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    How To Lose Weight Without Feeling Deprived

    in Nutrition

    If you have ever tired to lose weight and failed, one reason could have been that you felt like you were missing out on your favorite foods. If pizza, ice-cream, french fries, chocolate and cupcakes are completely off-limits, you are bound to go crazy from cravings and overindulge and your healthy plan will crumble and vanish. Tune in to find out my tips to succeed without deprivation May 14 th at noon ET

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    Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies® Shares 10 Ways to Outwit Your Cravings

    in Women

    Dan DeFigio is the author of Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies®. He is one of the most respected names in the fitness and nutrition industry. His articles have appeared in numerous professional journals, and his workshops have been presented in many cities across the United States. He has appeared on the Dr. Phil show and was featured in SELF Magazine, MD News, Personal Fitness Professional, and a host of other publications.

    Millions of Americans crave and consume all sorts of sweets—in large quantities—every day. That’s not surprising; processed foods, sweetened beverages, engineered sweeteners, and refined grains are pervasive in the Western food supply. In fact, the average American consumes over 130—that’s right, 130—pounds of sugar each year!

    And to make matters worse, says DeFigio, sugar acts on your brain’s pleasure center just like alcohol and is as addictive as cocaine. The more sugar you eat, the more you want.

              “Sugar is everywhere, and resisting the urge to overindulge isn’t always easy,” he acknowledges. “Stress, poor nutrition, dehydration, and lack of sleep can all drive you to grab whatever sugar-laden junk food is handy. That’s why building good habits—specifically, good lifelong habits—is an essential task for staying off sugar.”


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    Is Your Life out of Balance?

    in Self Help

    Break your addiction to conflict! Listen as author Nathan J. Snow teaches us 12 tools to quiet the mind. Most people today are addicted to conflict, needlessly clinging to mental struggle out of habit and familiarity.  Although a necessary part of life at times, conflict is an inviting force that we all too often overindulge, like coffee, alcohol, or sex.  Becoming aware of your gravitation toward conflict helps you break free of old patterns of behavior and allows you to inhabit a new sense of peace and gratitude.
    Nathan J. Snow is a successful west coast entertainment executive and committed spiritual traveler who has been meditating and exploring transformational practices for over 15 years.  Using the 12 Tools he has developed, you can learn to calm yourself despite life’s most frenetic challenges.

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    Satisfy Your Sweetheart and Your Sweet-Tooth

    in Nutrition

    Delicious Decadence:  Satisfy Your Sweetheart and Your Sweet-Tooth without Guilt, Shame or Weight Gain
    Ahh sweets! We all love to indulge in decadent treats now and again. Yet with the never-ending access to sweets it can be difficult to stop ourselves from eating more than just a nibble much more frequently. Valentine’s Day is yet another holiday focused on sweets. It is a day filled with chocolates, candies, and rich desserts. Overindulgence in these treats can leave us feeling guilty, grumpy and gross. This can be frustrating for those trying to stay fit and healthy. Why not experience sweet, edible pleasure without the pain of weight gain?
    We will discuss:
    ·         The negative affects of sugar
    ·         Satisfying sweet alternatives
    ·         Recipe to make your own edible aphrodisiac (just in time for Valentine’s Day)
    Julie Wall Bio:
    I show you how to connect the dots between what you eat and how you feel. I am most often teaching the sugar and caffeine addict how to simply and pleasurably kick the habit, so they can make it through the day with balanced moods, high energy and less stress…without giving up life’s indulgences like chocolate or wine!
    To find out more about Julie please see her website at http://juliewellness.com/.

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    How to Get Back on Track with Diet and Exercise

    in Fitness

    Have you ever fallen off the diet and exercise wagon? Did you overindulge a bit too much on vacation? Are you going through a stressful time and reacting to it by overeating? We have all been in one of the above situations before.  This show is dedicated to overcoming food and exercise obstacles, and getting back on the fitness track!

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    Map2self: Women's Tales From the Road Less Traveled

    in Women

    The Yoga of Eating is about having a relationship with your mind and body while making food choices. It's about becoming aware of the choices we make every time we eat and how they impact our state of health. Finding the right balance is a living process. It begins with the ability to stay connected to where you are today and to choose what truly feeds you. Drema Lindie integrated her spiritual beliefs, yoga practice, and nutritional training in conceptualizing The Yoga of Eating. Her own historical struggles with food, and her vast experience with clients, also inform her understanding of the ways in which we disconnect, overindulge, or deny ourselves nourishment through food. Listen and learn how to increase your awareness, so you can begin to make choices that really honor your precious body.

    Drema Lindie is a Holistic Health Practitioner, board certified through AADP. In 1998 she completed her schooling in Nutrition and Holistic Health at The Academy of Natural Health Sciences (Woodbridge, NJ) and in 2009 graduated as a Digestive Health Specialist from the Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition.

    Since 1997 Drema has been a certified yoga instructor with the Integral Yoga Institute, New York, N.Y. She is qualified as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher® (E-RYT) with the national organization, Yoga Alliance® and has studied with many world-renowned master yoga teachers. Drema also practices a spiritual tradition called Aghor. For more information go to www.dremayoga.com