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    Overpasses For America National Protest Against Amnesty on The Ruthie Report

    in Politics

    Please join Ruthie this Thursday July 17th, 2014 8-10 pm CST

    with GUEST: LEE BRECHT - Lee will join the program at the top of the 9 O'clock hour.

    Lee is with Overpasses For America - Iowa

    As you know this weekend is the largest Anti-Amnesty Nationwide Protest in history

    Lee and I will discuss the event and share information with you. We will also discuss his upcoming political bid.

    I will be attending and speaking at the event in Iowa - information also below

    HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD - See the list of events by State by going to Make Them Listen,

    Overpasses For America or go to  www. mnsirproject. com and participate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lee Brecht is a Georgian by birth raised in Georgia and North Carolina. I came to Iowa in May of '09 from being 6-8 months homeless and jobless in Charlotte, NC and married a Iowa native. I am seeking to take Iowa House of Representatives in 2016 or this year by write in for district 66.


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    Overpasses for America and the Operation American Spring conection

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    Tonite we have a great show on tap.We will discuss The Connection between Overpasses for America and Operation American Spring. James Neighbors, and Fred Schneider from Overpasses, and Chris Blystone Windwalker III of Operation American Spring transport FB page will be tonites guests.Tune in tonite and enjoy. www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnation

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    James Neighbors Founder of Overpasses For America our Guest Tonight 7:00PM CST

    in Politics Conservative

    Jim Neighbors was not satisfied with the way mainstream media was covering stories and wanted a way to get information directly out to Americans, right in front of their faces in a way that would make it hard for them to ignore. As plainly written as possible. But how to do that?

    Well, it seems that millions of people drive under overpasses on their way to and from anywhere and everywhere each and every day. If you were to stand on an overpass and hold up a sign, chances are the folks driving underneath it would look up and read what you had written on that sign. And guess what? They do!

    Starting back in June of 2013 Jim started asking folks in each of the states to begin holding up signs on their local overpasses with messages like "Impeach Obama" on them and other signs with Benghazi, and any of the events mainstream media was not covering. Attempting to get folkjs to read the signs on the way home and then look up the information when they got home and read about it.

    The idea has caught on very well with folks in almost all the states starting their own chapters of the org and holding signs on overpasses.

    This is actually an easy way for folks to get out and get involved, to do something to help enlighten their fellow Americans.

    Coming on April 24th, Tom Stalcup, Producer of the EPIX documentary "TWA Flight 800" and Hank Hughes, the lead NTSB investigfator for TWA Flight 800 crash investigation will be my guests. Tom Stalcup narrates the EPIX documentary as it discusses the most documented cover up of the causes and events surrounding one of the worst airline crashes in American history.  Do not miss this show.

    On May 1st, Colonel Harry Riley will be my guest to discuss The American Spring Project. Leading millions of Americans on a march in Washington DC to let our government know we are done with their disregard for The Constitution of These United States.

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    overpasses, James Neighbors talking national rallys Live!

    in Politics

    on this episode of Patriot Nation Radio we will be Talking with James Neighbors of Overpasses for America about the National Rallies planed for the End of march.Get all the info here Tonite 6:30pm eastern time, and 3:30pm eastern time www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnation

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    Assignment America Radio Show - Grand Canyon in Jeopardy

    in Current Events

    Will the Grand Canyon be the next place to be sold off, piece by piece? This is the topic of today's show, and Betty is livid that the National Park is being threatened by developers, the Navajo Nation is being split by the offer of billions. Natural resources are being leased to foreign countries. Assignment: tells the stories of America from history, military, politics, social and economic to entertainment - the things you never thought about to the trivia you never knew.

  • The Color of Racism in America Today

    in Politics

    Is Racism a means to destroy America?   How does Racism Facilitate the Destruction of America?

    New York Police Killed by Racist Black Person - Hate Crime
    Shooting in Texas - Terrorism or Hate Crime
    Baltimore Protesting against Police Brutality
    Baltimore Terrorism in the Streets
    The Role of Education and Growing Racism in America
    The Role of Government and Personal Behavior
    The Role of the News Media and the Destruction of America
    Congressional Caucuses Promote Racism in American
    What has President Barack Obama said about these events?
    What has President Barack Obama Done about Racism in America?
    Has Barack Obama destroyed the Opportunity for Ben Carson to be POTUS?
    What Would President George Washington Do?
    President George Washington's Farewell Addres


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    Religion in Hip Hop: Mapping the New Terrain with Dr. Monica R. Miller

    in Self Help

    Tune in as Dr. Monica R. Miller, one of the recognized scholars of African-American religion and culture, joins Sister Jenna on the America Meditating Radio Show to discuss an important and emerging field of study – religion and hip hop.

