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    Outsourcing spousal duties. Can it save your marrige?

    in Relationships

    Outsourcing duties that are usually your spouse's has been done since the beginning of time. Sexual duties, cooking and peace and quite are a few of the duties that are outsourced. Some have said outsourcing saved their relationship. is that possible?
    Join Zaiyah and Uptown as they discuss this and other important topics on this weeks edition of Zaiyah's House.

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    Anne Olasz from Payroll Management joins the Friends of Kevin Radio Show

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Anne Olasz from Payroll Management Inc to discuss why you should consider outsourcing your payroll function. 

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    Find a 9 to 5, Start a Business, Train for a New Career, Start a Non-Profit

    in Politics Progressive

    Faith and work wins everytime. Stock markets are soaring. Working class was oppressed and lost their way. Working class Americans need jobs and want jobs. Detoriating cities destroys people. Under Bush/Cheney Americans lost their finanancial way and lost all security. Under Obama/Biden America's economy is back and working class must take their place in prosperity for the 1st time ever. Outsourcing of US jobs is sustaining workers in other countries. H1B visas are bringing in citizens from other lands to reap the opportunities of America, the land of opportunity. America's jobless rate is at 5.6. We can seriously argue the true numbers is we choose or we can come together and plan ways to get all Working class Americans back to work. And not just back to work, but working with higher wages, more opportunities for promotions, more benefits that lead to better living day by day, and the icing on the cake is a retirement in the lap of luxury. Follow my steps to financial security for 2015.

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    Epidode 91 - The Rising Apple Report: A Winter of Dissatisfaction?

    in Sports

    The Mets hot stove is failing to generate sufficient heat.  That's the sentiment among a growing number of fans.

    While the N.L. East has worked itself into a trading frenzy this winter, the Mets lone off-season acquisition remains outfielder Michael Cuddyer.

    With a shortstop situation screaming for resolution, and a need for a lefty in the bullpen, Mets boosters are growing increasingly perturbed with the lack of front office activity.

    Clearly then, ownership's financial straits continue to hamper team operations.  Ticket prices are rumored to be going up this coming season, yet, there's been no uptick in payroll.

    How is it possible then, Fred Wilpon was named to head Major League Baseball's finance committee?

    Tonight, the 91st episode of the Rising Apple Report will try and make sense of it all.  Rich Sparago will host what is sure to be a spirited roundtable discussion, and will be joined by fellow Rising Apple staff writers Michael Lecolant and Kevin Baez.

    Joining the crew to share his insights will be special guest, John Coppinger, from MetstradamusBlog.com.

    Tonight's opening pitch is at 9:00pm (EST) sharp.

    Of course, we'd love to have you call in as well.  Please do, at 646-929-0337.

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    Gotham Talk Podcast Show #11 - Rogues' Gallery Episode 11 Season 1

    in Television

    James Gordon, reassigned to guard duty at Arkham Asylum, investigates attacks on prisoners with the help of Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin). Selina Kyle finds a sick Ivy Pepper and takes her to Gordon's penthouse to recuperate. Meanwhile, Mooney discusses her plan to overthrow Don Falcone with Falcone family underboss Jimmy Saviano who was angered by Falcone's tribute raise. However, Saviano disagrees with Mooney's plan to become the de facto head of the family as he is next in the line of succession. Gordon asks Harvey Bullock for help with his investigation and Bullock interrogates Arkham's Director Dr. Gerry Lang (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.). Oswald Cobblepot and an unnamed accomplice are arrested by the police for trying to buy the loyalty of some dock workers on Sal Maroni's payroll. 

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    6 Ways to Maximize Profit Margins

    in Business

    6 Ways to Maximize Profit Margins is out topic today on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. When you say, “Business is good,” do you mean you have a lot of customers or that you’re making great money? Many companies are generating lots of revenue and paying the bills, but they are still not netting much profit. In fact, some owners might not even be aware of how short they’re falling until they review the books at year-end. A number of factors contribute to killing a business’s profit margin, and reversing them can make the difference between just meeting payroll and making a profit. Use these five tips to find ways to increase your company’s profits. This show is sponsored by Apple Capital Group, Inc. #thecorebusinessshow #applecapitalgroup #applecapital

