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    Is Cam Newton Preparing to "Come Out" the Closet During the SuperBowl?

    in Politics

    Abibifahodie (Black Liberation),

    If you're anything like the Brothers of WOH, you've been getting excited to see the 2nd "Real Black Man" win a SuperBowl this year.  Cam Newton is one of the most exciting and remarkable talents to hit sports in the last decade.  He is poised to become one of the greatest professional football quarterbacks in NFL history. 

    However, over the past few weeks, his effemine dress has become extreme.  He is not only wearing fairy dresses, but he is clearly making a noticeable effort to wear the most flamboyant, female attire money can pay for.  He has done everything but come out in a dress. 

    We've seen the ridiculous homosexual clothing styles sported by Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.  But Cam Newton's half-leopard, half-zebra stlyed Versace tight pants may take the cake.

    Those of us who are Afrikancentered Brothers have tried to give Newton a pass with the excuse that maybe he's being targeted by the gay fashion designers to wear these outfits without understanding that he is promoting the "Effeminization of the Black Male."  But this new outfit makes it clear that he is consciously wearing these styles.

    The question on the table is, "Is Cam Newton a Random Victim of the Homosexual Agenda or Is Cam Newton Preparing To Drop a Sissy Bomb on Our Community?"  And if he gets the MVP in the SuperBowl and comes out the closet, what impact will that have on the Black community?





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    Over The Road vs. Regional vs. Local Trucking Jobs Explained Part 1

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    Most of us have been in the recruiting part of the trucking industry at one point in our careers. One thing that we hear all the time is "oh yea I have drove over the road" Oh, yea? What was your running area? "Well, from Laredo to Houston, to Dallas".... That is NOT over the road, that is local i the eyes of any outfit. We also have heard the opposite pleny of times. Ok Driver How much Over The Road Experiance do you have? "Oh, non, really only regional..." Oh ok, how many states? "Well about 8 or 10..." Ok driver that is over the road, its just in a regional position. Over the road DOES NOT MEAN ALL 48 STATES! So to help all the new drivers comming into the industry, we will be tearing these terms apart and getting to the bottom of this!


    #Truckers #internetradio #trucking #overtheroadtrucking #localtruckers #regionaldrivers #besttruckingjobs

    Check us out at:




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    Back In The Game with Mena Freeman & DJ C Coop

    in Relationships

    Back In The Game with Mena Freeman and DJ C Coop is LIVE on Wednesday Night @8pm CST/9pm EST/6pm PST on #BlogTalkUSA Special Guest this week: Owner of BB Health and Wellness and BB Sexy Couture; the Bold and Beautiful, Ms. Betty Driver!  Betty's Philosophy..."So many women feel less beautiful as they age.  It’s amazing; a woman’s emotions can be affected positively or negatively by clothing.  If it fits, she’s having a great day.  If it doesn’t fit, it can impact her day and mood negatively.  The fashions that I select can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. A beautiful outfit, great pair of shoes, hair and makeup can be the touch you need to feel your best.  As BB Sexy Couture’s success and growth continues, I felt the need to bridge my health and wellness business and Couture Fashion through Couture Lifestyle Magazine. I want to provide a platform for men and women business owners to promote and advertise their business. There have been hurdles along the way, but my strong faith in God and the ability to laugh keeps me going. What I’ve learned from all of this…Your darkest hour is often when your best breakthroughs are on the way...keep going! Be Bold, Be Beautiful!"

    You can reach Betty Driver via email: BBsexycouture@gmail.com

    Her Website: BBsexycouture.com

    Phone: (832)917-5535

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    'Who Was I' from Central FL Releases Their new Album! 9PM Eastern

