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    JOIN THE BEYONCE GRAMMY'S OUTFIT DISCUSSION: What do you think of Beyonce's outfit for the Grammy performance?  Let's also discuss the lyrics in; "Drunk In Love". Do the artists of today have a moral responsibility to inspire their fans, children, teens, and young adults with "positive" talent?

    Tonight we ask the questions: Do these lyrics, and the outfit chosen to wear, stifle the innocence of young fans watching by exposing too much?  Does using lyrics such as those in Drunk In Love, 'encourage' over indulgent sex and irresponsible drinking?Does the way stars behave impact youth negatively, placing them at a disadvantage in understanding adult relationship situations? Or, is it art? Let's Get LIVE! After Dark!


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    Blingin The Airwaves with D An Harold and Miss Bling

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    D'An Harrold was born in Richmond, Va. and raised in Northern Va. She started sewing at the age of 12yrs old. She would dress up in her mother’s clothes and come up with designs with her paper dolls. She found it easier to dress the way she wanted by turning her ‘hand me downs’ into fashionable outfits. She knew then that Fashion was calling. She seeks inspiration from everything. A smell, taste, a feeling…nature, people, elements- EVERYTHING!!! Her goal is to be in a place where she can design and style clients all over the world full time. She gets a thrill out of seeing how a new outfit can change a person’s mindset about themselves. She wants to be a part of that mental, physical- even spiritual transformation that fashion brings out of someone. For her, it’s not about the money or fame but the connection! Every time someone puts on a Model Haven design they can become who they truly want to be. Through fashion she can connect with the world one piece at a time.

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    Tom welling superman

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    at first there been talk lately that Tom welling was going be on supergirl and the flash as superman. then he came out and said at first it was talk but he wouldn't mind doing it as long It not a Smallville spin off. on the show we want Tom welling in the classic superman outfit. cause the way Smallville ended it left open for movies or a new superman show. but they turn it into a comic which I didn't mind. but we want Tom welling in the superman outfit. to us he is the new Christopher reeve not Henry cavil. 

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    Life as a DEA agent & human trafficking survivor

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    Today we will share the legacies of two individuals who have put themselves on the frontlines in the fight against the crimes of drug and human trafficking. Robert Mazur served 27 years as a Federal Special Agent for the IRS, Customs Service and Drug Enforcement Administration.  Five of those years were spent under-cover as Bob Musella, a high-rolling mob-connected big shot who infiltrated the criminal hierarchy of Colombia’s drug cartels.  Bob’s under-cover stings proved critical in the conviction of General Manuel Noriega and helped cripple an international multi-billion money laundering outfit that served drug lords like Pablo Escobar.  His book, The Infiltrator, provides vivid and nail-biting details about his life in the criminal under-world, including events that led to a $500,000 contract being placed on his head.


    More than three decades after India won freedom and independence from Great Britain, a little girl from the southern region of India was stolen from her family and became a slave.  She was seven years old.  She lost her home and her identity.  She kept only her first name – Rani. When Rani lost her value to her slave owner, he sold her to an American woman who thought she was legally adopting an orphan.  This adoption saved Rani’s life and the love and support she received in her new home has cultivated a commitment to become an advocate for the voiceless victims of human trafficking and a leader in the movement to end modern slavery. 


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    Which do you think God is pleased with? Which do you think will get you into heaven? Which one do you spend the most time on?
     Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." (1 Samuel 16:7) He will walk right pass the person in the bad suit to get to the pure heart. Something for us to think about.

    God is concerned about our hearts being clean. Psalms 51:10 say, create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me.  Church folk are concerned about that clean outfit they are wearing Sunday. Got to get my weave done, my manicure and pedicure done, my shoes have got to match my outfit. Don’t get me wrong, there is no sin in doing these things. But how much did you get into the word of God for that ugly way you treated your sister, brother. How much did you meditate on the word to move it by Ephesians 5:26 That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,
    . If we spend as much time on our spiritual man as we do the natural man, I wonder, what kind of a difference would be made in our lives. By talking to God about our issues and our sins, we are confessing to Him that we have gone astray. When we repent of our sin, we turn from it and seek to go God’s way.
    .As forgiven children of God, we are free to set our heart and mind on things that are pure and pleasing to God. We seek to fill our minds with God's Word and God's will so that there is no room in our heart for sinful thoughts and desires to take over and set up shop.
    Without the sincere motive to be walking on the Lord's straight path, we will experience much unrest and a continual longing for things which are outside of God's will.
    PRAYER: Lord it is my desire to be a person after your heart, In Jesus name, Amen.

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    1000 Cranes - Believe. Plan. Fly. Radio - It's a Small World With Social Media

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    Join 1000 Cranes President and Founder, Naomi Takeuchi, and Kathy Crowley as they discuss the benefit of Social Media platforms and how they have made the world more interconnected.  Now more than ever, it has become easier to have a global presence.   

    Our special guests from Blenheim, New Zealand are Louise and Tim Laing from Evolve Inspired Jewelry. Evolve brings beautifully crafted bracelets, charms and New Zealand jewellery, with meaning and soul, to customers across the globe.

