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    Singer Oya

    in Spirituality

    armony, energy and the divine beauty of the world are all channeled through the artistry of soulful Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, actress and musical mentor and author Oya Thomas. In her recordings and engaging performances, she uses her voice as an instrument to weave textured stories and melodies that vibrate with the transformative power of music. She takes a playful yet wise approach to her craft, and her heartfelt original songs and thoughtful interpretations of timeless favorites pay homage to the authentic storytellers and creators that most powerfully influenced her, including Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald, Prince, Mahalia Jackson and Stevie Wonder.

    Oya fully immersed herself in music when, at three-years old her father began to encourage her natural propensity for expressing herself through poems and stories that she would immediately turn into songs. As she continued to fine-tune her instrument through church choir and solo performances, her desire to teach people about the instinctive spirituality and strength within them led her to pursue and complete advanced degrees in spiritual psychology.

    Oya reaches the highest level of fulfillment as a singer, actress, life coach, speaker and mentor by watching the way her voice can move and shape the world around her and leading others to find their own sublime bliss and emotional freedom in the Arts. By combining her extensive spiritual and therapeutic training and her extremely multi-faceted artistic background, she has found an apt vehicle for her talents and is able to spread her light and love through one-on-one coaching, empowering speaking engagements, written works, as well as through her music and her commanding stage presence. Spirit of Oya is her debut solo album. She has also released her first book, The 5 Star Points for Success:  Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose, a guide designed to help .

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    Introducing Gospel Artist Oya Thomas on LIF Talk with Cherie!

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    Oya Thomas has spent her life delighting in the freeing, connective force of music. The beginning of her musical and spiritual journey can be traced back to Oya’s earliest experiences – joyful impressions that have added a genuine playfulness to her work’s mantra even as she matures as an artist. At the age of three, deeply inspired and encouraged by her father and personal hero Ezekiel and his distinctive voice, she began to sing tirelessly, writing poems and stories on the spot and setting them to music. Her ability to express herself fluidly through song strengthened the bond between the members of her tight-knit family as they gathered around the piano to revel in her enduring enthusiasm and colorful world perspectives.

    In Oya’s words, “To feel is such a great experience in and of itself, and to be able to do it with something I have inside me, from the depth of my spirit is like a wonderful sharing that I cannot put into words. A smile, applause singing along, someone saying how good I made them feel makes everything worthwhile. These experiences are gratifying to me as an artist and performer and because I know I am helping someone else connect to their emotions in a positive way. I always said I wanted to use my talents to see God’s great earth, and so I am.”

    With deep, immovable roots nourished by her father’s love and support as well as an innate fervor for growth as an artist and a human being, Oya continues to ignite her exceptional spark through her art.

    Spirit of Oya is her debut solo album.

    Read more about her here:  http://mad.ly/f3db44

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    Oya visits Sunday Evening Shout! In The Basement With JaVonne

    in Music

    Sunday Evening Shout! In The Basement With JaVonne is a gospel music /inspirational/all people affirming radio program. This week, we are pleased to welcome the beautiful Oya Thomas, a gospel music singer/songwriter. She is also an author and an actress. She is intelligent, beautiful, and talented and I am excited to welcome her  to join us for a message of love, acceptance and empowerment! God is Love and Love is for Everyone! If you made it to church and want a little bit more shout or didn't make it outside of bedside baptist, it doesn't make a difference. God is where you need God to be! Open your heart, feel God's love and let the music minister to you. Just keep in mind that JaVonne is no angel, just another servant! God Bless

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    OYA THOMAS: Singer, Actor, Author Plus Hot Topics!

    in Entertainment

    The Crystal Show welcomes the vibrant entertainer, OYA THOMAS to the show. Her debut album Spirit of OYA, a fusion project of Gospel, R&B/Soul, Jazz and Funk. It's a musical depiction of Oya’s journey, filled with life, love, inspiration and light.

    She was named one of 2014 CBS Top 5 Singer/Songwriter in Los Angeles. We are currently promoting her album as well as her new book "The Five Star Points For Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life's Purpose", a practical guide designed to help anyone with a creative mind build a rock-solid foundation for living an exceptional life grounded in the five core components of self: MIND; BODY; SPIRIT; EMOTIONS, and ENVIRONMENT.