    in Rock Music


    WHO WAS I was formed in 2007 by Steve Harvey in Palm Bay, Florida. Steve is the co-lead guitarist and co-writer for the group. “The mission from the beginning, was to assemble an original heavy metal outfit that would not only lyrically bring pleasure to our fan base, but, to also deliver a live performance that would send people on their way home singing the refrains from the tunes that we were inspired to write”.
    Now, the band is producing their sophomore effort, WHAT I’VE BECOME, which is currently in the final mastering stages in Los Angeles, California, and due in early 2016. “We have been patient and committed, we are family men that rely on making the right decisions for our women and our children and we are not going to compromise our music until we have a product that reflects the same commitment we make to our own families”, says co-lead guitarist Sto Cephas. 
    We have been fortunate to share the stage with so many bands that have inspired and touched our souls and offer our eternal gratitude to MUDVAYNE, SEVENDUST, GODSMACK, MARILYN MANSON, ROB ZOMBIE, CHEVELLE, FEAR FACTORY, SOULFLY, SIX FEET UNDER, EXODUS, OVERKILL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, BURNING STARR, DEVIL DRIVER and MANOWAR, just to name a few, that have been so gracious, patient and impacting in our lives and to our performance.
    We have been lucky to travel to Europe, when in 2011, we performed on the main stage at the MAYHEM at the MAGIC CIRCLE FESTIVAL in Tolmin, Slovenia. “
    The past several years of touring have lead up to this moment in time where we can now bring the best live performance to our fans with the exact music we have dedicated ourselves to writing, recording and performing live.

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    in Religion

    "In the book of Mathew chapter 10 we read how Jesus "called out" his 12 disciples or "students" and COMMANDED them to carry about the GREAT COMMISSION WE AS "TRUE" CHRISTIANS MUST FOLLOW AS AN EXAMPLE!

    TRADITIONAL CHRISTIANITY for milenia has taught the laity and its church members that because we are now UNDER GRACE there are no WORKS to be done and CHRIST HAS DONE IT ALL FOR YOU!

    Well a closer look at this 10th chapter in Mathew will TRULY give us a CLEAR INSIGHT into God's Word of what is the TRUE PURPOSE OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD! Is it merely to go to church on Sunday in your best "outfit" and to jump up and down and praise God as traditional christianity churches teach and are accustomed to do? Or is there more to making "OUR HIGH CALLING" AND ELECTION SURE?


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    Warrior of Compassion Reflections

    in Self Help

     Our Special Guest today is Frank Gerould.

    Frank Gerould usually classifies himself as a libertarian socialist.  Libertarian socialism is a broad category encompassing everything from anarcho-syndicalism and platformism to left communism and groups like Solidarity (UK) and Socialisme ou Barbarie. He has recently retired from 40 years in the printing industry in Philadelphia. He worked in a half dozen plants in those years in pre-press production: camera, film assembly, plate-making in the early years: all computers and automation in the later years. He was active in the Graphic Communications International Union, now part of the Teamsters, as an organizer, shop steward, and member of the local executive board at different times.

    In the US, it is difficult to stay employed in a unionized manufacturing. He was lucky. Unions were under constant assault, and manufacturing has left the country. He became a socialist in college in the late 1960s during the student revolution. Moving to Philadelphia after graduation, he stumbled upon a local group Philadelphia Solidarity, which was distributing Solidarity (UK) literature in the US. H became a member, and began his journey in the libertarian socialist tradition. They founded the Wooden Shoe Bookstore in Philadelphia in 1976 to sell socialist and anarchist literature. He was busy with the bookstore until 1985, then became busy making a living and raising a family. Several generations have since passed through Wooden Shoe Bookstore, and it is still open today at 704 South Street, Philadelphia.


     He is currently unaffiliated with any socialist outfit. I am a free spirit. I have special interest in the labor movement, race, and mass incarceration in the US.


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    2015-12/23 TBhr1 JohnClark

    in Sports

    Hour 1 - A crazy Christmas Eve-Eve edition of the Podcast with a great crowd and cast of guests and surprises. The show opened with Tony being escorted onto the set by the lovely Nina and Selina - 2 of the 2016 Calendar girls at Club Risque Philadelphia as Tony was dressed up in his "Pimp Santa" outfit.
    We had a long list of prizes to give out in our annual "Christmas Karaoke" contest where audience members got a chance to sing and win.
    Our our pal Harry Mayes returned, just back from the Marmot Boca Raton Bowl in Florida where Toledo beat the Temple Owls on a rainy night in South Florida. He talked about the game and visiting Tigers Woods restaurant in the area.
    Of course we had to talk Miss Universe and the Steve Harvey fiasco.
    CSN Philly TV anchor John Clarke also stopped by to address Luigi Curto's tennis challenge and after some friendly jabs, agreed to set up a charity tennis match in 2016.
    John also discussed the abysmal 1-and-30 Sixers team which keeps breaking its own records for futility. the 1972-73 team has the worst record ever at 9-and-93, but we all now wonder if this current crew will even win 8 games.
    We started our singing competition with John singing Holly Jolly Christmas and from there is all went off the rails as both our staff and contestants tried to get the contest back on track.