    Designed in New Zealand, inspired by its natural treasures, each piece has its own special meaning. It's charms are designed to fit Pandora and Thomas Sabo bracelets and are compatible with most bead and charm jewellery brands. Each piece of Evolve tells a New Zealand story - the perfect complement to any outfit or occasion. 

    You may recall that Naomi mentioned about her love of Evolve charms after a visit to New Zealand and how she couldn't find a rugby charm from Pandora which is how she discovered Evolve.  Most recently, Naomi entered the Evolve Matariki Instagram contest and won the Matariki bracelet giveaway. Whether it is kismet or serendipity ,these recent turn of events have brought us the opportunity to interview these entrepreneurs to learn more about their Evolve Inspired Jewelry venture and their newest Stow Locket business to discuss how the Internet and Social Media have impacted the global marketplace.  

    You don't want to miss this episode!  

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    Transformation Thursday: Turn your body into the sexiest outfit you have.

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    Hi Angels Every thursday angel coaches interviews individuals who are living the life they love and loving the life they live.  Tonight we are going to interview Kris.  She lost a great deal of weight and became more healthy and of course lean.  She now she teaches others from all wals of life and age groups how to do the same.  Her approach is a bit different. She believes everyone has the power inside of them to change  Tune in tonight and find out how you can turn your body into the "sexist outfit you will ever own."  






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    the week In Reviews - Blurred Vision

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    Blurred Vision is a 3-piece progressive/psychedelic/pop rock outfit comprised of guitarist & vocalist Sepp Osley, bassist Sohl Osley and drummer Ben Riley. The band's career was launched in 2010, when the endorsement of Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters brought them international acclaim.

    Blurred Vision release their debut album 'Organized Insanity' on April 6, signed to a worldwide distribution deal through Cherry Red Records (UK). 'Organized Insanity' reveals personal stories of the modern day culture of relationships and love, while also touching on controversial themes of war, politics, religion, and the state of the music scene today. Produced by multi platinum selling producer Terry Brown, the band's unique style varies from the progressive and psychedelic rock of the 70’s, the mystical and exotic sounds and melodies of the Mid East, to an amalgamation of contemporary and unique new Rock ‘N’ Roll songs with memorable hooks and great pop sensibilities.

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    EYM ~ I gotta Get Mine!

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    Be Empowered, Grow YOU, Dream BIG, and LIVE YOUR PURPOSE!

    Follow along with us as we GROW YOUR MIND! Be ready to SEE the Dream, WRITE it down then MOVE to the Greatness and that is the VISION of YOUR FUTURE! You have to want it no one can want it for you therefore no one can fulfill YOUR DREAM! So ask yourself these simple actions. You probably have asked them before or someone asked you these already, BUT NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT! 

    What do you want, what's your goal? Where do you see yourself in 2 years and how do you plan on doing it? What are the pros and cons of your here and where you want to be? (Your Why you have not done it?)  Do you see yourself accomplishing you DREAM? Are you Dressed for Success?

    What are you dressed for? Does your outfit (your inner you) say:  Are you Professional,Business Minded, Independent, Confident etc.? OR Desperate, Low self-esteem, Lazy etc.? The key to Success is in your 1st Appearance not just in Clothing, but Attitude, Character, Verbal and Experience!

    "Empowering Your Mind" 

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    Styling From The Inside Out with Catherine Storing

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    Catherine Storing :  In Person/Virtual Stylist | International Best Selling 

    Struggle with shopping
    Not knowing what to wear
    Knowing what your body shape is
    How to put outfits together 
    And lastly but not least: what does myshape look like?

    If you struggle with any or the above then get your FREE visual report today:


    I am a woman of faith and Life Stylist with over 15 years of experience in helping mostly women of faith to find a style that reveals their true inner beauty. I always try to understand my client’s vision and bring her deep seeded dreams to the surface. I work one on one with women to help them deal with the inner issues holding them back and blocking the life they always wanted to have. 

    Before starting my own company, I helped many executive women find the right outfits and acquired the necessary skills to share my aesthetic vision with any woman- no matter the age, body type, style or industry. 

    The main purpose of my mission is to guide other godly women to find beautiful clothes without compromising their true selves. I strongly believe that fashion style is more than skin deep, which is why I have combined my styling and coaching services for women that are not afraid to share their faith through their clothes. 

    I would love to meet you virtually or in person in lovely Boston, where the shopping scene is fabulous and so fun! Let me help you create new and exciting outfit combinations!

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    LLF - Messy Varnish with Porchia & Crystal Thompson

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    A Mother and Daughter has come together to build a family business that gives women that extra Fab color to add to any chic outfit. How you can not accessorized with M3ssy Varnish? M3ssy Varnish produces press-on nails that is bold and beautiful. We are building a company base off love and passion.

    M3ssy Varnish was born in October 2011 by Porchia and Crystal Thompson. This duo is from New York City. M3ssy Varnish produce press-on nails that is to your creativity with our spin. Porchia current cosmetologist and Crystal a business women has come together to mix business with color. Porchia love for color has started as a child and Crystal always into beauty at a young age taught Porchia the role of beauty in her life. As Crystal aged business became her passion. With crystals tough love for business and Porchia weakness for color this duet couldn’t have been better.

    We will commit to personal wants and desires of our customers.
    Your Nails is my canvas.
    Color + love=M3ssy Varnish


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