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    Overcoming the Odds - Surviving and Thriving

    in Women

    Tonight’s show features two guests who survived and thrived their turbulent teens some truly astronomical odds.

    Jillian Bullock is the CEO of Jaguar Productions, a wellness and empowerment entertainment company. She is currently a professional coach, speaker, screenwriter and award-winning filmmaker. Her memoir, Here I Stand, chronicles her life from the Italian Mafia, drugs, violence, criminal activity, homelessness, prostitution, and murder to becoming a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. What a story she has to tell!

    Betty Mayfield is a single mother. A child of divorce, sexual abuse and drug use, Betty found herself a single mother. Yet that isn't the end of her story. She went on to obtain a bachelors degree, start an organization to support other single mothers and wrote a book about it, Secret Struggles of a Single Mother.

    Brace yourself for a powerful hour!

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    Overcoming the Odds

    in Youth

    Join A Priceless Perspective as we welcome special guest, Brenda Usher who shares a powerful story of overcoming the odds. Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Brenda tells of how she narrowly escaped a life of poor choices, self-destructive behaviors, and near death; to now living a life of power and purpose as she helps others overcome low self-esteem, domestic violence and poor choices.

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    Overcoming the odds Series

    in Family

    Special guest Michelle L. Whitlock, author of How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice: A Memoir of Love, Hope, and Empowerment.
    This series will be dealing with overcoming the odds in circumstances that sometimes seem to be against our favor, and in many cases almost a life or death experience.
    For Michelle Whitlock, she had everything going for her: in great shape, a promising career, beautiful romance... but then her worst nightmare hit her - she was diagnosed with invasive dervical cancer.
    We will deal with her overcoming from victim to victor and ensure this show will be a promising show of encouragement, empowerment and hope for many dealing with this very issue, whether self, family or friends.

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    Overcoming The Odds

    in History

    Hear the story of Dr. Bernadette Pruitt, who overcame the odds to become the first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. in history from the University of Houston.

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    Evangelist Moniqueka Hardaway "Overcoming Depression"

    in Radio

    "Overcoming Depression"  By Eva Moniqueka Hardaway

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    OVERCOMING the book read by Monique Nubia Sunshine

    in Lifestyle

    Queen Afua has done it again! Her book SACRED WOMAN was very healing and gave us a journey to women's wellness, but OVERCOMING AN ANGRY VAGINA is specific and detailed in remedies for healing fibroids,vagina discharge,heavy bleeding and other problems that commonly affect woman that are in toxic relationships or have a toxic lifestyle. Vegetarian lifestyle, colon detoxing and detoxing from physically, emotionally and spiritually toxic relationships are discussed. She looks at how women are treated as indiviuals and how women are viewed on a global level that contributes to many "womb problems". Reading OVERCOMING AN ANGRY WOMB is down to earth, and reads like a conversation with a wise, gentle friend that tells you what you need to hear about being a woman in today's world. This book is not about being angry at men, but helps us to understand how poor relationships have shaped our views of ourselves and how to regain health and attract healthier relationships.

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    Tinnie Garlington shares her story of overcoming barriers.

    in Women

    Tinnie Garlington struggled with childhood illnesses, had a strained relationship with her Mother and was teased by her peers in school.  She became pregnant as young teen. Statistcs showed that Tinnie would have more babies without being married, remain in the inner City, and never become successful at anything. She was determined to prove them wrong. Today, she is an Author, Motivator, Radio Show Host, and more. Tinnie will share her story of struggle and overcoming in hopes of being an inspiration to someone else. She wants other women to know that they done't have to let their environment dictate or past dictate their futures.

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    Things That Go BUMP - What Are You Afraid Of? - Pull It Together with Erika

    in Motivation

    Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night?  Do you live in fear? Today let's talk about how fear disables us and how to blow it up!

    Pull It Together with Erika Black - Fun, Inspiring and Practical discussions on Life, Love and Making It Count! Host Erika Black is a Transformational Life-Coach and the owner of Pull It Together.  This show is all about helping people move forward, acheive their goals and dreams, live with joy, intention and make a difference.

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    Gratitude Gems Meditation : April Week 4 : Fearlessness

    in Self Help

    Of the many acronymns for FEAR,  False Evidence Appearing Real is one description that can help one face their fears.  By standing up to and breaking through our fears we grow mentally, spiritually, and physically.  As we repeat the process, overcoming our fears again and again, we can stregthen our fearlessness.  Join our meditation to laern to develop your fearlessness.  

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    The Bettor's Box: An MLB Betting Podcast April 27

    in Sports

    Step inside The Bettor's Box as BangTheBook.com writer and personality Adam Burke talks about betting on baseball. MLB betting can be a difficult thing for most handicappers because it's a money line sport, played day after day, and there can be a lot of variance over a 162-game season. This show is about helping you become a better bettor on the bases and also provides some daily fantasy sports insight. This quick look at Major League Baseball featurs free picks, sabermetric stats, line movement analysis, and more.

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    My Sister's Story

    in Christianity

    " To connect our stories of overcoming life struggles and by being the glowing light that will help save others.


    Hello, I'm Angela Dianne and many people know that I am a cervical cancer survivor, I share my story of  the doctor giving up on me, but people do not know that I am a molestation survivor, and that it took twenty years to overcome that. Someone need to hear the stories of our sisters that God has healed them from because our struggles are to help someone.