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    Sasquatch Watch Radio: Bigfooting, Private Passion or Outspoken Hobby?

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    Join us Tuesday night June 17, 2014 at 9pm eastern as we discuss our Topic Tuesday subject, Bigfooting: Private Passion or Outspoken Hobby?  Everyone handles this subject differently.  Are you very outspoken about your research into this mystery?  Or do you do your research under the radar?  Do you discuss your passion with your co-workers and friends?  Would your employment be at risk if your employer knew about your strange interests?  Everyone has different circumstances when it comes to this strange hobby, or for some maybe, strange career of ours.  This will be a call in show, the phone lines will be wide open for you to call in.  Call in number is 347-237-5070.  Let us hear from you! 

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    3rd Season KICKOFF with Outspoken Ferguson, M.O. artist "Bryant Stewart"

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    So happy to be back for the 3rd Season of "How We Do It" Radio. We continue with Saturday Tea at 3 pm so make sure to mark your calendars and follow us here on Blogtalkradio.com!! Thanks for all your support!

    This week's guest comes to us out of Ferguson, Missouri. I love his voice and can't wait to hear more about his new project: 8SHADESOFGRAY:THE PREFACE I introduce to you Mr. Bryan Stewart!!!!



    Most who succeed in the world don't stay silent on things they believe in. Whether through casual conversation or artistic expression, those who find their voice tend to stand out. The same can said for rising Ferguson, Missouri artist Bryant Stewart, who has already built a reputation of saying what he believes with no compromise. With his hometown being unexpectedly thrust into the national spotlight, he stands at a podium laid at his feet. In an art form like hip-hop where so many lyricists attempt to get their words heard yet they often fall on deaf ear, he has been met with circumstances that have brought the ears to him.

    His statement comes in the form of an intrinsic new project, eightshadesofgrAy: The Preface and its full length, eightshadesofgrAy. He speaks with the voice of a young man who understands the wrongs and injustices surrounding him and is not afraid to speak his mind, but also understands the plight of those just trying to build a life and be an individual while doing so.

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    Podcast #058: The Outspoken Investor - Tony Alvarez

    in Real Estate

    Check out this FlipNerd.com VIP Interview with Tony Alvarez, investor, author, speaker, coach and expereinced California real estate investor that has seen he's share of ups and downs. Tony has great advice to share...don't miss it!

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    Connie Lee to appear on Voices of Hope

    in Self Help

    In honor of Child Abuse Awareness Month and Child Abuse Awareness Month, Connie Lee, will be on Voices of Hope on April 14, 2015 at 11 am EDT. She is a vivacious, outspoken advocate for the rights of child abuse survivors everywhere. Tune in to hear what she has to say and about awareness initiatives that she is involved in

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    in Prayer

         You're not alone. There is a category of anger that is distinctly necessary. It is a moral and righteous anger. Such anger can give us the courage to do what we might otherwise not be able to do. In such situations, we are able to overcome the paralysis of fear. We become outspoken and are able to rebuke the evil and injustice. No longer are we speaking to ourselves and mumbling. Jesus shows  us that there are times when we must stand up and speak truth to power in constructive and unyielding ways. God has made every person inn HIS own image and likeness. Therefore, every human life has an inherent dignity. There is now a national conversation with respect to Black lives having equal value. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.

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    Episode 46 - Did Russ Mock See a Sasquatch?

    in Science

    Wednesday April 8th – 5pm PST / 8pm EST

    CryptoLogic Radio – Episode 46 – Did Russ Mock See a Sasquatch?

    Did Russ Mock see a Sasquatch??? If you had an up close unobscured, daytime encounter of an unexplained creature what line of questions from that day forward would you gravitate towards? Well...Russ can tell you!! Please join us this week as we turn the tables on our very own outspoken analytical skeptic, Russ Mock. Russ is known to be matter of fact yet also eloquent in his logical and science based comments, posts, and lines of questioning. Many would never guess he had an extraordinary encounter with the unknown that most would only dream of having. After careful and long consideration Russ in now ready to publicly share his extraordinary encounter that he had years ago. CryptoLogic would be honored for you to join us as we learn more in depth details about Russ's encounter and strict science based style of questioning in his quest for evidence related to Sasquatch evidence. We will also be discussing how this extraordinary event has affected his logic and science driven mind set and constant appetite for discerning the facts. This week’s show will certainly give you more incite of what you "thought you knew" about our beloved brother Russ Mock!