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    Clinical Air Episode #13 Transcelerate & Industry Engagement

    in Science

    In September 2012, TransCelerate Biopharma launched with the aim of simplifying and accelerating the delivery of innovative medicines to patients.  What progress has really been made and what are the realistic goals for 2015? In our 2015 kick off radio show, Clinical Air Episode #13, host Craig Lipset, Head of Clinical Innovation, R&D, Pfizer talks with Dalvir Gill, PhD, CEO of Transcelerate and Andy Lee, MD, SVP, Head of Global Clinical Trial Operations at Merck. In this frank discussion, we learn:

    What’s working well and changes for 2015?
    Is Tanscelerate performing better or differently from other collaborations?
    How have engagements with outside organizations advanced?  Where do gaps remain?
    How are new areas selected and scope defined?
    Thoughts on implementing new ideas
    New role for CROs
    What deliverables does Tanscelerate anticipate for 2015?


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    Red Sox Rant Episode 3

    in Baseball

    Michael Hewitt will be discussing the Boston bullpen, payroll, and second baseman, Dustin Pedroia. 

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    Creating a Great Employee Experience, Over and Over Again

    in Management

    Jay Kuhns Spills His Employee Engagement Secrets on HR Latte

    Rayanne welcomes newly-appointed VP of Operations and Healthcare Strategy at Kinetix Jay Kuhns to pull up a mic and share some truths about HR today and how to make a difference in employees' lives. 

    Jay and Rayanne will chat about what works today in RPO, HR, Healthcare HR practices and how Kinetix plans to create and implement ideas to benefit growing organizations today. 

    HR Latte is a fast-paced, quick hit show where you can expect not only surprises but the information you need to know for success in the world of talent management.

    Follow the action on Twitter:

    Jay Kuhns - @JRKuhns




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    TCE Chats w/ Chef Krystal Lee ~ Omni Fusion Kitchen / Discuss Employment Data

    in Jobs

    Powered by The Career Engineer (TCE) - www.tcenow.com

    TCE Biz Spotlight:  Meet Chef Krystal Lee future owner of OMNI Fusion Kitchen (a crowd funding project)

    Cooking is one of her ultimate passions.  However, after graduating high school She began a career in the legal field and went to college for that purpose.  Approximately, ten years ago, She began managing law firms and all the while catering events.   She decided to attend Culinary School to expand my knowledge base and learn different techniques to improve the food she served.

    While in culinary school, Ms. Lee cultivated 'fusion of soul foods' which is fusin soul foods of all nationalities. When you eat at OMNI you’ll have something that is familiar and different at the same time. Refuel your life, your soul, enjoy your food and your sweets at OMNI Fusion Kitchen.

    Learn more and Support by making a contribution to ~  OMNI Fusion Kitchen Project 


    DOL Unemployment Data - December 2014

    Unemployment Rate:  5.6%
    Initial Insurance Claims:  294,000 as of 1/3/201
    Payroll Employment: +252,000

    Programming: SweetBerry Design

    Powered by TCE Career & Biz Network

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    Silver Millennium Radio - Episode 21: So late to schedule, 2lazy4show

    in Entertainment

    Homer is feeling lazy tonight so he will be outsourcing the show over to Super Kami Guru from True Equestria Radio. Super Kami Guru will be having discussions of Namekian Issues, why he is a better host than Homer is & why he is the talent. I'm sure Homer will be to talk about weeaboo as well such as Kill La Kill & Sailor Moon. Who even watches those shows anymore?

    Homer: "Hey SKG! I said you can take over the show! Not take over the show description!"

    Anyway, in addition to talking abvout Kill La Kill, I will probably be chatting with True Equestria Radio co-host, Super Kami Guru. If you want to chat with us or if you have a question for him, call in at (516) 418-5668, call the btrlistener name by clicking the Skype Button, our alternative phone line when the queue is full or during the aftershow at 218-936-4971 & enter pin: 227528# or add me on Skype at HomerBouvier

    And yes. Super Kami Guru will be taking calls too.

    (Note: if for some reason SKG doesn't make it, Homer & Renegade Supreme Dalek will be hosting & can't guarantee that the show won't suck. If this is the case, prepare for the show to suck.)

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