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    Episode 108 - Dead Orcs and Leaked Stars

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    In this episode Uriyya catches up on the news along with Venomous Fatman. Also in this episode is Hybrid's micro transaction goodness and some leaked info for the PS All Star title. Enjoy and thanks for listening. 

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    Fantasy Adventures: Hot and Cold!

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    Two of the seasons more popular features are high on acting ability, and animation production. We'll be discussing the Disney film "Frozen" and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's "The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug".

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    During Sunday's anti-NATO march, John Ruberry -- the Marathon Pundit -- walked with the Black Bloc anarchists for about a mile. He says they seemed to be looking for a fight even before their confrontation with the Chicago Police at Michigan and Cermak on the Near South Side.

    "From Chi-town to Greece, f*ck the police" was one chant. An out-of-towner must have come up with that one, since few Chicagoans don't refer to their city as Chi-town.

    One man taunted the cops, "Better run piggies, those exercises, you know you need it," he added, "How was those donuts this morning."

    The peaceful protesters also chanted, "Eat the rich and smash the state, I declare a class war."

    The drumbeat and the black garb reminded me of the orcs marching on Minas Tirith in The Return of the King.

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    Episode 97 - Wrath Of The Titans, Ghost Recon, PAX

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    In the episode Uriyya catches up on what he's been up to with Shifted2U.com's CM Venomous Fatman. The off the cuff episode covers tech and gaming news and even the facelift that The Show Radio recently received. For more information about The Show Radio visit TheShowRadio.Info. 

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    Celebrate the print release of A Dance with Demons

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    Jeff Offringa author of A Dance with Demons and the voice talent for the Podiobooks.com version P.J. VanderKooij bring it to BTR-PR to celebrate the print and e-book release. Join us for this show call in and talk to our guests and you could win a print version of the book. Theya re also running a caontest so if you do fan art now is the time to jump on the web site. http://www.aromathus.com/ and get your fan art in!

    See you at the show!

    So what is the a Dance with Demons? "A kingdom embroiled in civil war. Orcs threatening the realm from without. And a demon slaying them all at the whim of an enigmatic master.
    Step into the realm of Aromathus, the creation of author Jeff Offringa, and experience the stunning victories and crushing defeats as Tarn, Nyla and Logan struggle across their realm and beyond to stop the evil spreading across their land."

    Oh, sounds exciting. Tune in to find out. Remember ask a question and you could win call in to the live show and you could win bigger.