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    049: Own Your Story Own Your Success

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    Join Alyssa and Liz as they interview Mary Liu who will inspire and motivate you to recognize and celebrate your own successes through the poignant stories she shares about living a life “hiding” in shame, guilt, and secrets from the day she was born to 46 years later finally speaking her truth and unveiling her mask and allowing people to see her authentic self.

    Why sharing your story is a key component to transforming your life and business success.
    Inspire a greater belief in one’s self to help focus on achieving your goals.
    Walk away empowered and inspired!

    Mary Liu is passionate about empowering women to find their voice and speak their truth so that they can be seen and heard for their confident authentic self so that they can thrive in their careers, relationships, and in their life.  

    Mary is award-winning entrepreneur and women’s empowerment mentor.  She is an internationally-acclaimed inspirational speaker who shares her story of overcoming adversity that is filled with life lessons that inspire audiences globally.  She is a co-author of the best-selling book, Speaking Your Truth, Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women and the Founder of Truth For Transformation, a firm that provides a platform for women to share their story and message to inspire and give hope to women around the world to let them know they are not alone.

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    Wealthy Wednesday Radio - Creating Your Business Vision

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    Wealthy Wednesday Radio show with your host, Luci McMonagle, is for Holistic Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Fempreneurs and small Business Owners interested in increasing their knowledge, education, skills and abilities to increase their wealth. Like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WealthyWednesdayRadio

    Our guest, Amber Aziza has been rescheduled.

    Today, Luci will be discussing Developing Your Business Vision from her training program. You can access this training module and all of the worksheets at http://lucimcmonagle.com/vision --- and it's FREE for you to help you on the way to become happier, healthier and wealthier.

    The training that Luci will be reviewing for you can be used for developing a new business idea, create a side business or adding additional products and services to your existing business.

    What you will learn today:

    The creative process for developing ideas for your vision

    Help you get clear on your business vision

    Develop new streams of income

    Narrowing down your vision

    Methodically evaluate your vision

    How to use the Expert test

    How to complete a Money test

    Go to Luci McMonagle's website and book a free clarity session with her to help you get your business off the ground. http://lucimcmonagle.com



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    Wealthy Wednesday - make quantum leaps in your business

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    Wealthy Wednesday Radio show is for Holistic Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Fempreneurs and small Business Owners interested in increasing their knowledge, education, skills and abilities to increase their wealth. It will have interviews with successful entrepreneurs that will provide you with their journey to success, provide tips and tools for your empowerment.

    Like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WealthyWednesdayRadio

    In today's Wealthy Wednesday's Radio show hosted by Luci McMonagle will cover

    How to get clear on your values, goals and dreams

    Eliminate the things that cause you overwhelm and drain your energy

    Create new habits, ways of being and a millionaire mindset to live a joyful life.


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    The Own Your Career Story: A One on One Conversation with Rod Colón

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    The Own Your Career Story: A One on One Conversation with Rod Colón

    Wanda Sharif-Rodriguez is our guest host as she interviews Rod Colón on his journey to empower students and professionals globally in managing their careers as a business. You will find out how it all started in 1981. Join us as Own Your Career Radio Show celebrates its First Year Anniversary on air!

    As an in-demand Executive Coach and Professional Speaker, Rod reveals his depth of his career management experience and shares the wisdom he has acquired over the years.  He demonstrates the power of networking as a giving and sharing activity, and aggressively challenges professionals to be relentless in building their networking skills while managing their careers as a business - the CEO of ME, Inc.


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    OWN YOUR OWN Radio... What it is... How & Why it applies to YOU

    in Lifestyle

    BRANDON WOOLEY, Creator of the OWN YOUR OWN Life Systems, is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist... so the topics discussed & guests invited will revolve around concepts, tools, systems, & ideas to MASTER BOTH... MONEY & LIFE.

    As a graduate of the Wake Up Warrior Academy, Brandon will focus on the CORE 4 CURRICULUM:  BODY, BEING, BALANCE, & BUSINESS ... and this 1st episode will revolve around What "OWN YOUR OWN" is and HOW & WHY it applies to YOU.

    TRUTH is a key component in everything discussed... not the story we create about ourselves, the world, others, etc.... but OUR TRUTH & seeking that to be the creators God created us to be and not the drama majors we're comfortable being that keeps us disconnected from TRUTH, GOD, OURSELVES, & REALITY.

    Brandon took a hard inventory of himself over the past year, realizing how sedated he had become to reality which handicapped his ability to be a LEADER, a DECISION MAKER, & a MAN... society doesn't seem too far from this... this is fuel to the OWN YOUR OWN fire and will be shared here on OWN YOUR OWN Radio...  

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    OWN YOUR OWN Radio... What is it & Why might you listen?

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    OWN YOUR OWN Radio is designed to provide OUTSIDE OF THE BOX logic and reasoning to help YOU THINK & VIEW things differently WITHOUT OUTSIDE INFLUENCES to allow you to BE MORE CERTAIN in life and expand your world...

