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    JOIN THE BEYONCE GRAMMY'S OUTFIT DISCUSSION: What do you think of Beyonce's outfit for the Grammy performance?  Let's also discuss the lyrics in; "Drunk In Love". Do the artists of today have a moral responsibility to inspire their fans, children, teens, and young adults with "positive" talent?

    Tonight we ask the questions: Do these lyrics, and the outfit chosen to wear, stifle the innocence of young fans watching by exposing too much?  Does using lyrics such as those in Drunk In Love, 'encourage' over indulgent sex and irresponsible drinking?Does the way stars behave impact youth negatively, placing them at a disadvantage in understanding adult relationship situations? Or, is it art? Let's Get LIVE! After Dark!


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    MissusSmartyPants: Outfit-Making Accessories

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    The Know-it-all of style MissusSmartyPants Fashion Rescue. I'll help solve your dressing dilemmas! This show is for women looking to reinvent their style. Tips are offered weekly for makeup, dressing, hair and more! Come join a supportive group of women & get a style tip or two.

    THIS WEEK: Outfit-Making Accessories! MSP talks about how accessories are the finishing touches that define us! Get inspired to let your accessories do your talking. MSP explains about ways to wear accessories this summer and gets you excited about this week's style article and visual presentation at MissusSmartyPants.com!

    Link to MSP's Style Blog: Outfit-Making Accessories + Weekly Style Mission


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    Transformation Thursday: Turn your body into the sexiest outfit you have.

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    Hi Angels Every thursday angel coaches interviews individuals who are living the life they love and loving the life they live.  Tonight we are going to interview Kris.  She lost a great deal of weight and became more healthy and of course lean.  She now she teaches others from all wals of life and age groups how to do the same.  Her approach is a bit different. She believes everyone has the power inside of them to change  Tune in tonight and find out how you can turn your body into the "sexist outfit you will ever own."  






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    Squared Circle Cafe: Friday Night Fights

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    On tonight's episode, we welcome a special guest from 2KW Pro. In addition, we talk about the new NXT Champion, Paige ' s outfit, and when Dean was behind a news desk.

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    dc going back to classic

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    there been word lately that dc comics drop the 52's and going stop making them. so this means that dc want go back to classic looks. cause so far the tv shows gotham,arrow,and the flash staying true to the stories and looks. but what about the movies like new superman,batman,wonder woman and may others. and now with supergirl tv shows coming what going happen with that one. even with the outfit. but call in and give us your thoughts on what they want do with dc comics drop the 52's and where they going with the supergirl tv show.

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    Today on The Boochcast, Booch promotes WWE Fastlane Watch Party, shares his thoughts on the Sasha Banks vs. Blue Pants match from NXT, Sami Zayn's condition after NXT Takeover: Rival, Gives another Ice Storm Weather Report, WWE Doctor Chris Amann Files Lawsuit Aganist CM Punk & Colt Cabana, Conor McGregor Comments On CM Punk Joining UFC, Former WWE Head Writer Continues To Help With Creative Direction Of The Company, Bill Goldberg In Talks With GLORY Kickboxing Promotion, Marc Mero Talks About His Champions Of Choices Non-Profit Organization, WWE Reports Q4 2014 Financial Results, Japanese Pro Wrestling Legend To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame?, 'Harry Potter' Star Michael Gambon Retires From Theater Due to Memory Loss, Pharrell’s Grammy Bellboy Outfit Prompts Jokes, Slurs; Zach Braff Apologizes, Transgender inmate charged as a man sentenced as a woman, and Cop Restrains Friendly Dog And Slashes It's Throat "I'm Going To Gut This Fucking Thing." 


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    Among those humored by an outfit  was pictured wearing during New York Fashion Week was fellow artist  The Dipset lyricist even turned to social media to poke fun of the Brooklyn, New York rapper and his choice of wardrobe.

    In an Instagram post uploaded earlier this week, Killa Cam posted a picture of Jay Z wearing fitted jeans and a fur-collared peacoat with the following caption: “Heeeyy lol nh.” The rapper’s “nh” mention is assumed to stand for no homo.

    Although a lighthearted jab at Jay Z, Cam’ron’s  post is the latest diss in an over decade-long feud between the two New York City artists.



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    Men' Apparel

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    Today's talk will be on the general subject of designing custom made clothing. And, what it takes to complete custom outfit fit for your body frame. Plus plans for the future of gab1930

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    ENERGY! COMMUNITY! & A NEW U!:How we can #BRING IT in 2015!

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    Have you ever been in the situation of looking for a new home? Perhaps as a youngster you were looking for the right college. How about this? Have you ever been shopping for the right outfit and when you finally find the perfect thing it looks right, it fits right and you feel like dynamite? That is how It Works! has been for me. Join me as I share some of the new and wonderful things happening in my It Works! adventure!

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    lately there been talk from sci-fi to do a show call krypton and they are going show what happen on the planet before it blew up. but there going way back in the story. before jor-el or kal-el were even born. so how far back are they going with this story. and when it does end are we going see kal_el ship take off to earth with jor-el watching his ship taking off. and is this going be a tie in with man of steel. now abc been talking about doing a supergirl show big question is she going have the true outfit on or the man of steel look one. cause there saying david goyer is behind both shows. he the one the brought us man of steel,bale batman movies and blade movies. but he also behind the new 52 comic books of dc comics. so we don't know where they are going with these shows. right now everything is up in the air. they haven't found someone yet to play supergirl. but call in and give us your thoughts on these shows coming from dc comics

  • Mirror Mirror on the wall! The Real Enemy is The "inner me"

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    When was the last time you looked in the mirror? Was it this morning before you went to Church, Work, School, or on a Date? Did you fix your hair? Did you check your outfit? Was your tie straight? Was your make up flawless? Or did you "Wake up like that"? Mirror Mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all? If your mirror says you... Then it's time for a new one! Join the iWALK Crew as we discuss what we see when we look in the mirror.

    It's iWALK Radio! LOVE WALK...iWALK

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