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    Risk Based Monitoring: New Thinking on Clinical Oversight

    in Science

    Since the FDA and EMA published their current thinking on clinical oversight and risk-based monitoring (RBM) strategies, the topic has received a magnitude of attention, commanding column inches, webinar discussions and industry conferences. With so much discussion going on, it is unsurprising that many sponsors are feeling out in the cold when it comes to identifying how to practically implement RBM strategies within study designs. As data quality matters most in determining study success and ensuring patient safety, the latest recommendations have created growing demand for solutions that simplify the transition to risk-based techniques.

    In this program, our guests discuss how emerging technologies and Central Statistical Monitoring (CSM) now present more practical means of implementing successful RBM strategies. Both Sanofi and Novartis will provide a large pharma perspective on making the move to RBM.

    Host: Valerie Bowling, Executive Director, The Conference Forum


    Marc Buyse, Founder, International Drug Development Institute & CluePoints

    Eric Genevois-Marlin, VP, Biostatistics & Programming, Sanofi

    Thomas Haag, Data Integrity Process Expert, eClinical Quality Assurance, Novartis Pharmaceuticals



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    Facebook Tightens Oversight of Research

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    Facebook says it has changed how it conducts experiments on users, Angry Birds maker Rovio will cut up to 130 jobs in Finland, Google Fiber leaves a digital divide and J.P. Morgan says about 76 million households were affected by a cyber breach. Hank Weisbecker reports.

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    2nd Chance for ex-offenders w/Vicki (State of the Union)

    in Radio

    Vicki's radio broadcast provides an open forum discussing support services and real issues for individuals who have been arrested, convicted or incarcerated and trying to re-establish themselves in society with housing, career, family, community and church.

    Vicki Hallman-Bowman, a native Dallas Texan who retired from TDCJ Parole after working 32 years in case management and executive leadership, is now the Program manager for Oasis Center, a 5013C non-profit organization where she coordinates the collaboration and communication with partners who provide reentry supervision, programming, and treatment for the formerly incarcerated, the disenfranchised, and the vulnerable persons in Dallas county and surrounding areas. Her additional responsibilities also include the supervision of the case managers and the oversight of the case management process to include all facets of programming provided to the clients and their families.

    She served as Regional Director for the Parole Division in the North Texas area. Her tenure in this capacity allowed for her to manage the development, implementation, and planning of all parole related functions in this area.  She has been the instrumental force in developing programs for the 22,000 parolees that reported in her area.  Programs that were gender based, cognitive restructuring, cultural based life skills, anger management and other influential curriculums that have provided impact and as result has received many recognitions throughout the country

    In July of 2014, the History Makers proudly announced that her documentary has now been made a permanent part of the History Makers Collection at the Library of Congress. 

    She is the wife of Jeffery Bowman, a mother of three, Tiffini, Janelle, and Nickolas, a proud grandmother of three and the daughter of Bobbie and Curtis McCarty.  She is a member of Mt. Rose Church where Bishop Jeffery Thomas is the pastor.

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            ANO-THOR-Debt Crushing Tuesday Broadcast. Needless to say our Lion of Judah Brother Sharif performed a Rumble of the Jungle (Babylon) on last weeks show, with tons of powerful information on how the People can hold illegitimate debt collectors accountable. THOR provided some deceptive news reports regarding how the Media deceives Consumers regarding the debt buying/collection industry. There were several video clips played demonstrating the lack of control, regulation, oversight when debt collectors using profanity, lying, imitating law enforcement, judicial officers and threatening jail for non-payment of alleged debts.

              Why do the Consumers fear Debt Collectors, and Debt Collector Attorneys, Courts who are overseeing the collection of alleged Debts? Are we programmed and brainswashd to be Passive, Accepting, Fearful, Non-Combative, Forgiving, Guilty, Weak? Why are we so reluctant to hold others accountable for their outragious Conduct.?

              THOR has been asked to address this topic and subject matter, and that request was passed on to our "Illuminator" Brother Sharif who has accepted the assignment to speak on the issue. THOR will also unapologetically continue where we left off last week showing the People how the debt collection industry has essentially gone rogue with street level hustlers, convicts, and felons putting their two cents together (literally) to buy your most confidential information which may be used to commit identity theft, create debts without your knowledge and ultimately extract money from you.

       Disclaimer: Were not attorneys and do not give legal advice in any manner.


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    Where’s The Money Gone? Auditor General Reports.

    in Environment

    SUNDAY Jan. 18, 2015  LIVE On Line Radio

    NEWS In Review: News Stories From Jamaica.
    In Focus: In Depth Discussion of News
    Know Your Jamaica: Fun Facts
    MUSIC: Local And International Artists
    Main Topic: Where’s The Money Gone? Auditor General Reports.

    Join Your Hosts:  Karen Ayee, Steven Smith, Annamarie Hassock & Aven Peralto

    5p (PST) 6p (MT/Jam) 7p (CST) 8p (EST)

    Contact Us Live In The Studio To Take Part In The Show

    914-338-1983 or use Skype

    Join Our Face Book Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/no.onportgoatisland/

    Twitter: #savegoatislandsjam

    Web Site: http://www.noportongoatisland.com/


    A production of The Peralto JADE Foundation- Jamaica Action, Dialogue, & Education 

    (a US based registered non-profit/NGO)

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    FairTax Sponsor Rob Woodall Visits FairTax Time Radio

    in Politics

    FairTax Time Radio welcomes Congressman Rob Woodall (GA-7) to the show on Wednesday, January 21. Mr Woodall has been in the House of Representatives since 2011 and serves on the House Committee on Rules, the House Budget Committee, and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. He also serves as Chairman of the Republican Study Committee’s Budget and Spending Task Force and is very active in Veteran Affairs. More importantly, Mr Woodall is the main sponsor in the House of HR25 - THE Fair Tax Act.

