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    This is the first show that has a mature ratings. I can't even put this in the description it is way to explict  you just have to listen. I will direct you to one amazing video that will blow you away!

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    The orgasm is widely regarded as the peak of the sexual excitement. MediLexicon defines it as "the acme of the sexual act." 1 It is a powerful feeling of physical pleasure and sensation, which includes a discharge of accumulated erotic tension. 2

    People of all genders can have orgasms and through a variety of different sources. Dr. Alfred Kinsey, the pioneering sex researcher, listed coitus, masturbation, nocturnal dreams, and "premarital petting" as some sources of orgasm for men and women in his studies of 1948 and 1953.3

    Overall though, not a great deal is known about the orgasm, and over the past century, theories about the orgasm and its nature have shifted dramatically. For instance, health care experts have only relatively recently come round to the idea of the female orgasm, with many doctors as recently as the 1970s claiming that it was normal for women not to experience them.4

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    Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Show: Jennifer Masters on Youthing & Orgasm 4 Life

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    Jennifer Elizabeth Masters learned early that some of our most profound experiences aren’t the ones that are the most fun. Not because they deliver treasures, jewels or joy but because they teach us so much about ourselves! Healing from a traumatic childhood set Jennifer on a thirty-year journey, From flight attendant to Master Gardener, she is a fearless woman who has done it all. She is an author, Intuitive Energy Healer, hypnotherapist, Certified Love and Passion
    Coach, mother of 3, and ordained minister. As a Scorpio, she unabashedly says she has enjoyed sexual expression and now loves herself FEARLESSLY. She assists
    women to find deep intimacy and Sacredness in Sex. Jennifer guides women to lovingly accept themselves as they are. Her motto is: If you don’t love being alone with you, how can you expect anyone else to? The more love we give to ourselves, the more emotionally available we become to our partners and loved ones, the more fun, happiness and passion we share. Jennifer is an author of the blog, Orgasm For Life, JenniferElizabethMasters@blogspot featured contributor to Digital Romance, Vixen.Daily and Your Tango. 

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    Female Orgasm: Myth vs. Reality & How to Get It Right w/ Sheri Winston Ep.71

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    So many factors out there in the world affect our sexuality and ultimately, our ability to orgasm, including media, myths, education, mis-education, , on and on...  In this episode we talk with Sheri Winston, author of 'The Anatomy of Female Arousal' and founder of the Intimate Arts Center, about the myths and the realities of the female orgasm, how to orgasm with your parnter and perhaps even during penetration.  While romance novels and say we should be having mind blowing orgasms while riding a horse... in the rain... on command and with no foreplay, the reality is quite different- and it doesn't mean we're broken.


    Quick Note:  Stay tuned through this episode to hear about our special holiday discount codes.  Information at end of show notes!  

    Do you feel broken because you don’t orgasm in a certain way, or even at all, with your partner? 

    We get some pretty bad ideas about orgasm from media and culture and many women think that there’s something ‘wrong’ with them if they’re not having the ‘Big O’ with their partners.   So, many women only achieve orgasm through masturbation and, even worse, fake orgasm with their partners, a strategy that leaves both partners at a disadvantage both now and for the future-

      LINK FOR FULL SHOW NOTES HERE : http://www.tatalksex.com/female-orgasm-myth-vs-reality-how-to-get-it-right-w-sheri-winston-ep-71/






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    How to enhance his orgasm: A different sex position for everyday of the week.

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    Sex and love, two things that we as people can never get enough of! When it comes to orgasms men are often left out. It's often said...all men need is a homecooked meal to get that BIG O and a blow job is just icing on the cake. While a homecooked may be all that some men reqiure,we're going to tell you how to seduce your man and enhance his orgasm with a different sex position for every day of the week. So tune in Monday at 11 pm as dig into the male orgasm! To hear the show or to make comments call in at (929)477 -1332! 

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    January Jones-Prolong Sexual Orgasm with Victor Gold

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    Meet: Victor Gold and his tantric partner, Aimee Lyndon-Adams are one of only a handful of couples teaching the principles of erotic spirituality. 

    Victor’s writings have helped to demystify tantric sex for the masses. His new audio course entitled, “How To Prolong Your Sexual Orgasm: Instruction in the Art of Ecstatic Lovemaking” is a major breakthrough in the field of sexual education. 

