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    White house lie surpasses Obama Care- Obama Bin Laden

    in Moms and Family

    Four years after U.S. forces assassinated Osama bin Laden, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has published an explosive piece claiming much of what the Obama administration said about the attack was wrong. Hersh claims at the time of the U.S. raid bin Laden had been held as a prisoner by Pakistani intelligence since 2006. Top Pakistani military leaders knew about the operation and provided key assistance. Contrary to U.S. claims that it located bin Laden by tracking his courier, a former Pakistani intelligence officer identified bin Laden’s whereabouts in return for the bulk of a $25 million U.S. bounty. Questions are also raised about whether bin Laden was actually buried at sea, as the U.S. claimed. Hersh says instead the Navy SEALs threw parts of bin Laden’s body into the Hindu Kush mountains from their helicopter. The White House claims the piece is "riddled with inaccuracies." Hersh joins us to lay out his findings and respond to criticism from government officials and media colleagues.

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    Osama Bin Laden lives on . . . The Ultimate "Inception" Strategy

    in Politics

    It's Tuesday!  That means Matt is joined by Justin Anderson (of JA Circuit infamy.) Today is an improv on a variety of topics with emphasis of NSA wiretapping and the real dangers and background behind this violation of our fourth amendment right.  Buckle your seat belts!

    Things considered today:  Is Osama Bin Laden winning his war against America?  Is it reasonable to assume that we continue to sacrifice our liberties for security because of 9/11?  Did Osama pull off the ultimate "Inception" strategy . . .  planting the seed that would destroy America from within.

    Is possible to win ANY argument against ANYONE ever?!  Especially an ex-wife? 

    Do you think we have gone too far in sacrificing liberty for security?  Comment below . . . look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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    Osama bin Laden

    in Politics

    This show will be on the history of Osama bin Laden, his connection to the CIA under the name of Tim Osman, the fake "terrorist" group (CIA database) of al Qaeda, and how he has probably been dead for some time now and why they would pick the timing to say he was dead and then bury him at sea to conceal the evidence. 

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    The Death Of Osama Bin Laden

    in Entertainment

    Osama Bin Laden is dead, President Obama announced Sunday night, in a televised address to the nation. His death was the result of a U.S. operation launched today in Abbottabad, Pakistan, against a compound where bin Laden was believed to be hiding, according to U.S. intelligence. After a firefight, a small team of American forces killed bin Laden and took possession of his body,
    The conspiracy theories have already started, and people all over the world want to see Osama Bin Laden death picture, and are now starting claims that the government is covering him up. There are rumors that the United States shot the wrong person that looks like Osama Bin Laden, and that is why they dumped him at sea.
    Join Jeff and Robert as they discuss these claims and put their own twist on the up and coming issues that might surround his death. Should the United States pull out of the Middle East, or is our troops being in the Middle East a Strategic deployment to show our presents in the world, or to stop any further attacks on US soil. Can the United States afford another war in the Middle East, and could this be leading up to the religious war? World War 3 Armageddon.
    Show sponsored by TGAPH.tv and GH Talk Radio

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    Controversy Wednesday: The Death of Osama Bin Laden "Hoax"

    in News

    Speak On It! Live Online Radio presents Controversy Wednesday: Real News, Real Headlines, Uncensored
    On tonights episode [4/10/13] I will be discussing The Death Of Osama Bin Laden with a Special Co-Host, YouTuber "Phil". The lies, the fake photograph's, Osama being being funded & supported by the CIA - When will more American's "wake up" & demand the truth? Tune in to hear what I believe the truth behind this is. Call In & Join Us! (646)929-0059
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    Finding Osama Bin Laden

    in Politics

    Some people believe that Osama Bin Laden is hiding in a cave. But I think otherwise. Join me as we explore the possibilities of finding this public enemy # 1

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    The Death of Osama bin Laden

    in Politics Conservative

    Join me and my guests Jazz Shaw, Rich Baehr, and Fausta Wertz as we examine the political, cultural, international, and personal aspects of the death of Osama bin Laden.

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    An Artist Speaks Season 4 Episode 25 with Guest Artist Bin Feng

    in Art

    Hear Fine Art Photogropher Bin Feng describ his artistic process with host Michael Harris.  Bin Feng was born in 1989 in Shanghai, China. He received his BFA from Shanghai Institute of Visual Art in 2012. At the same year, he started the MFA program of Photography in Savannah College of Art and Design, where he currently resides. Being a photographer, he also makes video installations, sculptures and large scale oil paintings. As the result of the language barrier, he becomes an outsider in United States. However, he takes the benefit of it and he is dedicated to act in the gap between the cultural differences.  “This photo series continues to explore the idea of the “American Dream” from an eastern male gaze. By staging the moment of daily life, the artist performs as an actor and jumps between the fiction and reality, which essentially conveys the notion of the history of a man is mobilized by images. I believe art is entertaining.”

    To read the CAGO Newsletter, visit www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com and click on the CAGO Media tab. On this page you will find our radio shows, videos and newsletters.

    Contemporary Art Gallery Online continues each month with their monthly art competitions and exhibitions.  Go to www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com, and Click on the Art Competition tab for details.

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    Seattle Sin Bin: Geoff Baker talks Key Arena.

    in Hockey

    Seattle Sin Bin: Geoff Baker talks Key Arena.

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    A Psychological Profile of Osama Bin Laden

    in Current Events

    Hi Folks!
    This show will take a look at a psychological profile of Osama Bin Laden and how to rid our society of terrorism and those whom may promote it~
    Stay Tuned for my next show...I will be posting it within a few weeks...

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    Pam Geller and "Osama Bin Laden"

    in News

    Tonight on the Stage Right Show Pam Geller and "Osama Bin Laden: Live from Hell" join us.