    Dr. Monica R. Miller is an Assistant Professor of Religion and Africana Studies and director of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Lehigh University who holds research interests in religion, youth culture, popular culture, identity and difference. She is the author of the critically acclaimed book, Religion and Hip Hop and a co-author of the new book, Religion in Hip Hop: Mapping the New Terrain. Her work has been featured in a host of regional and national print, radio, live video, and TV news outlets including NPR, The Washington Post and Huffington Post Live.  She has presented her research at colleges, universities, and conferences throughout the U.S., Cuba and Canada.  

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD & Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & on Twitter.

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    "Help4Men Radio Special" Racial Profiling Against Black Men in America

    in US Government

    Every African-American male in this country who drives a vehicle, or has traveled by bus or plane, either knowingly or unknowingly has been the victim of racial profiling by law enforcement officials. Indeed, African-American males are disproportionately targeted, stopped, and searched by law enforcement officials based on race and gender. Those responsible for enforcement of public laws view African-American males as criminals. Unfortunately, the American justice system has condoned, supported, and in some instances encouraged such actions by law enforcement officials to stop, arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate African-American males. On the basis of race and gender, governmental officials have devised a profile of the typical criminal: black and male.

    The term driving while black has been used to describe the practice of law enforcement officials to stop African-American drivers without probable cause. The practice particularly targets African-American males. African-American males are not only singled out while driving, but also while schooling, eating, running for political office, walking, banking, serving as a juror, getting a taxi, shopping, and just being black and a male. The mere fact of being black and male in America is sufficient cause for governmental and private law enforcement officials to abridge the rights of African-American males. This is not to suggest that law enforcement officers can never consider race when performing their job. Just the opposite, where a witness identifies the race and gender of a suspect, it is relevant evidence to consider in an effort to apprehend a criminal. Racial profiling, however, involves a pre-disposition held by law enforcement officers who are members of the majority, to believe that minorities, and particularly African-American males, are engaged in criminal activities; therefore, they are stopped and searched without probable cause or reasonable suspicion.

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    Wake Up America And Face The Dragon...Victoria's Voice

    in Politics

    It is my pleasure to let you my audience know that I wll be changing my time slot here on Blog Talk Radio. Most off my listners catch my show in the archives, so I hope that this will help all of you to listen live...The days of my show will remain the same Monday's & Wednesday's instead of 1:00pm (pst) I will be live at 9:00am (pst). I am hoping that my summer schedule will make my life a little less stressful. I think I can make the quality of the show better by having more time to prepare for each days production. Your feedback is always welcome and thank you all for your continued support for me on Wake Up America And Face The Dragon...Victoria;s Voice www.WakeUpAmericaAndFaceTheDragon.com Slayer@WakeUpAmericaAndFaceTheDragon.com

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    in Religion

    Gods, men and other beings will lose their doubts, and the torrents of their cravings will be cut off. Free from all misery they will manage to cross the ocean of becoming; and, as a result of his teachings, they will lead a holy life. No longer will they regard anything as their own, they will have no possession, no gold or silver, no home, no relatives! But they will lead the holy life of oneness under his guidance. They will have torn the net of the passions, they will manage to enter into trances, and theirs will be an abundance of joy and happiness, for they will lead a holy life under his guidance.

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    The Coming Race Riots: Chaos in America & Why

    in Self Help

    This past week and throught the weekend saw riots in Baltiumore, Seattle, Philadelphia and a police officer murdered at point blank range in New York Cirty. It also saw race riots in Israel and a gang of 40 anti-Semites attacking two Jews in Boston. Ferguson continues to be a flashpoint for raical issues and many cities have recently seen growing  protests against alleged police brutality.

    Who or what is sparking these riots?

    Why has race become such a divisive issue under the first black President?

    What can we expexct to see in the coming hot summer months and what can be done do to prepare for this eventuality.

    These and related issues tonight on Above The Fray.

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