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    Dropping the Excuses! How to Create your Blissed Out, Beautiful Life!

    in Self Help

    We all make them, excuses. Whether you missed a deadline, late to dinner, or can't make it to the gym, there always is a reason. They seem harmless however excuses hold us back from living a satisfied life. Our team of coaches will discuss how you can break through mental stories and create strategies to stop limiting your potential!

    Tune in to learn how you can step out of your way and into a life you love!

    Danielle Mercurio is a transformational coach, intuitive astrologist and Kundalini Yoga & meditation teacher, who inspires individuals to experience bliss in their everyday life! www.daniellemercurio.com

    Amy Stahler is an Intuitive, a Certified Life Coach, Holistic Healer, and adventure travel junkie. Through, Life Alchemy by Amy, she fuses hands-on energy healing therapy with intuitive coaching and over 15 years of leadership experience in the military and the corporate world.  Diving deep into inner soul work, Amy is on a mission to help people bust through their inner blocks, heal physical + emotional pain and create lifestyles that truly light them up.  You can read about her brand Untamed Life at www.theuntamedseries.com or her programs at lifealchemybyamy.com

    Asa Leveaux works with entrepreneurs to maintain a luxury level of accountability in their endeavors. Asa is the Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer of Leveaux Group, Inc and the Founder of Genius Academy. Asa has written the following books: “Why I Won’t Hire Black People”, “365 Erotic Reasons Why I Love You”, “Journey to Genius: Taking Entrepreneurs from Bullshit to Blissful Success”, and “I Am Man Enough: 365 Affirmations for Men”.

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    JOAH Unleash Your Hidden Genius

    in Spirituality

    More discussion about JOURNALS OF A HEALER and the upcoming revision, JOURNALS OF A KARMIC HEALER

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    Lets Talk Business w/ Mechelle Tucker the 1st Class Consultant!

    in Marketing

    Mechelle Tucker is a creative authority in networking because of who she knows, and has become a sought after business leader in the marketplace. 

    A leading business consultant, connector, branding specialist, digital media maven, marketing strategist who provides client counsel, support and leadership to business owners, moguls, chief executives, celebrities, philanthropists, professional athletes, performing artists and authors since 2006 who have faced a broad spectrum of issues and/or challenges. 

    Over the years Mechelle has hosted, organized and managed numerous seminars, networking mixers and red carpet events: Grammy Awards Weekend, NBA All Star Weekend, WNBA All Star Weekend, BET Awards Weekend, The AZ Reggae Fest, Anguilla Sports and Music Festival, AZ Pro Bowl Weekend, Toast To Young Hollywood, Money Mayweather Weekend, T.I Live in Phoenix, South West Urban Music Awards, The Elite Mixer, Cultivating The Community, The Team Trout Experience, NFL Super Bowl Weekend and so on. 

    After commandeering hundreds of successful independent, corporate and celebrity events providing exceptional services that redefine a new wave of creating Win-Win-Wins in Business. Mechelle herself was nominated for “The Stars of Tomorrow People Plus Award”, mentioned in Top Selling Book "Genius Potential" In addition to has been featured on numerous radio shows and news publications to share her insight on philanthropy, business, social media, networking and current events.

    As a wife, mother, entrepreneur, consultant, branding expert, trendsetter, educator, philanthropist and non-stop career professional, Mechelle is indeed one of the hardest working women in the entertainment business world.

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    How does Astrology affect your life with KG Stiles

    in Spirituality

    Creator of the 'Genius Blueprint' astrology coaching system KG Stiles has established a reputation for healing lives and has been the go-to trusted advisor for many successful entrepreneurs and celebrities in the world, as well as individuals who want relevant insights, strategies and solutions to create major breakthrough experiences in life. 


    With more than 35 years of practical training and experience as a professional metaphysician KG has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to overcome challenges and realize their goals and dreams. A visionary and pioneer metaphysician and intuitive astrologer coach KG has been offering her professional services since 1980. She has a B.A. in philosophy and background training in Jungian archetypal psychology and social work with advanced degrees in the transformational healing arts. 


    KG is the host of the YouTube shows, Moonscapes Love Your Life Astrology,' 'Aromatherapy Library TV,' 'and 'Conversations to Enlighten and Heal.' Her guests have included internationally renowned thought leaders and experts in the consciousness, aromatherapy, astrology and self help space including, New York Times best-selling authors, Bruce Lipton PhD, Gregg Braden, Eldon Taylor PhD, Judith Orloff MD, Lada Duncheva and many more...


