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    Intercessory Word And Prayer

    in Spirituality

    Welcome Back To Here We Are To Worship Internet Radio Ministry!

    Join Host, Minister Valerie Allen, as she continually, Boldly enthrones the throne of grace in Anointed, Intercessory Word And Prayer: "THE JOY OF THE LORD: SOUND MIND!!" II Timothy 1:7.

    Colossians 1:9, For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you.

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    Showers of Blesssings Live Sunday Morning Serv-Cathedral of Greater Blessings

    in Religion

    Come and share with us Each Sunday Morning, Sunday School at 10:00am- Showers of Blessings Worship and Praise Experience each Sunday Morning at 11:30am

    and each Tuesday Night at 6:00pm -7:00pm for our "Terrific Tuesday Night of Preaching/Teaching Service  and now Friday Nights( 6:00pm to 7:30pm - Night in Red)- Word of Victory Service

    We are located at 4275 Winchester Rd, Ste 3628 Commerce Cr. Memphis Tn 38118

    E-mail us at Blessof Rehoboth@aol.com

    www.touchedbythewordministries.vpweb.com-  call us at 901) 228-8274

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    The First Word

    in Social Networking

    The First Word is a men's ministry that focuses on getting men back to the altar of God to take up his role in family, church and community leadership

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    The True Word Hosted Mowreh ELqanah Ben YisraEL Every Sunday 3:30-5:00 pm

    in Culture

    Listen every Sunday to The True Word with Mowreh Elqanah Ben Yisrael, a servant of YAHWEH.   If you want to know the truth! you must listen, we are the True Children Of the MOST HIGH! We must obey YAHWEH and keeps his commandments. Call in ask questions, join in the conversation, and enlighten your mind. We are living in the last days and YAHWEH will redeem his people. You can also call 323-443-7418 Praise YAHWEH ELOHIM! 


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    GET an A+ in COUNTRY, a fine Pres: 120 Million Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton

    in Elections

    You have seen the Glamour of the Democrats’ & Republicans’ Debates. You have heard their Clamor. You have assessed 

    the answers of these Political Candidates. Each answer was a Political one since each is a Politician the moment each one took a Party designation. At this moment, the future of our Country must, not should, be in the hands of all non-Politicians, all Democrats with Republicans unhooking their voting umbilical cords. Why, because it is necessary to avoid the Political Parties’ voting mistakes of the past. It seems that right now Democrats and republicans are oppositely charged

    Politicians: ions of opposite charging. A future President from either Party will still be charged with opposite ions and provoke another term of stagnation. The only smart and even way to a better future is with a non-Politician, not of Political Pedigree but born from among the people who never make it into Politics, into the Directorships’ & Secretaries’ of our Govern-ment Agencies and their Sub-Departments, into the CEO Chairs of Industry, into Congress, into the Governo-rships, into the Seats of State Legislatures, into the Political Boards of County/Town Education, Councils, Police and the Haunts of HOAs: Home Owner Associations – mine is unfair and others follow suit – legal suits against homeowners. Our DAILY World needs a person clear of Politics, Negotiation and Deals. I can deliver fairness, rescue, answers, solutions and better well being. c2itfor us both, Curtis Clinton 

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    Embracing hope and healing through the teaching of the Word of God

    in Religion

    The hustle and bustle of today's life encounters have pushed many unsuspecting souls into walls of total confusion and despair. Challenged daily by unrelenting influences of a culture that appears not to care, many feel as though they are losing their grip. Jesus tells us to cast our cares upon Him for He cares for us. But, even that truth appears to be irrelevant in a world gone topsy turvey. I offer you a solution. Get a cup of tea. Grab your phone, or computer and journey with me into the Word of God. Prayerfully these teachings will add hope and healing to your day and upcoming week. Let Morning Manna Online Church become a place of respite on those Sunday mornings when an encouraging word is not an option.  

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    Training day 11: The cost and benefits of being a disciple; BOOT CAMP FOR JESUS!

    in Christianity

    Good evening and Happy Valentine's Day! Tonight we will conclude our teaching on discipleship by counting up the cost. We will also discuss the many benefits to being a disciple for the Lord. As I mentioned, we will begin a 2 week fast on Monday, February 15th ending on the 1st of March. We will be doing things a little different than our last fast. During the two weeks we are going to deny ourselves any outside sources so that we may hear from the Lord in a mightly way! This means, no television, youtube, internet, facebook, instagram, twitter and so forth. We really want to hear from God, so we are shutting the outside world out. This is a major part of our boot camp for the Lord. During this time I do believe we are going to hear God's instructions for each of our lives. I do hope after boot camp is over that you all make the decision to take up your cross and follow Jesus...

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    Prophetic Corner Prophetess Martha Williams / by Prophetic Corner | Christian

    in Christianity

    Join us for an awesome time in God word. A show in season you don't want to miss. The show time is 5:00 pm EST Prophetic Corner Prophetess Martha Williams  mark your calendar so you want miss the show.Come expecting God to give a word that will change your life a word that will make you over again. He is pouring out his spirit, come on in where you fit and watch God move.The show time is Sunday 5 pm EST invite a neighbor and a friend to listen and be blessed. It’s time to raise your level of expectation and get your word from the lord.  

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    Faith or Fear, "I Choose Life"

    in Spirituality

    God has a plan for your life, to give you a hope, and a future! God has and wants the best for you. Through God's Word we learn about experiencing the abundance of peace and joy, which God has for you, and can have it all!!!

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This radio show will be looking and discussion issues retlated to problems that we our facing this year in our country and was to solve thes issues.

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    Time and Practical Christianity

    in Christianity

    In the Age of Knowledge, God wanted man to become aware of his need for God. In the Age of Grace, God wants man to have that need met. In the Age to come, God wants man to learn to live in dependence and freedom, without any constraints from the law, and all that that means, by first starting to rule and reign over our selves.

    Practical Christianity

    We’re talking about knowing how God works in our lives in ways in which we can cooperate with Him on a day-to-day basis in whatever circumstances we find ourselves. Practical Christianity is about our relationship with God, with the Holy Spirit, with Jesus and with the Father. We want to know how to relate, and then do it.

    Practical Christianity is Practicable

    There are things we can do objectively, not depending on others’ approval or direction, that will bring measurable results. God doesn’t want us to be wondering how we’re doing, what He thinks about us, or if we’re pleasing Him. He wants us to know — in reality — what to do and how to be. And since we’re free to make mistakes, we can practice what He’s teaching us as much as is necessary. We will be “practicing” our relationship with God for as long as we are here on this earth. Though we attain certain skills, there will always be another area to explore, since God Himself is never-ending, and is always creating new experiences for us to share with Him.

    God also wants us to know where He’s taking us. He wants us to have personal goals, worked out between us and Him. And He wants us to know when we’ve achieved them. Along with this, He wants us to know what our limitations are, and abide by them until He changes them. What God has purposed for someone else may not be for us at all.