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    EP.11.13 Get it done! How to reach your goals.

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    EPISODE 11.13: TITLE: Get it done! - How to reach your goals.TIME: 60 minutes in lengthAre you focused? Are you poised to achieve? How are you managing the busy life you lead? In this episode we are going to be discussing getting organized and reaching your potential, setting tasks and marking them as complete.

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    Radio [itvt]: RINGZ CEO, Robert May

    in News

    Interview: RingGuides, Inc. Founder, Robert May, on the Company's New Ringz.TV App

    Last month, San Francisco-based start-up, RingGuides Inc. (RGI), launched Ringz.TV, a second-screen social-TV/content-discovery/video-sharing app that the company bills as "organiz[ing] thousands of Web video streams in a multi-dimensional environment" and as "leveraging the iPad's dual core processors and multi-touch inputs" in order to "deliver a fast-paced world where viewers flip, swipe, tap and pinch to explore a rich media universe."

    In this recorded interview with [itvt]'s editor-in-chief, Tracy Swedlow, RGI founder, Robert May, discusses the Ringz.TV app and the thinking behind it, outlines his company's goals for the app, and more.

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    in Spirituality

    wheres Waldo
    wheres Bundy
    wheres Malik Zulu
    Bug Problems

    has the multiple Assassinationattempts (last one successful) on Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad ever been truly investigated by those within the leadership of HIS organization?

    Did Min, Farrakhan cooperate with and work with the FBI to kill Malcolm X?
    Why is Farrakhan backing Obama when Obama works with the CFR?

    malik ZULU also supports the CFR, IMF and its puppet Obama....So how can someone like that head the New Black Panther Party when the CFR propagates the genocide of BLACK people?

    wHAT THE huck is going on?
    How did Malik get in with Malachi York?
    Who hired Garland to set Malachi up?
    why is an anti- black debunker like Bel Z Bug so heavily intertwined with the Nuwaubian and other non-sanctioned, non-maintstream black organizations?...Why is he at all these functions takiing video notes and why does he have such cozy relations with the Decatur crew?

    How deep does this rabbitt hole really go?
    You want fries with that ?

    Is it better to have your enemy up on frontstreet on full blast and visible rather than in the background sabotaging?

    Is this the wisdom of Malachi?

    Remember what he said? ......"I know who the agents are, its your job to know it now".

    I know that no matter what appears on the surface, I know the Ole Man and I know he's one of the most intelligent beings I have met...
    Now the question is , does he RAISE intelligent students and intelligent graduate students? TAKEN FROM GEORGIAGOSSIP.NING.COM WRITTEN BY UNCLE TOM..... WELL (A DEEP SUBJECT) LET'S TALK ABOUT IT TONIGHT ON THE DON NICOLEONE SHOW!!!

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    Social Media's Role in Relationship Marketing

    in Business

    Social Media offers one more way to remain connected and "top of mind" with your customers. With social media two way communication, image and video sharing, testimonials and referrals, your customers feel like they are a part of and belong to your organiz...ation. Joining us from Sedona, Arizona will be my guest Mari-Lyn Harris, author of two e-books: "Social Media Strategy" and "Power Marketing." In this segment, we'll talk about how Mari-Lyn helps business owners implement the "hub and spoke" of social media. Mari-Lyn will share some tips she provides clients when coaching them on self-managing their social media strategy.

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    Uniroyal Expert Kim Danger with Thrive Solutions Co-Host Joshua Zerkel

    in Lifestyle

    We're please to announce our new Thrive Solutions Guy, Joshua Zerkel Owner of Custom Living Solutions. Joshua is a Professional Organizer with a passion to find solutions for creating and maintaining order and balance in every area of life.

    On the last Friday of each month, Joshua will Co-Host Thrive Connect radio and share with us useful resources, tips and tools as well as introduce you to guest experts who will also provide great resources. Joshua will help us with time management, calendar programs as well as introduce you online and offline organizing resources. Welcome to the Thrive Team Joshua!

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    Right to Redress with Steve Allen and Jason Erb

    in Politics

    Jason flies solo on this Memorial Day. Steve calls in during the second hour. Jason provides in-depth coverage of HR 1207 (the bill to audit the Fed), the drawbacks of a gold standard, World Health Organization swine flu bureaucracy, the U.S. about to lose its AAA credit rating, and current and emerging police state activity in the U.S., Canada, and the UK.