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    in Romance



    JOIN THE BEYONCE GRAMMY'S OUTFIT DISCUSSION: What do you think of Beyonce's outfit for the Grammy performance?  Let's also discuss the lyrics in; "Drunk In Love". Do the artists of today have a moral responsibility to inspire their fans, children, teens, and young adults with "positive" talent?

    Tonight we ask the questions: Do these lyrics, and the outfit chosen to wear, stifle the innocence of young fans watching by exposing too much?  Does using lyrics such as those in Drunk In Love, 'encourage' over indulgent sex and irresponsible drinking?Does the way stars behave impact youth negatively, placing them at a disadvantage in understanding adult relationship situations? Or, is it art? Let's Get LIVE! After Dark!


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    Real Housewives of Atlanta’ recap (‘There’s No Business Like Friend Business’):

    in Pop Culture

    Kim Fields is embracing all these new social activities that RHOA is providing her. At the video release party, Kim wears a sparkly blouse, leather short shorts and thigh-level boots. Kenya, of course, can’t help but throw some standard issue shade her way: “Kim looks like a confused outfit at Disney World.”
    Kandi manages to look good in the video and the editors hide her pregnancy well.
    Phaedra meets with one of Apollo Nida’s best friends and talks about her efforts to move on.
    Kenya works out with Marlo Hampton. A trainer dude Matt, who is much younger than Kenya, asks her out on a date. They play some basketball and tease each other quite a bit. There’s some chemistry. But she tells him she is “shy” and likes to move slow. He remains interested but will we ever see him again?
    Porsha continues to stay in touch with Oliver, the hot Latino she met in Miami, long distance. They Skype. They flirt. This can’t possibly last.
    Cynthia Bailey goes out on a romantic date in Piedmont Park with her husband Peter Thomas, who is making an effort to fix their problems. She is happy he is making an effort.

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    in Entertainment

    Vinh Phan
    My name is Vinh T. Phan. I DEP into the Marine Corps the summer of 2001. I shipped off to Basic Training on December 8, 2001. My primary MOS is 0656, tactical data network specialist.
    I deployed to Djibouti, Horn of Africa in 2003 working in my primary MOS. I later deployed to Iraq in 2006 with 1/14 Task Force MP working as a Military Police. I got out of the Marine Corps in 2008.

    My name is Bobby West and I'm the owner of West Cattle Co. I am an eight year US Army Combat Veteran. I enlisted right out of High School as an Engineer. Served in Desert Shield/Desert storm in A Co. 46th Eng Bn 20th Eng Bde( Abn). After three years Active Duty I reenlisted and reclassified Military Intelligence. I served the remainder of my time with HQ Co. 2/19th SFG(Abn) in the MI Detachment. After I ETS'd I rode Bulls and cowboyed on Ranches for a few years. Did a couple years driving over the road Cattle Truck. In 2002 I started my own cattle co... West Cattle Co. We are a small cow/calf outfit and we also take on daywork taking care of outside cattle. I cow truck part time over the road and dispatch four other cattle trucks. I'm a single Dad of four children. That's about it.


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    Favre Dollar Footlong Fantasy Football Week 13 Wrap Up

    in Sports

    Hey! We're back! Well, kinda. I mean, there's a show and all but it's not exactly up to the same "standards" as some of the previous shows. It's like when you order a cheeseburger at a really good restaurant, but instead of a cheeseburger they give you a slice of bread and some deer jerky with ketchup. But not Heinz ketchup. It's that ketchup you see at the french fry stands at a county fair that says "catsup". You get the point. Speaking of point, I'm here (along with a special guest appearance by the one and only Kevin Reeder) to talk about fantasy football and that sweet baby Jesus. I like to picture Jesus as a figure skater. He wears like a white outfit, and He does interpretive ice dances of my life's journey. Enjoy!