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    Integrative Medicine with Lucy Postolov, L.Ac. S1:E5

    in Health

    Popular Acupuncturist and Herbologist Lucy Postolov discusses the Arasys Genius Inch loss and facial rejuvenation program that is popular with both men and women here in her Los Angeles office. In today's podcast, Lucy will speak to the amazing results achieved using the Arasys Genius, for inch loss and toning. This unique program was developed in Europe and is used by thousands. It is now available in Los Angeles at Lucy's office. For more information visit www.lucypostolov.com


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    JOAH Unleash Your Hidden Genius

    in Spirituality

    Readers of JOURNALS OF A HEALER, A Personal Account of Ventures Beyond Time, Space and So-Called Reality have asked for inside information about rewriting history and eliminating karma as defined in the book. Mary has graciously agreed to answer questions and provide personal experiences that led to the writing of this non-fiction book.

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    The Regular Moviegoer

    in Movies

    A movie show for movie lovers with many emotions in their head!

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    in Politics Progressive

    Dylann Roof a  A 21-year-old South Carolinian --- admits he did it, two law enforcement officials said -- shooting and killing nine people he'd sat with for Bible study at a historically black church (Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church) in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday night of this week.


    I'm sorry, but there's just something about WHITE PEOPLE & GUNS That Is A Most Dangerous Concoction Of A Cocktail For Utter Violence & Mayhem!


    We Do Not Live In A Well-Regulated Society.  We Live In A Money Talks, Bullshit Walks Society.


    We Don't Live In A Truly Free Society, Rather We Live In A Free-For-All Society.  There's A Big Fucking Difference!


    Your Right To Bear Arms Ends With My Right To Ambulate Through This Life Unimpeded By Completely Unnecessary Appendages/Accoutrements --- i.e., Bullet Firing Mechanisms, GUNS!


    Say What You Will About The 2nd Amendment But The Framers Of The Constitution Never SERIOUSLY --- & The Emphasis Is On SERIOUSLY ---- Considered The Right To Bear Arms As An "Individual" Thing ---- But A Societal Thing, i.e., MILITIA ---- & A Well-Regulated One At That!


    2nd Amendmenters --- Shut The Fuck Up & Just Know That Your Day Is Coming & Don't Even Try To Push Back!


    You'll Be Ostracized As Social Pariah To Start With & Over Time Your Social Standing & Views Will Become Much More Anathema To The Average American & Will More & More Appear Incompatible To What It Means To Be A Truly Normal, Well-Regulated, Civilized Human Being And Citizen.


    You Can Look Around The World And See That The Amount Of Murders & Fatalities Due To Guns Is A FRACTION Of What It Is In This Country.

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    The 20 Sign Posts for Being on The Path

    in Spirituality

    This week Jeff and Jamine discuss the 20 things that are experienced when an individual is on the path to embodying their Higher Self, Genius, or Soul. Listen along as we discuss the things that manifest into awareness when one is on this wonderful Path of Enlightenment!

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    Single Mom Sage Hour~Amazing Dads with Asa Leveaux

    in Lifestyle

    It's July so it's time to celebrate FATHERS. Join Ms. Jennifer Pink as she celebrates an AMAZING Dad who is better known as The Chief Genius Activator Mr. As a Leveaux. Listen as he shares never heard before pieces of his journey of being an amazing Dad.

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    Dr. Janice Fletcher, Author, Speaker, Trainer

    in Radio

    Dr. Fletcher transitions us to conscious learning, by awakening potential genius and creating optimal learning for all through her books, Wisdom from the Inner Teacher; Turning Aha!s into OWL Moments (Optimal Wisdom Learning) and Teach with Spirit: The Teacher’s Inward Journey Guide. She integrates her vast educational experience with her spiritual passion, bringing a unique process which results in consistent OWL moments and teachers teaching from a spiritual perspective. She simply, but profoundly, teaches the six-step process, through neuroscience, biology, right-left brain research and philosophy that lead us to the magic of receiving wisdom. It is her passion to support our transform to conscious availability, intentional expectation and acceptance of our genius. She delivers and customizes her OWL message through keynotes, conference break-outs, trainings and Webinars. More about her? janicefletcher.com