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    The Constitution is Still the Solution!!
    Special Guests: Robert Kecseq from Constitution Defenders of Texas and Greg Howard founder of OpSlam
    Show Segments: Its Sunday so we start with a prayer. Then, we have two guests with us tonight; Robert Kecseq, from Constitutional Defenders of Texas and Greg Howard founder of OpSlam. But first we will explore the Ups and Downs for the week. And don't forget today is the anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge.

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    Taking It To the Streets - Activism for People With Jobs

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    Join controversial conservative Twitter personality @GregWHoward as he discusses grassroots activism at its best.
    Tonight will include an update on the growing #OpSLAM movement which is working right now to deprive liberal media of its sponsorship lifeblood. Some early lessons have been learned, and he will pass on more information on how to become more focused, organized and fine tune the message.One can read all about #OpSLAM at http://gregwhoward.com
    The concept of Brushfire protests will be introduced tonight, as well. Use this link to access the reference material for the broadcast. http://gregwhoward.com/wordpress/2011/02/operation-brush-fire/

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    Conservative Report: Taking Down The Liberal Media

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    Conservative Rpeort walks through the process of how to organize and execute in simplest terms a readily duplicatable protest against the liberal media by going after its sponsors.
    We hope to be joined by long-time veteran talk show host Stan Solomon to discuss his thoughts on how to work together on these issues.
    The Obama administration relies on the media to give it cover for its misdeeds and power grabs, to misinform the public, and to serve as its propaganda arm. The press was originally intended to be the watchdog of government, not its lapdog.
    It is time the people of this nation stood up and took action to pull this leg of support out from this corrupt administration.
    Call in with your questions. And check out the resource center being built at http://gregwhoward.com for the most up to date information on the OpSLAM effort.