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    Organzing Series with Expert Vicki Norris

    in Lifestyle

    Are you ready to change your life but don’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed by chaos and longing for a more fulfilling life?

    Join us for a week-long series of inspiring interviews April 20th, 22nd, and 24th with national organizing expert Vicki Norris.

    In 1999, Vicki founded a pioneering organizing services and products company Vicki Norris’ Restoring Order® and is now celebrating her 10th year in business.

    Vicki’s company is comprised of five business divisions: consulting, products, speaking, books, and media.

    She is the author of two books: Reclaim Your Life® and Get Organized for Good and Restoring Order™ to Your Home.

    She has designed her own line of organizing products, the Reclaim Your Office™ Collection.

    On Monday, April 20th 11:ooam CST,Vicki will share with us the heart of true organizing: priority-based living.

    If you’ve ever thought of organizing as a chore or a thankless task, you need to join us to hear Vicki’s unique view of organizing as a means to living your dream life.

    On Wednesday, April 22nd, 11:00am CST Vicki will reveal 5 causes of disorganization that she has discovered in a decade in business.

    If your disorganization keeps coming back no matter what you’ve tried, Vicki will share the ways we become disorganized and how we can overcome them.

    On Friday, April 24th, 11:00am CST Vicki will share with us 6 organizing mistakes that short-circuit the organizing process.

    If you’re always reaching for the tips and tricks but you’re finally fed up and disillusioned with the fleeting results, it’s time to learn from Vicki how to avoid these shortcuts.

    Norris is a regularly featured expert on HGTV’s Mission: Organization.

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    Joshua Zerkel, Certified Professional Organizer and Founder of Custom Living Solutions

    in Business

    Would you like to know how to set up your office so that you can maximize your space and your profit? If so tune in to Thrive Connect and visit with Joshua Zerkel, he will help us solve some work place organizational challenges.

    About Our Guest:

    As one of first Certified Professional Organizers (CPO®), Joshua Zerkel is passionate about helping people working in home and small offices cut through the clutter in their daily lives in order to help them reach their maximum potential. After working in several dot-com companies and startups, Josh saw first-hand how disorganization, clutter, and lack of planning can derail even the very best ideas.

    Josh lives with many of the same challenges his clients face – he has a home office in his 100-year-old San Francisco home, juggles home and work tasks, has responsibilities with two non-profits, and maintains a healthy social life. How? By being organized. Helping others find their own balance is what drove Josh to found Custom Living Solutions in 2003. Since its inception six years ago, the Custom Living Solutions team has worked with hundreds of businesses and individuals to help develop systems and strategies that meet their organizing challenges, so they can focus on living their best lives and create their best work.

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    Love it Keep it!

    in Self Help

    We've all heard the messages that you either use it or lose it. However, what do you do if you love it but have not quite gotten around to using it? Professional Organizer Jennifer Zwiebel puts her own insightful twist on clearing out the clutter...and getting to the love!

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    Soaring EAGLES making a Difference in the World!

    in Dreams

    Join us 5:30-7:30pm Est. Guests: CJ Gross (Speaker, Author and Founder Seeds of Life, LLC), (National Speaker, Trainer, Radio Show), SHAMIELLE ALSTON (Speaker, Author and Visionary of WRITE Turns Allowed Organiz. for Authors), OVERSEER NEFERTITI HARRIS (Minister and Speaker), REBEKAH PIERCE (Publisher of Average Girl Magazine, Playwriter and Speaker) -- DON'T MISS THESE AWESOME EAGLES! Join our EAGLENetwork and EAGLEInstitute also: www.EAGLEInstitute.ning.com www.MARKetingU.ning.com www.RHONDAWHITE.com

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    Are Black Fraternities Still Relevant? Guests: Everett B. Ward, Darious Gourdine, and Anthony Reeves

    in Culture

    For over 100 years, Black Fraternities have been working hard in the black community to make social change. Many of those fraternities have developed programs that have and still are affecting African American communities nationwide. With all of the notable African Americans that have passed thru these organizations, many people in the Black community don't feel that these organizations are still relevant in the African American struggle in this country. Tune in to hear from our guests.