    In previous visits to FairTax Time Radio, Mr Woodall’s high energy talk has motivated many volunteers to accomplish great things, and we expect no less this time. His time is usually very limited, so we suggest coming to the show on time, as we may only have him for 15 minutes or so.

    Fair Tax Time is brought to you commercial free each Wednesday evening, 6PM Pacific time, 9PM Eastern, courtesy of our host, John Wesley Nobles. You may listen on your computer or on your phone. Dial (619) 393-6478 or, if you’re charged for long distance, use our toll-free line: (888) 436-1206. Just follow instructions when the nice British lady answers.

    Show info: Fair Tax Time Radio, Fair Tax Nation, HR25 Fair Tax Review

    Please share this show!


  • To The G.R.I.T. of it ALL; Let's talk about the Alternative to the CMSD

    in Entertainment

    In the midst of todays lack of governmental priority to EDUCATE our youth. We overstand the importants of being the oversight group along with the other parents to ensure that our youth is at least learning the essentials to living out here in this fabricated but real illusional chase to the successful lifestyle, this is a must do situation in the progression of our future, and putting down the solid foundation in the steps of evolution/revolution..

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    in Politics Conservative

    Today the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released its report on the CIA's detention and interrogation techniques.  And while that was happening, the House Oversight Committee led by Darrel Issa, grilled both Jonathan Gruber and HHS' Marilyn Tavenner about the deceptive practices used to pass Obamacare.

    Those two items alone give us plenty to talk about tonight.


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    China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) & Developing Nations

    in Environment

    SUNDAY Jan. 4, 2015  LIVE On Line Radio

    NEWS In Review.- News Stories From Jamaica.
    In Focus: In Depth Discussion of News
    Main Topic: China Habour Engineering Co. (CHEC) & Developing Nations
    Know Your Jamaica: Fun Facts
    MUSIC- Local And International Artists

    Join Your Hosts:  Karen Ayee, Steven Smith, Annamarie Hassock & Aven Peralto

    5p (PST) 6p (MT/Jam) 7p (CST) 8p (EST)

    Contact Us Live In The Studio To Take Part In The Show

    914-338-1983 or use Skype

    Join Our Face Book Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/no.onportgoatisland/

    Twitter: #savegoatislandsjam

    Web Site: http://www.noportongoatisland.com/


    A production of The Peralto JADE Foundation- Jamaica Action, Dialogue, & Education 

    (a US based registered non-profit/NGO)

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    NABWIC Talks: with Contractor and Candidate for Mayor Omega Allen!

    in Women

    Appointed by Mayor John Delaney, Omega Allen served as a member of the Northwest Jacksonville Trust Fund Advisory Committee for a decade.  She had the distinguished honor of serving as Committee Chair for three years.  The Committee administered and approved disbursement of $25 million of funding through the Better Jacksonville Plan, which was designated for Economic Development in areas North and West of the St. Johns River.  The primary focus of the Committee was to create jobs and enhance business development in the target areas.

    As a Certified General Contractor, she has been instrumental in the renovation of commerical property located in Downtown Jacksonville and at the Jacksonville International Airport.  As program manager for the City’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), with a $26.2 million operating budget, Omega Allen provided oversight and direction for the purchase, renovation, and resale of more than 100 foreclosed upon properties.  The NSP served as a catalyst for revitalizing targeted communities throughout Jacksonville and improving the quality of life for new homeowners.  She was the assistant project manager for the construction of the Aloft Hotel in the River City Marketplace.  As an educator, Ms. Allen cherished the oportunity to influence young minds and inspire students to achieve great things through higher education.  Her focus and ambition is to make a difference in PEOPLE’S lives.

    Join the Winning Team     Omega4mayor.com     #10toWin     #ThePeoplesMayor

    Omega Allen Campaign  P. O. BOX 28788, Jacksonville, FL 32226

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    From Purpose to Destiny - What's the Difference?

    in Relationships

    Join us this Monday, Jan. 5th @ 9pm ET. Start your year off right. For those who have heard Dr. Mark Hanby before, he's coming back! For those that haven't, you are in for a treat. Join the Real Talk email list to stay current on our upcoming shows and other events. visit: www.realtalkwithchrisrichardson.com

    Dr. Mark Hanby is internationally known as a dynamic speaker and teacher of church government and order. Widely esteemed as a true apostle to ministry and the church at large, he has traveled the globe providing oversight and support to leadership in the Body of Christ. Dr. Hanby remains a powerful leading voice of spiritual revelation, revolution and reformation with a ministry spanning more than 5 decades.

    He is also a well-known song writer and best-selling author.

    Mark can be seen weekly on his live video stream located at YourQuantumLife.com where many of his materials and other resources are also available. Mark and his wife Tess live in North Texas near their children and grandchildren.

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