    We will also be discussing the HOT TOPICS of Get Crystalized so join us!

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    Oya - Orisha of the Week for Business - Master Minds Monday

    in Spirituality

    Join Damon Rawls and Phylecia Tarael-ANU as they explore the relationship between business and spirituality and provide techniques and advice for the generation of wealth. 

    In this segment they discuss the Orisha Oya from the Yoruba pantheon and how this powerful energy can be utlized in business.

    Tune in enjoy the show. 

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    Oya - Transformation

    in Spirituality

    Oya is a cleansing force. Invoke her to clear the air and create a safe space to settle disputes.
    We see the process of things being swept clean as she is the hurricane and winds that remove objects and completely reface the landscape/properties of ownership. Within the vortex of her storm Oya holds all that that she removes so, in essence, she represents the supplanting or reassigning of power and resources. She brings resources from one place to another, just as a storm does.
    She has the ability to be housed and worked with through your ability to see through the storms ferocity will allow you to see the actual fortune that the storm carries.
    Similar Energies – OYA Yansen, Ezili Danto, Kali, Sekhmet, Green Tara, Manman Brigitte, Guan Yin, Bast, White Tara, Sarasvati, Nyale, Artemis-Hecate, Centalla Ndoki, Our Lady of La Candelaria, Saints Barbara (Umbanda), Teresa (Santeria), and Catherine
    Also make sure to pick up your copy of my book “Grasping the Root of Divine Power” and use this valuable tool in order to increase your psychic abilities and take hold of the power inherent in the spirit world boldly and competently.

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    The 5 Star Points for Success with Oya Thomas, author & musician

    in Spirituality

    The 5 Star Points for Success with Oya Thomas, author & musician

    The 5 Star Points For Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose is a practical guide designed to help anyone with a creative mind build a rock-solid foundation for living an exceptional life grounded in the five core components of self: MIND; BODY; SPIRIT; EMOTIONS, and ENVIRONMENT.

    Oya developed this system through her lifelong study of human spirituality and the Arts. In this book, she presents how tap into one's harmony using the structure and creative aids to dive headfirst into their own divine power. Through The 5 Star Points For Success: Manifest Your Dreams, Live Your Life’s Purpose, Oya encourages those with creative minds to take pure delight in every day and to connect with their authentic selves so they may lead fulfilling lives totally energized by their wildest dreams.

    Oya continues to achieve her dreams with the release of her first book and through the success of her debut album Spirit of Oya, a fusion project of R&B/Soul, Gospel, Jazz and Funk.

    For more info visit http://www.spiritofoya.com/

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    The Sacred Mother Mages

    in Hip Hop Music

    In this epissode we will discuss the Sacred Mysteries and celebrate Our ancient Mothers and ancestral spirit guides that have transitioned in the next realms. We will also continue to break down dysfunctional matriarchy and offer solutions to break the cycles of violence abuse and victimization. We are anticipating the DNA kit being delivered and welcoming downloads from the akashic records. #DopeChicRecords #BlackHighPriestess #FrequencyChic "Trinity" Yemaya Oshun Oya Ase!

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    "For every individual his or her own cultural identity is a function of that of his or her people.  Consequently, one must define the cultural identity of a people.  This means, to a great extent, one must analyze the components of collective personality.  We know that three factors contribute to its formation: 1.) A historical factor, 2.) A linguistic factor, 3.) A psychological factor.   "Chapter 14 HOW TO DEFINE CULTURAL IDENTITY? Civilization or Barbarism by CHEIKH ANTA DIOP".
    When those characteristics become more important than the fact that we are all Black People that is when it becomes Tribal War.   The only conclusion that can be drawn from the evidence of the wars in Africa of internal power struggle is that those differences that can not be resolved.  So when Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seal created the Party with the basis of an African Political Structure.  Let's take the Political structure of Oyo for example which was very complex.  the Alafin had broad powers, and in typical Sudanic fashions, was held to be semidivine. His power was balanced, by a council, the Oya Mesi, which was headed by an official called the bushorun.