave it to whomever He deemed proper When He wished, He gave it to them, and when He wished, He took it away from them and gave it to us.'" 
    So there you go. For ultimately, Israel does not belong to the Jewish people in the same sense that America does not belong to the American people. The world and the universe   belong to God. Israel belongs to the Jews because God says so. It's God's desicion about which land belongs to which people. God gave Israel to the Jews as part of the covenant between God and Israel. Peoples have the nations they have because God permitted it or decreed it. So tune in and listen.

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    Neturai Karta a cancer to the Jewish people

    in Politics Conservative

      There is no question that Neturai Karta are hypocritical traitors. While dressed in Ultra-Orthodox attire and claiming to represent true Torah Judaism while spewing their pro-Nazi venom, they go as far as to violate Shabbat to support Palestinianism and the Islamo-Nazi scumbags, who want to wipe Israel off the map and drive the Jews into the sea. Clearly, in my view, Neturai Karta's ideology is an illness like Nazism and radical Islam. At the celebrate Israel parades in Manhattan, you can see despicable Neturai Karta idiots coming to denounce Israel and support terrorism. All listeners of my show, espeically the Jewish ones, should really come and sign this petition. Clearly, Neturai Karta is a cancer. While denouncing Israel and supporting Israel's terrorist enemies, these mooching scumbags mooch off of Israeli welfare money. Tonight, I give you examples of Neturai Karta's hypocrisy, as well as proof that they're not even Shomer Shabbos, let alone true Torah Jews.

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    Why Im thinking of making this more of a religious show

    in Judaism

      I'm so damn sick and tired of being stuck in the category of Politics Conservative. In fact, my experience on BTR has shown me that Conservatives too can be idiots to [or at least many people on the politics Conservative end]. People have hated [or have been sick and tired of the fact] that I talk about Israel and not about this, that or whatever or blah blah blah blah. I know that I haven't really belonged in these BTR social clubs, which doesn't bother me. Just as plenty of people in the Politics Conservative section talk about the world from a Christian perspective, I'll talk about the world more from a Jewish perspective. Also, it gets boring to only keep on talking about how Israel is the victim of this or that of whatever without looking at it from a Torah perspective. Of course, I still have the same views about Israel and that scam known as Palestinianism. But neverthess, as God gave me the ability to do this show, it's only fair to use it for someone positive; like singing God's praise instead of just bashing people, which is what BTR has basically become. For clearly, political discussion on BTR has turned into name calling and personal attacks. Rhetoric on BTR has become as Godless as can be [no, I'm not putting myself as the model; for I too have done trashy things]. Tune in, as I discuss why this will be more of  a religious show; as it is good for the soul [especially the Jewish soul] to sing the praises of God and Torah. For Torah is my way of being, not political Conservatism or any political ideology. For Torah is the key to eternal life; since it comes from God. For as stated, since God gave me the ability to do this show, it's only fair to sing God's praise. For trashy talk on BTR is nothing more than Godless temptation.

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    Is Neturai Karta halachic?

    in Judaism

     My answer is no. There is no question that Neturai Karta's form of Judaism is a false terrorist system based on blasphemy, hatred, and Nazism. They claim to be true Torah Jews and yet they violate Shabbat to support terrorists, who want to wipe Israel off the map, thusly violating two commandments from the Torah; love of fellow Jew and Shabbat. Neturai Karta thinks that God punishes Jews for merely disagreeing with their death cult, which are merely poster boys for that terrorist scam known as Palestinianism. Neturai Karta spews hatred toward any Jew, who disagrees with their cult, and beleives that God would punish them while violating Shabbat to support terrorism. That begs the questions: On every Sabbath, when they go to support terrorists and endorse Ahmadinejad's Holocaust denial and his Nazi-like agenda against Israel, what do they think God thinks of them? Truely, God is repulsed by that. So clearly, it's time for Neturai Karta to look in their own house before condemning others. For Neturai Karta is not Judaism. It's a false religion of dirtbags.