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    James and Natasha Roach Authors of Our Story

    in Self Help

    James and Natasha Roach are theFormer founders of Simplicity Chocolate Confections and Spiritual Designs, and they now work jointly as Independent Distributors of Organo Gold, the healthier coffee company and the Official and Only Partner of The Napoleon Hill Foundation where they find significance in helping others achieve success. Mr. and Mrs. Roach currently own M & MR Marketing, LLC, are rising MLM leaders in Mississippi (Jackson), and new authors of "OUR STORY: Every love story is beautiful but we admire ours the most.”

    Their focus is on being the comprehensive elements of what was designed by God for marriage and partnership. Walking in purpose has allowed them as Partners in Marriage and Business to stand out in this world. With great enthusiasm, they desire to be a ray of hope to people directly and indirectly as purposed.

    Our Story is a book on our journey to purpose as a husband and wife. We are often asked questions about our relationship, or told how we are admired because of it. While this book shares our story, it also highlights invaluable principles for relationships and personal well-being that have been instrumental in our growth. Our hope for those that read our story, whether married or not, is that they reflect on their own process to refine those divine lessons that ultimately equip them for greater works. Like many romantic comedies that we enjoy, we believe every Love Story is beautiful but we Admire ours the most!


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    The MAC Show's OUR STORY 101 Religion and Spirituality

    in Spirituality

    Tonight on The MAC Show: Our Story 101, Me&Mi speak on Religion, Spirituality. Share some perspectives, definitions and get into a few Religious/Spiritual Systems.. Call in and Join the Conversation!

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    Our Story

    in Relationships

    Our Story

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    The "Todd's" Telling our Story from Virginia to Kentucky with Phyllis Grimes

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    The Todd’s telling our Story from Virginia to Kentucky.

    Underwood vs Underwood’s Executor, 1830, Federal Records, United States Circuit Court Records, 5th Circuit Court, obtained from the Library of Virginia’s Manuscripts Collection in Richmond.

    The library is a wealth of knowledge and you can find books, periodicals, reference material and if you look real hard, you will find your ancestors hanging out in the library collections just waiting to be discovered.  Starting 20 April 1826 and ending 19 December 1830, there was a lawsuit brought by the heirs of Jane Pollard Dandridge Underwood against James Underwood, her estate executor. This lawsuit was filed by the heirs to recover the slaves and the income they had produced from James Underwood.  As a descendant of enslaved ancestors, you can only research so far before you hit a brick wall.  However, it is possible to go beyond that brick wall and find incredible information about your family’s past. 

    Phyllis Grimes is a graduate of Arizona State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies.  Phyllis held various positions working for the Maricopa County Superior Court System and is an employee for the State of Arizona as an Investigator.   Phyllis’ passion is researching her family history and she has been involved in genealogical research for over the past 20 years.  While researching her history, she has gained a greater appreciation for early American History.  She holds the position of the Family Historian/Genealogist for her family.



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    Journey With A Shaman As We Write Our Story

    in Motivation

    In honor of this Leo New Moon John Norseman will have a conversation with us, about his journey and the courage within to share this journey.  Offering inspiration for writing our own story in the world.

    Muse Broadcast is also honored to have Essence Ka Tha'ras sharing with us a Metatronic Numerology reading associated with our New Moon.

    "John Norseman was guided by Spirit, to write Journey of a Shaman the surpose being to provide help, guidance, hope and inspiration to as many people, of all ages, as possible." Throughout the writing anad creative process of Journey of a Shaman John Norseman kept in communication with Spirit for direction of book.  One day when John asked Spirit if he was on track, the reply was quick as well as brief and he knew later he would find the answer.  John Norseman later that day had a conversation with a gentleman Harvey, who saw in John what he wished to gain from life.  Harvey asked John for guideance and inspiration.
    John Norsemans response was:
    "Follow your heart, not your head."
    "Walk away from all negativity."
    "Remember that there is nothing to stop you from achieving anything you want, except the blocks in your own mind."

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    Our Downton Abbey Podcast: Ep. 6.6 "Series 6, Ep. 6"

    in Television

    Jack and Cyndi talk about Series 6, episode 6 of Downton Abbey. They are going to be podcasting about each episode based on the U.S. air schedule.

    Become a Jay and Jack Patron! Check out their Patreon page for more information at www.patreon.com/jayandjack.

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    Messages to Our Daughters: A Conversation With Tiffany King

    in Women

    Join us for a conversation with author Tiffany King to discuss her book, Messages to Our Daughters, a project that was originally intended as a guide to her daughter about protection and safety. King decided to turn those messages into a guide for all young women to follow. Topics covered include: how to be better aware of manipulators and abusers, the art of self-love, and tips to increase your safety.

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    Their Love has stood the test of time - A Pre Valentine Love Story

    in Relationships

    Maria Robbie & Craig Lane Are A Dynamic Songwriting And Production Duo! Craig Is Known For His Amazing Keyboards Via Decades Of Work With The Groups: R.J.'S LATEST ARRIVAL AND AL HUDSON & ONE WAY! In An Era Where Strong, Loving Relationships Rarely Last, Listen As This Amazing Couple Renews Our Confidence In Real Love And Solidarity At Work And In The Home. The Joy And Delight That Maria & Craig Genuinely Exude Is Infectious! DON'T MISS THIS ENDEARING INTERVIEW!

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    In the Wings of our Stories: Coping with Drought: On Mkenya Ujerumani Radio

    in Religion

    Drought is a dry spell that we frequently encounter in our lives. Drought may cause spiritual, emotional and physical challenges.Beatrice Ndura will give you insight on dealing with dry spells.Time 7pm Germany Time, 1pm ET, 11am MT, 12pm CT, 10am PT. Listen live at: http://radio.mkenyaujerumani.de


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    Hector & Dianna: A Prison Story

    in Entertainment

    In the beginning....... Today's episode reveals to the world the unlikely and private relationship between Hector, a Latino prisoner in solitary confinement in a Texas penitentiary, and Dianna, a woman in Canada who devoted the greater part of her life to finding inner freedom. This series begins with the first letters that were exchanged between Hector and Dianna, which I am going to read on air.

    It's private, it's personal, Whether you have been to prison, know someone in prison, or you have nothing to do with prison or prisoners, there are deep messages in this series that everyone can relate to.

    Be sure to send me your comments and any questions you have. Maybe I will answer them on air. Send to nancy@nancyat noon.com and please visit my website at nancyatnoon.com for blog articles, tips and personal and private email consultation services. If you feel stuck in the areas of love, health or relationships, let's start a conversation to get you unstuck.

    Nancy Murdoch is an artist, author of 3 books and a licensed HeartMath coach.

    If you like jewelry, visit Crooked Castle Jewels created by Hayley Murdoch-Fyke and Nancy.