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    Alyssa Faden Talks Torn Armor: Squad Based Minis Boardgaming

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    Torn Armor is a fantasy skirmish miniature game based on the rich lore of "Torn." It features anthropomorphic creatures such as cat, mouse, monkey, and rhino-headed creatures in their desperate defense of their homeland against the Spartan-like "Sisk" invaders.
    Each side is beautifully brought to life through 39 expertly crafted miniatures, ranging from the 20mm "Mu" (mice-men), through to the lumbering war golems that tower a spectacular 60mm on the game board.
    Alyssa Faden had the good fortune to be born in England and therefore did all of the usual geeky things - live roleplay, Dungeons & Dragons, drawing fantasy places - while in the middle of real-world castles and ancient barrow mounds.
    Not many are honored to have grown up in a city established by the Romans, with intact Roman walls and a Colosseum, but Alyssa was and she fully embraced it in every respect. Is it any wonder that she was the first to be playing Dungeons & Dragons in her school?
    With a lust for the unknown and the magical country of "America," she emigrated in 1998 and has been spreading 'home country historical goodness' via the mediums of cartography and table-top games ever-since.
    Alyssa has recently worked for Paizo, Gygax Magazine, Kobold Quarterly, Silver Gryphon Games, R.Scott Taylor, and Jon Brazer Enterprises.

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    Erik Mona discusses Planet Stories

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    In 2007, Paizo Publishing began reprinting some long out of print Sword and Sorcery classics through their Planet Stories line of books. Erik Mona joins us to discuss the books and what lies in the future for Planet Stories.

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    Alpha Waves -- Pulp (Science) Fiction

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    Nick and guest host Ed Healy (of War Pig Radio) talk to Planet Stories publisher Erik Mona, and authors Gareth Skarka and Tim Byrd about the resurgence of pulp fiction and it relates to science fiction. Hint: it's in places you wouldn't expect! Important links:

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