    We'll be serious & we'll be a lot of fun

    Guests along with myself with provide valuuable content for you to apply in YOUR DAILY LIFE or at least to be considered

    We'll be covering topics as broad as religion to how to cut your toe nails (ok, maybe not THAT specific)... Being a MASTER OF MORTGAGES & a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, we'll of course cover mortgages BUT THIS SHOW again is designed to give you applicable information and tools to straightline your life towards YOUR GOALS and HOW YOU WANT TO LIVE IT.

    TUNE IN each week to see what's waiting for yo

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    Are Sabotaging Your Own Business? (What You Can Do About It), With Janet Slack

    in Marketing

    When people think of starting their own business, too many don’t realize just how much time, energy and effort goes into making it successful. They visualize working from a white sandy beach, being able to work a couple of hours a day and making gobs of money.

    Once you get into it, you realize it’s a lot more than you bargained for. It can be very mentally demanding to run your own business, and oftentimes, the reason it’s not successful…is YOU!

    Janet Slack is all about helping entrepreneurs get out of their own way. She’s going to help us realize if we are truly sabotaging our own business without actually realizing it.

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    Our Own Voices Magazine Turns 5 & Black Business

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    Welcome to Our Own Voices Live with your hosts:  Angela Thomas & Rodney Smith

    Our Topic(s) today: “Our Own Voices Magazine Turns 5 & Black Business” 

    If you have a question, comment or just want to listen, give us a call:  (347) 826-9600


    Our Own Voices Magazine Turns 5 Years Old


    Our Own Voices magazine is where Our Own Voices Live started.  Want to share with you what the magazine is about, what its purpose was, goals achieved and where we want to go from here

     If you have a question, comment or just want to listen, give us a call:  (347) 826-9600


    Black Business


    This month started out with Black business so let’s end it with Black business.   Many ask why is this a topic and why should this be important to them and us as Black Business.  Some have said the only color in business is green and green from whomever and wherever they can get it from.  We have even had some to say that the only thing Black people need to improve the plight of the entire people is more business.  Let’s talk about those things today and explore them a little deeper

     If you have a question, comment or just want to listen, give us a call:  (347) 826-9600


    Our Own Voices Live is a radio show featuring people and stories from our community in Las Vegas, the surrounding area and some place near you. America is the greatest country on earth due to its cultural diversity and not in spite of it. Our mission is to help bridge the cultural and ethnic divide in America by working together to build the greatest bridge in history to unite us

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    Minding Your Own Business

    in Family

    It's become a phrase you don't want to hear others say to you, but what does minding your own business really mean?  Is it your job to mind anyone else's business and how do we mind our own best? Hope you can join live or listen into the archive

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    Get unstuck and make your dreams your reality

    in Women

    Today's guest Nicole Zaagman is the creator of the Discovering Your Brand Story® Program, founder of LUX CHIX™ and host of the LUX CHIX™ Radio Show. When she experienced a health crisis in her early twenties, she was left feeling alone embarrassed and no longer beautiful. She set out not only to heal herself but to discover what she was here to do. Her mission is to help women discover their special gift and impact the world in a bigger way. The majority of NICOLE’s work is focused on women in empty nest transition, asking: "who am I?", "what's next in my life?" and "what is my purpose?" LUX CHIX focuses on sharing products, luxury events, and programs that help women end their frustrations and discover their purpose.   www.LUXCHIX.com

    Your host Antiqua Lisha is a visibility coach and founder/CEO of Your Own University a business where women help women live powerfully.  She works with coaches and thought leaders who have shows and lead workshops at Your Own University to create, market and launch an empowering vision to the world.  She works with entrepreneurs, visionaries and rebels who are ready to see themselves and share their message to be seen by a global audience. As the 2011 America’s Premier Expert in Self-Care, weekly host of SHINE radio a  bestselling author and  regular contributor to many magazines, speaker and coach. Her unique program Rising Star Master Plan is her system to take you from letting your past rule you, to letting it serve you and that you can take all the way to the bank.

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    How To Write Your OWN Media Release for Business Owners

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    In theory, journalism seems simple: read, see or hear something and then describe it. But theoretical journalism is much different than the real thing. Just as crafting a ‘press release’ to call attention to something is a little more complicated than it appears to be. 

    An ‘advisory’ is a great way to get some immediate or future publicity by suggesting to assignment editors, producers and reporters that something is about to occur or a ‘newsmaker’ will be available for an interview or general media availability at a particular place and date. If the recipient sees some immediate ‘news’ value in the advisory he or she might direct a reporter to follow up. If not, the advance notice is usually appreciated and the newsroom will put that information in their ‘advance’ file. 

    David Tait is an experienced Canadian journalist, broadcaster and writer who has practiced news-gathering in major Canadian media markets and overseas. He has contributed stories to CBS Radio, CNN Radio, Australia’s The ABC and various other outlets and agencies.  David will guide business owners on HOW TO write your own release.  It may be one of the most effective marketing tools you'll ever learn!  

    You can also read David's article in the Brighter Business Empower magazine HERE.

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