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    RYAN ROCKS IT! with COLEMAN R. BRICE, singer-songwriter-recording Artist

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    Ryan Rocks It! with friend Colie Brice Monday, November 23 RD at 5:30 PM.  I have known this awesome and multi talented Man for many years now.  I first heard Colie perform with Jason Lusardi aka Jay Walker, bass player.  Colie and Jay played together for many years in Colie's band "Folie Brice New Age Blues Experience".  I like this qote of Colie's,  "Experiences Compose the Symphony of Life", so true.   Colie has recorded over 30 something albums, some on mjajor labels with big budgets, others recorded at home DY style on indie labels.  Recording highlights range from three elaborately produced albums with Phantom's Opera which at on etime featured Michael Romeo (Symphony X) and later Karl Cochran of Ace Frehley (KISS) and Joe Lynn Turner's (Rainbow, Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen).  Colie will tell you that he was stubbornly persistent in pursuing a big time music carer, but after tripping out at a Grateful Dead Show, he started pursuing a more personal creative direction he called the "LUNA MUSE" principle and started branding his own kind of music he loosely called New Age Blues.  To that end, in 1997, Colie's Solo debut New Age Blues was accepted in teh 40 TH Annyual Gramy Nomination  Entry List in several cataegories including Top Instrumental for "17G (Tribute to Jerry."  

    As a stage musician, Colie has performed at diverse venues ranging from The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, to the Roxy Theater in Hollywood, California and many points inbetween.  Colie shared the bill with an scletic variety of notable acts such as Dick Dale, Layonne Homes ( Jon Bon Jovi Solo Band), Juggling Suns, Tony Levin, Dick Manitoba, Marshall Tucker, Skid Row, Jill Sobule and Southside and the Asbury Jukes among many others.  

    Please go to my fb page for mor information on Colie Brice.  


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    Bryan Levin

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    Bryan Levin

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    Political Animals-Robert Kennedy--younger brother of President ohn Kennedy(Assasinated november 22nd 1963)--Robert Kennedy became one of the 1968 Democratic Party candidates for President, But was assasinated in Los Angeles California

    ***President Charles De Gaulle victim of terroist assasination attemp  Orly AirportParis site of Terroist attack during the  Algerian War

    --***Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau--Terroism--assasination in Quebec Canada 1970

    ***San Francisco Connection to World War One deportation of accused Anarchists and Communists-The Red Ark--US Navy ship used transport accused Anarchists and Communists back to Russia

    POLITICAL FICTION--Only Japenese --Americans of Japanese descent were interned--FALSE--FICTION.

    The US during world war two interned Germans--Italians as well as Japanese

    Other Countries also interned  enemy alies--Australia-Canada--South American countries


    November  20th Births Deaths  & events relevant to US(a)

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    Bill Bender, Kevin McGuire and more!

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    Tonight on the program:

    6:30 PM MT: Kevin McGuire from NBC’s College Football talk as he comes on the program to talk #TCU, #Navy and games to watch for

    6:45 PM MT: Bill Bender comes on the program to preview the #MichiganState vs. #OhioState game, his thoughts on the #Big12 and more!

    7:00 PM MT: Jesse Kurtz from the Mountain West Network comes on the program to give us a rundown on who Air Force truly is.

    7:20 PM MT: Robert from BNN will join us and give us the weekly update on the world of recruiting.

    7:45 PM MT: We will play an interview with Bryan Levin of KBOI that I conducted yesterday afternoon. We talk about how to stop the option attack and more

    8:00 PM MT: Air Force Beat Writer Brent Briggeman from The Gazette in Colorado Springs joins the program to give us some players to watch for during the game tomorrow in Albertsons Stadium.

    Updates on BSU at #12 Arizona throughout the program and more as we are LIVE!

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    Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

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    The featured BlogTalkRadio broadcast Westchester on the Level with Narog and Aris opens at the top of the 10am EST hour with Prof. Oren M. Levin-Waldman and Host Hezi Aris in discussion over his article, "Revisiting ‘Defining Deviancy Down’ By OREN M. LEVIN-WALDMAN, Ph.D." 

    Dan Murphy, Rising Media Group Editor-in-Chief and Wednesday Co-host joins Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor to engage in discussion over issues concerning the City of Yonkers at 11-11:30am Eastern Time.

    Hezi Aris engages in about 15 minutes of international news reviews and analysis from 11:30am EST.

    Yonkers Downtown B.I.D. Executive Director Daniel Lipka attends the program at 11:45am.

    Your participation is shamelessly solicited; share your perspective; ask a question, be heard! Place your call to (347) 205-9201. You are only asked to please stay on topic.

    Listen live or on demand: http://tobtr.com/8060365


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    Gems of Wisdom-Be the Christmas Present

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    Show Goal-to share ideas and experiences on How we can focus on a new way of experiencing traditions?

    How can we be more Joyful for the Holidays by Being Christmas Present?

