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    'The Flash' - Other Worlds Trailer Review

    in Film

    In this news episode, we discuss:

    * 'Arrow' So Cool Trailer Review/Breakdown

    * Paul Blackthorne Instagrams himself with Stephen Amell and Rutina Wesley in costume

    * Laurel's Connection to Sara's Resurrection

    *'The Flash' Other Worlds Trailer Breakdown/Review

    *Candice Patton on Her Leadership Role in Season 2

    *Marc Guggenheim Tweets Picture of First 'Legends of Tomorrow' Table Read

    *First photos of Hawkman and Hawkgirl Surface

    *Gotham Clip: Looking Up from "Damned if You Do"

    *'Supergirl's Mehcad Brooks on James Olsen's Different Representation

    *Bruce Timm and Paul Dini Weigh in On Harley Quinn and The Joker in 'Suicide Squad'

    *Jason Momoa Thinks Aquaman Jokes Are "Cute"

    * Zack Snyder Confirms that His Son is Not Robin in 'Batman v Superman'

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    Episode 32: The Opposite of Addiction....

    in Medicine

    Find out why today's guest, Dr. Michelle Robin says, “Part of wellness is being able to look someone in the eye and feel worthy.”

    Dr. Michelle Robin shared the following on her blog: “We all want love and happiness…really connectedness. It’s human nature. Yet somehow the love and relationships we seek often elude us. I’m not just talking about romantic love relationships either. We sometimes struggle with having the deep connections and comfort we desire with friends and family as well. We may even find it difficult to make good connections or attract the ideal clients and business partners with whom we want to work. Why? Maybe it’s because our focus is on seeking external connections instead of finding an internal one.” 

    She said, maybe, and I would say, yes!…Dr. Robin hit the nail on the head: we seek external connections instead of internal ones. It’s my belief that over time, we establish these external connections, these wants and desires, and we simply don’t have very much practice tapping into our internal connections. Join in as Dr. Robin and I share valuable information on how you can create healthy relationships, and learn a basic fact of life you may have never considered: what the opposite of addiction is. You do not want to miss today's show! 


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    Dream Worlds

    in Spirituality

    Dreams to Spiritual Awakening. Dreams are a perfect instrument to move into inner worlds. When meditating or contemplating you attempt to drop the mind. When you tap into your dream states you can more easily more into a greter awareness.

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    in Pop Culture

    This is it! Our finale show for Big Brother 17 and we want YOU the listeners to weigh in on how you felt the season went. Did you like the cast, the twists, the final 4? What would you rate the season on a scale versus other seasons. Did you apprectiate this years winner? Did the right player win? We open up the phone lines and get ready to take your criticism and love for the season! This week our special guest...is you! So call in to 917-889-7084 Wednesday after the eastern showing of Big Brother (11:30 PM Eastern) and tell us how you feel! 

  • BDSIR NETWORK PRESENTS: RePPiN4U RnB Show: Best Of Both Worlds!

