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    Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin

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    Tonight on Discover Janesville: Janesville Restaurant Review Best of 2013 winners announced, from earlier this year, conversation with Lon Haenel of Bliss Media about the new Janesville Gazette website, US Congressman Mark Pocan about his differences and similarities with Paul Ryan, editor of Janesville Restaurant Review Adam Rutherford called in live to talk about JRR's Best of 2013 poll, and an encore presentation of my conversation with Kelley Blair-Ostermann of the Ruby Project!  Be in the know.  Discover Janesville. 

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    Episode Zero: The Saga Begins

    in Music

    In the inaugural pre-episode of the All You Can Hear Ear Buffet, your host Adam will break down his vision for his new show, inclusing what the show will and won't be (and a glimpse into the hopeful future.) We'll break down the new releases from October 29th and check out some great shows going on in the southern WI area this week. The actual first LIVE episode will be Thursday, but this will be a great taste of what to expect... I did not realize that I only scheduled the show for 30 minutes so I get cut off halfway through the live announcements, apologies about that. (Also apologies that I sound like an overmedicated kindergarten teacher doing those, I was getting a weird echo on my mike and I was worried words were running into each other. I guess that's why you do episode zeros sometimes...)

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