    Join Teresa with guests Rev Brigid Waszcznak and Lucia Bettler. Stay tuned for the Wisdom Circle.

    “Habits allow us to not think about what we’re doing . . . giving us the illusion of ease. We are under the illusion of ease, not thinking about what we’re doing – breathing the same old way, moving the same old way, thinking the same old way we check out of the present and out of happiness itself.” ~ Alex Levin

    Join the 21 Days of Giving Your Best, here:


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    @SonnyThomasShow: Guest Dr. Orly Taitz

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    Sonny gives you his take on the latest stories and featuers guest Orly Taitz







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    Terese Rolke & the Dance for Kindness in Red Bank

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    Terese Rolke knows a thing or two about kindness. In fact she’s a Group Leader and Kindness Ambassador for Life Vest Inside, which is an organization devoted to promoting worldwide kindness. The mission of Life Vest Inside is: To EMPOWER and UNITE the world with KINDNESS. Life Vest Inside equips people worldwide with the necessary tools to recognize their own potential to become a catalyst for positive change in the world. We transform inspiration into action through inspirational media, technology, education, and on-the-ground social engagement. I had the honor of interviewing Orly Wahba, the Founder and CEO and you can listen to that here. World Kindness Day is Nov 13, and to kick it off Life Vest Inside features their Worldwide Dance for Kindness. Locally, this occurred Nov 8 on Broad Street in the heart of downtown Red Bank with approximately 150 people who participated in this choreographed dance which included an original song written especially for the event. Terese’s group was one of 100 locations spanning 50 countries, dancing the same dance to the same song on the same day. Cool, right? Why care about kindness? Treating people with kindness is the right thing to do. Besides that, there’s science behind acts of kindness. Like most medical antidepressants, kindness stimulates the production of serotonin which heals your wounds, calms you down, and makes you happy! After the interview, check out After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    Are You Ready to Get Your Message Amplified!

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    Orly’s Business Power Hour! With Orly Amor

    Are You Ready to Get Your Message Amplified!

    My guest this Saturday is Ken Rochon.  Ken has authored 10 books and published over 40 books. He has helped over 500 artists, authors, causes, entrepreneurs, musicians, speakers, and leaders 'Amplify' their message using leveraging techniques in social media to create epic viral campaigns.

     Ken's primary focus is supporting great leaders. His company The Umbrella Syndicate reaches on average 40,000 people a week on Facebook and he helps over 800 pages grow using 'Amplification' strategies associated with campaigns and events. This page has over 100,000 clicks and engagement a week, making it one of the more active social media pages in the world.

     Ken has visited over 100 countries and loves to photograph the world. He still mixes cultural music and is considered a world class fusion deejay.  He is married and a proud father of his son Kenny also known as K3.  His lives in Ellicott City, MD with his family.  Ken has served as an Officer in the U.S. Army and taught introduction to Physics and Chemistry

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley  on Saturday, November 7th, 2015 at 8:00pm EST.  Don’t Miss Your Business Power Hour!

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    What Does Tuesday's Election Results Mean?

    in US Government

    Following Tuesday's election results, analysis was available in print, digital, talk radio, and probably at your work place water cooler as to what this means.

    On Wednesday's Mark Levin show, Mark spent the majority of the first two hours of his show laying out the case that the grassroots, We the People, have shown that we are ready to consider the alternative to the business as usual in Washington, D.C.  With the continuing show of strength for Constitutional Conservative candidates and policies in local and statewide races, ballot initiatives, and referendums, NOW is the time to take advantage of this interest.

    We will spend time on this past week's news and how it relates to the Convention of States, and then spend some presentation time reviewing the Tuesday election results, the implications in general, and then some specific, individual applications based on those implications.

    The presentation section of this podcast is particularly relevant for those either already in a leadership position with the Convention of States Project (District Captains in particular), and for those who have indicated or demonstrated that they are ready to pursue a leadership position.

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    Wstchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

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    YONKERS, NY – November 3, 2015 -- Professor Oren M. Levin-Waldman, Ph.D., of the Graduate School for Public Affairs and Administration at Metropoltan College of New York Mexplains in greater depth, "A Rawlsian Argument for the Minimum Wage" during the opening 10am hour, Wednesday, November 4, 2015, with Host Hezi Aris.

    Dan Murphy, Yonkers Rising Editor-in-Chief and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Editor engage in discussion over Tuesday's Election Day results for the Cities of Yonkers and Mount Vernon, among other issues concerning the City of Yonkers at the top of the second hour on Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris, from 11-11:30am Eastern Time

    Musician Daniel Rodriguez speaks to us from11:30am to the conclusion of our broadcast day at 12Noon.

    Your participation is shamelessly solicited; share your perspective; ask a question, be heard! Place your call to (347) 205-9201. You are only asked to please stay on topic.

    Listen live or on demand: http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/WestchesterOnTheLevel/