    in Hip Hop Music

    1. DJ MISS C BROWN - Intro

    2. OPENING - BY Grant Body-P

    3. R.KELLY & JAY-Z - Best Of Both Worlds

    4. ASHANTI F/ NOTORIOUS B.I.G, - Unfoolish

    5. TYGA F/ CHRIS BROWN - F**k For The Road

    6. BOBBY VALENTINO - Tell Me

    7. AARON HALL F/ REDMAN - Curiosity (Remix)

    8. TOTAL F/ MA$E - Tell Me What You Want

    9. GUY - Her

    10. SWV F/ REDMAN - Lose My Cool

    11. BLACKSTREET F/ SWV/CRAIG MACK - Tonight's The Night

    12. KEITH SWEAT F/ KUT KLOSE - Get Up On It

    13. MYA - On One

    14. AB - A Quarter After Morning

    15. MUSIC SOULCHILD - Make You Happy

    16. MONTELL JORDAN - I Like

    17. RAHEEM DEVAUGHN - Guess Who Loves You More

    18. MARY J. BLIGE F/ METHOD MAN - Love At First Sight

    19. SYBIL - Don't Make Me Over

    20. THE BRAXTONS - So Many Ways

    21. AALIYAH - We Need A Resolution

    22. CHANGING FACES - I Got Somebody Else

    23. JOE - Stutter

    24. KREPT & KONAN F/ JEREMIH, BEENIE MAN & POPCAAN - Freak Of The Week (Remix)

    25. 112 - Peaches & Cream

    26. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE F/ T.I. - My Love

    27. ERIC ROBERSON - Borrow You

    28. LL COOL J - Around The Way Girl

    29. DYNASTY - Tell Me (Do You Want My Love)

    30. RICK JAMES & THE TEMPTATIONS - Standing On The Top

    31. JODECI - What About Us  (Rare Mr Dalvin Remix)

    32. MARVIN GAYE - Life Is A Game Of Give And Take

    33. DA BRAT F/ TYRESE - Whatcha Like

    34. B2K F/ FABOLOUS - Badaboom

    35. MONICA F/ NAUGHTY BY NATURE - Ain't Nobody


    37. MARY J. BLIGE F/ LIL KIM - I Can Love You Better

    38. NOTORIOUS B.I.G. One More Chance

    39. HEATHER VICTORIA - Nobody

    40. DONELL JONES - You Should Know

    41. OUTRO



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    Msteri: QOD: What is your favorite thing you like to see the opposite sex do?

    in Radio

    It is Wednesday and the crew of the jrilshow is at it again.  TONIGHT:  Ms Teri provides us with the QOD and here it is:  What is your favorite thing you like to see the opposite sex do? C'mon are you surprised by this...especially now the Grady is tearing that thang up!!! Plus the World Famous Listening Lounge sponsored by Indyfm.

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    Medium Mingle

    in Spirituality

    It's time for a night of messages from the Spirit World. The whole hour will be dedicated to doing messages .

    Please come and join June Elaine host of Bridge Between Two Worlds and her co - host Amy Bregy for a walk across the bridge to the Spirit World where they will bring you messages from your loved ones .

    This is a chance for you to connect with your loved ones and ask them any questions you might have or simply receive any messages they have for you ....

    Simply pick up your phone and call in to talk to the mediums at 646-652-4207 or you can go to the chat room .

    stay tuned.......







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    Our Worlds with Elizabeth Rose

    in Spirituality

    On Our Worlds ... Remember if it affects your world it affects  Our Worlds!  Noone loves doing live radio more than I do!  Since the changes have been coming for me at a quick pace here lately.... UFO's has become a front n center topic for me here in the Phoenix area.  Being close to Sedona the Vortexes surround me with their energy.  It feels as if it just holds me in its embrace.   Today we will experience a Solar Eclipse for us .. in this area will only be a partial... but for the Valley of the Sun that is amazing.  I am not my dear friend Merln but I do believe it is the sign Virgo.. which is the direct opposite of me being a Pisces.  Do these planetary happenings affect you?  Let us know!  I get full moon sickness each month.. for sure..etc.  M & Ms will be with us...maybe Madeline Rudy... for sure to be a knowledgeable rambucious time for us all Readings... Love.... and learning about each of us!


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    Episode 0049: Fear The Walking Dead Season 1 Finale

    in Television

    Seems you listeners prefer to hear podcasts that talk about the zombie apocalypse. So, here is a quick chat on the topic of the season finale for Season 1 of Fear The Walking Dead. What do you think on this topic? Feel free to call The Mike Behind The Mike Show at (929) 477-3402 and voice your opinion. We'd love to hear from you. Why do I keep saying WE when it's just me? I dunno. But call anyways. Maybe I'll go schizo on you and you can talk to multiple personalities? LOL!

    Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & facebook.

    Email at mikebehindthemike@gmail.com

    Read my story at www.gofundme.com/disabledmanpodcast

    Thank you for listening to this podcast. Please LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE.

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    The Worlds Blur Episode #17

    in Entertainment

    The Worlds Blur Episode #17 - Welcome to The World's Blur the pre party to kick your every other Friday night off right! That’s right every other Friday because I’m too old to wake up hungover every Saturday!

  • Overcoming Strife in the "Worlds Biggest Closet" w/ Theresa Roemer

    in Self Help

    Theresa Roemer is a woman on a mission. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, as well as a business philanthropy expert who holds charity events in her closet, through hard work, faith and determination, Theresa created the life she had always dreamed of.  http://www.theresaroemerceo.com

    Theresa wasn’t always a millionaire. She grew up a sickly child on a farm in Nebraska with humble beginnings. Theresa married young and at age 28 was a single mother with two children, literally starting over with next to nothing, sleeping on the floor in a one room apartment until she was able to build herself back up.

    Today's show s all about overcoming hardship, loss or tragedy, and finding your real purpose and legacy in life. Listeners will learn:

    How the world's largest closet was turned into a philanthopic event location
    The role fitness and even fashion plays in overcoming strife
    The importance of giving back

    Join your hostess Bernadette Boas, the ball of fire speaker, trainer and coach, for this educational and entertaining conversation, all focused on helping your shift from bitch to RICH in your career, business and life!!

    Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the show for all updates, guest announcements and show news...and join in the dialogue on Facebook and Twitter !!!