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    in Spirituality

    Join us for another fascinating discussion exploring the nature of consciousness.

    Healing Post Traumatic Stress


    Metaphysical explanation of ‘Out of Body’ experience
    Trauma and Out of Body experience
    Combat Stress, Sexual Abuse, Physical Trauma
    Case Book stories: A Healing Case Study



    The Emerald Alignment
    A practical Self Help approach to Energy Field Alignment, Healing, Sealing and Protecting the auric field.


    Rainbow Light; Rainbow Light Studio; Carol Lamb's Blog

    Paranormal Matters Radio Shows

    Rainbow Light Forum

    Epiphany Press

    Rainbow Light Foundation; Rainbow Light Foundation Radio


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    Chill OUT: Healing Your Body

    in Spirituality

    How you be today?  So much has been happening lately...but to start,

    Are you enjoying the Solar Flares?  We've been having some really good ones in these past couple of days!

    Are you getting intensities in/on your body?  who or what does that belong to?

    The Solstice energy is now here...let's ground the energy of the reality you would like to create in the next 6 months, 1 yr, 3 years

    5 yrs...what will you choose to create?  what else is possible that you haven't even thought about?


    Mondays 6:30pm. EST, USA


    Guest Call In (323) 375-0849 Press 1 to talk to us!!

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    A guided journey into a lucid dream/astral projection/out of body experience!

    in Health

    A very special call next Sunday

    Special Time 1 hour later than normal!

    8AM West Coast, 9AM Mountain, 10AM Central and 11AM East Coast

    Tim is releasing a special audio on Sunday's call. 

    Be ready to listen with head phones.  You will hear a 55-minute recording, which will guide you into a deep trance state and allow you, if you are ready, to travel out of your body.  

    What else is possible for you and how did you get so lucky? 

    Tim will be taking calls to answer questions on his new audio after the 55 minutes recording. 

  • Population Health and the Patient Experience: A Perfect Pair

    in Health

    Population health has arrived on the healthcare scene, and if we’re smart, we’ll make sure it’s here to stay. Susan Marks from Amati Health will talk with Singola Consulting about why it’s smart to move towards population health, what an effective strategy looks like, and how it benefits both healthcare organizations and the patient experience.

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    The BWE Experience S2 E6

    in Entertainment

    Just 48 hours removed from BWE Smackdown, join Alfred Parsard and Rick Bond as they discuss the events of this past saturday. Also, keep your ears peeled, as you never know who will call in on the experience.

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    Chill OUT: How do you talk to your body?

    in Spirituality

    Oh, yeah...summer is here!!!

    Now that Memorial day has come and gone, and summer is "officially" here...how are you doing with your body?

    Are you judging your body and finding it wanting?

    Join us to discuss this point and whatever else comes up!!!

    We'll be taking live calls to discuss what's working and not working for YOU!


    Tuesday 5/26 @ 6:30pm. EST USA


    Guest Call In(323) 375-0849

     PRESS 1 To be in the Q

    p.s. Our apologies...completely forgot yesterday was Monday and missed our appointment!!!  Thank you for the emails and FB messages asking for the link to the show!!!

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    The BWE Experience S2 E5

    in Entertainment

    TONIGHT With just 2 days away from #‎BWESmackDown in Brooklyn, #‎AlfredParsard & #‎OMX return with an All-New 2 HOUR LIVE episode of The BWE EXPERIENCE on #‎BlogTalkRadio. OMX is expected to respond to the controversial statements made by #‎TPCAbraham this past Sunday at the Transcendent Rumble. We also have confirmation that TPC Abraham will call in LIVE to give his side of the story..And as with every episode of The BWE EXPERIENCE we can expect more #‎BWEMegastars to call in or drop in live in studio and tonight will be no exception when we go LIVE! with the biggest SmackDown preview to date.

    Tune in Tonight at 9PM

    Presented By- #‎BEATS1 24/7 Radio

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    Sarah Joyce Michel is talking about the Emotion and Body Code

    in Health

    Have you wondered what is the Emotion or Body code?  One of the I Love my Body Diet Program directors and leaders Sarah Joyce Michel will be sharing an overview of these powerful and popular practices.  She is taking volunteers to show how it works right here and now.  


    A Certified Emotion and Body Code Practitioner. Energetic healing techniques that eliminate emotional energy resulting from stressful or traumatic events in our lives. Most of us believe we have moved on and put the past in the past. Yet more often the negative emotions and thoughts we experience when in the midst of difficult situations remain with us, buried within our subconscious creating imbalances in our body. Although we can’t see them, they are real and can interfere with our happiness, our success and our health. Trapped emotions and thoughts often manifest as physical pain. They can be the source of depression, anxiety, block us from experiencing love and joy in our lives. The Emotion and Body Code use applied kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, to identity these negative energies. We then release the energy via the Governing Meridian or main energy channel of the body.  http://sarah-joyce-michel.branded.me/

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    Reach Out America Imploding the Illusion

    in Current Events

    Special Guest Bob Gill, Esq., who is representing at least two of the accused in the Twin Peaks shoot out on May 12, that left 9 people dead and 18 injured in Waco Texas, will be on to give us an update on that case.

    I will also be giving a follow-up on the arrest and death of Sandra Bland, a 28 Black woman who was pulled over by Texas State Police on July 10. Specials Guests: Efrain Gonzalez, Rodney Jackson, Don Roth and Ted Taupier.

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    Reach Out America: Opening the Vortex

    in Current Events

    Reach Out America: Opening the Vortex

    Scuttlebut of the Day:  The destruction of the Family Unit

    The Captain brings a realistic comprehensive look at The Constitution, American Values, and the true meaning of FREEDOM. Opening the Vortex exposes the truth of what is going on in our country today. Take deep look into corporate corruption of federal, state, and local governments. Be educated and KNOW the truth. Hear what they will not tell you on main corporate media. Join us live or listen in archive. Please feel free to call in with comments or questions. 

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    The Mystic Circle: Astral Projection/Out of Body Experience

    in Spirituality

    The Mystic Circle is a group of 6 spiritually gifted, Holistic Mystic Soul Sisters, covering topics from the mystic to the holistic. Join us every Thursday at 9:00pm Eastern. 

    Adrienne Michelle: Raw Food Chef, Food Blogger, Photographer, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader and Numerologist her website is tasteoftwoplates.com

    Carrie Lynn States: Reiki Shaman/Spirit/Life Coach, Psychic Intuitive /Emapth /Animal Communicator and Minister, Artist and Author. her website is http://ascending78.wix.com/higher-state and http://carrielynnstates.blogspot.ca/

    Lorrie Cabral: Psychic Medium Intuitive Empath, Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Advisor, Minister, Animal Communicator and Paranormal Investigator. Her email is Lorriec3290@gmail.com

    Mindy States: Shamanic Reiki Master/Spiritual Teacher/Coach/Mentor, Psychic Intuitive Empath, Holistic Mystic, Animal Communicator, Photographer, Minister, Author, Card Reader, co-host of Soulistic on BTR and Mom of 3, Wife of 1 :-) Her website is www.mindysmojo.com

    René Crowe: Reiki Master and Teacher, Spiritual Healer, Psychic/Medical/Herbal Intuitive, Karmic Healer, Paranormal/Spiritual Communicator and Transitioner, Holistic Mystic, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, co-host of Soulistic on BTR, and Mom of 6. Find her at Nature Mama Wellness on FB and email at Renecrowehealthcoach@gmail.com

    Sarah Helen States: Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, Psychic Intuitive Empath, Animal Communicator, Holistic Mystic and Mother of 3.