    Also “How To Maximize Your Sexual Pleasure” is at  Amazon.com  



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    How to Orgasm your Way to Prosperity

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    Practical ways to use your Female Orgasm to create prosperity in your life. Today's guest is Karen Kinsey, Relationship Coach, so we will be having lots of fun as we talk about orgasm, sex, business and money - all the same sentence. Orgasm and Pleasure =Prosperity Beyond Measure!

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    Healing Secrets of ORGONE & ORGASM by Agenisz Samadhi and Lester Loving

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    Tonight's show will be a two part presentation exploring the science of orgone and orgasmic energy. The first hour will be presented by Lester Loving on the history and modern application of orgone energy and how the energies are related. The second hour Agenisz Samadhi-Tantric Doula will share the feminine approach to the magical healing energy of orgasmic expressions.

    Agenisz Iman Samadhi is personafied, as a Goddess, Warrior Woman, Healer & Priestess of The Sacred Art of Creation
    Transformational Facilitator, Tantrika, Doula, Goddess Coach, Empath & Poet
    Her parent company "Divine Deliverance" offers services such as Tantric Consultations, Workshops, Retreats, Moon Gatherings, Astrology, Empathic Readings, Doula assisted births & more
    she also owns a Travel boutique "Bliss Life Travel" specializing in the Caribbean and abroad.
    Agenisz has been serving the community for over 15 years and has been a light bringer of Conciousness through her soulful & eloquent delivery of transparent and relatable truths.
    Maintaing the lineage of the Mystic, Gypsy & Medicine Woman architypes Agenisz is an Ancient soul here to revitalize the masses and bring about the Rebirth of Love.
    Being that 2016 is the year of "9" her focus this year is on the Birth of Creating desired realites. Her Motto is "Live Life Blissfully" and she is here to assist you in fufilling your highest ideals.

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    It’s All Connected! Orgasm Your Way to Prosperity

    in Spirituality

    Mary Nale with Guest Amanda Goldston – Cand Teacher and Orgasmic Business Coach

    Harness the Power of your Female, Sexual, Orgasm Energy to create massive success and prosperity in all areas of your life. Orgasm energy is your life force energy. It is the energy of creation and manifesting - and that is not just for babies! It is energy that runs continuously around your body and can be experienced as anything from little tingles to full blow body shakes.

    There are numerous ways to stimulate orgasm energy and these are not just sexual. When, as a woman, you experience orgasm energy in your body, you are lit up from the inside out. You can become more confident and more magnetic to success.

    Experiencing physical pleasure in your body can be very healing. It is also a great way to release old, unhelpful and limiting beliefs and patterns. This is because Orgasm and Pleasure Energy is of a very high vibration. You cannot have the dense, heavy energies of feelings of unworthiness or not good enough in your body at the same tie because they are incompatible energy vibrations. 


    Follow Attune Magazine: http://www.attunemagazine.com/



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    It's All Connected! Orgasm Your Way to Prosperity!

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    Amanda talks about her new book called "It's All Connected! Orgasm Your Way to Prosperity! " How to harness the power of your female orgasm energy to create prosperity in your life and business. We will be taking a lighthearted look at how to power up your orgasm energies for life success.

    Napoleon Hill first talked about this subject in his book "Think and Grow Rich" in the 1930s as the 10th Step to Riches, rather enigmatically called "The Mystery of Sex: Transmutation." We explain exactly what he meant by that and how we have updated that for the 21st century woman.

    Yes, Orgasm and Pleasure really does equal Success Beyond Measure. 

    Amanda's book, "It's All Connected! Orgasm Your Way to Prosperity!" is available to buy on Amazon Kindle



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    Sex can bring up all kinds of energy, triggering a range of emotional responses by accessing and playing all of the black-and-white keys on your two mile-long emotional piano. The colors black and white are also symbols for woman and man, and like the keys on the piano, the colors are keys to understanding the spark of life that the polarity of sexual energy provides. Sex is one of the most powerful expressions of your biology, and the most personally empowering aspect of sex is the orgasmic experience. The orgasmic state excites your body on all levels. The cells in the body respond as they would to the effects of a powerful gong being sounded to realign the body and fill the space with vibrant energy. Sometimes called "the little death", an orgasm releases your conscious mind of its rigid hold on the body, and for a short while you are floating, suspended in a space between walking and dreaming; here, your cells and subatomic particles free fall with layers of your consciousness into a state of exuberant healing. Orgasms provide healing for the physical body; with an orgasm you are refreshed and enlivened on a cellular level, and you are reconnected with the essence of your spiritual self. It is going to be a stimulating conversation.  LET'S DO THIS!!
    Tune in at 8pm this time WEDNESDAY NIGHT the 11th