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    Priyanka Banks live MRTR

    in Pop Culture

    Celeberating Over 150 Episodes!

    Hosts: Jamel, Derrick Dwayne and Flash Gotti

    #MyRealTalkRadio interviews Former VH1 Sorority Sisters Star: Priyanka Banks.

    Priyanka Banks is the founder and Ceo of Priyanka's Palace, a footwear company that bears her name. Priyanka was born in Atlanta Ga, where she has always been able to express herself. Priyanka attended Alabama State University where she majored in theatre, a major where she was trained in all the things she enjoys doing such as acting, dancing, and performing. She was a cast member/outspoken beauty on the hit show VH1 Sorority Sisters which caused a lot of controversy throughout the greek community but during it all it did not stop her and her vision. Throughout her teenage and college years she has always had issues with finding dance shoes and fashionable shoes in her size .

    Constantly squeezing in shoes to fit the uniform gratification was a constant struggle and a very painful experience. Standing 5"9 and wearing a size 11 shoe, she felt the need to come out with a shoe line because she knew that other women were dealing with some of her same issues. Priyanka wanted to make shoes to fit her personality and that catered to women of taller statue or women with large feet. Although Priyanka's shoeline may not cater to every woman , she has apparel for women and men to support her brand. With this shoe line she plans on taking her designs to another level and later coming out with a shoe line for men. Priyanka's motto is "If It dont Bling It dont Sting"


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    By Faith I Got The Girl . . . then!! With Andre Klien

    in Romance

    How does Faith impact or influence the most intimate details of daily living? Our guest, Andre Klien, does not shy away from dealing with the most nitty-gritty of intimacies in the context of being a virile young man. If as a boy he was brave, life's experiences have made him that much bolder and outspoken in his earnest search to know God and what God wants for him and his thriving family.

    New Book: Riding Moby Dick - How They Beat The Odds Every Time by Neville DeAngelou


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    The kindness in healing from a psychiatric perspective

    in Lifestyle

    How you incorporate kindness into your healthcare, especially in the framework of psychiatry and all of mental health as we have known it? Dr Judy Cook is our guest today and she is an outspoken advocate for doing things differently and on the path of inner peace. Tune in and leanr how to participate.



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    PWR SLAM! RETURNS With the Stars of MMA

    in Wrestling

    PWR Slam! Retuns TONIGHT! PWR Slam! In the past has brought you the stars of Pro Wrestling, but TONIGHT we bring you the stars of MMA! Tonight we are joined by two of the BIGGEST names in ALL of MMA. That's right TONIGHT we are joined by one of the NEWEST stars of the octogan in former WWE Superstar C.M. Punk and one of the most outspoken women in ALL of MMA in Ronda Rousey!!! We uncover why Punk left WWE, what his goals are for MMA, will he ever return to the octogan and more! We talk with Ronda Rousey about her MMA career and if she will ever step into the squared circle, especially considering what we just saw at WrestleMania 31 between her and Stephanie. Join your hosts "Sadistic" Sean David, Steve Cain, & whoever else might show up for this very LOADED edition of PWR Slam! Chat Opens 30 Mins before we go live. We go live at  10 CST/ 11 EST. Do NOT Miss This! 

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    @MarabelleBlue Gets Down and Dirty with @Planet12Law @KEMTopTalk Show

    in Fun

    Planet12Law - THE MOST TALENTED KID IN THE MUSIC BIZ! Known For his Historic Work With The Late Amy Winehouse and George Clinton/P-Funk. He will be performing LIVE in his first Las Vegas appearance at the Kink~E Magazine Milestone Event August 15th.

    Not only the most talented kid in the music biz but also the most outspoken.

    Join us in a night of truth in music, society and the entertainment industry as a whole. L*A*W has a lot to say and we will hear it all this Tuesday night.

    Join us live www.blogtalkradio.com/kinkemagazine and join in the chat room and call in to the show 646-649-1176.

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