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    Operation Bumblebee & Ice Cream Cone: Psychic Frauds?

    in Paranormal

    Friday, February 20th

    10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT


    Did a California skeptic group perform a sting operation that exposed certain psychics as being fraudulant? Anthony and Luci will speak with the head of this skeptic group - Susan Gerbic - to find out what details went into the operation as well as what their findings were.In no way are we condoning or negating the actions of these skeptics. Everyone is free to discuss this topic and come to their own conclusions. We are in no way stating any facts on behalf of Paranormal Revuew Radio. We are simply discussing the operation and finding out what went on. You can make your own conclusions. Responses & reactions from the news of this operation were made public by atleast one psychic online.

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    Operation Snuggle Up

    in Lifestyle

    Monday December 15, 2014  6:30 PM EST  5:30 PM CST  4:30 PM MST  3:30 PM PST  

    Haley Van Scoyoc of St Petersburg, Florida has Operation Snuggle Up off the ground.  Tune in and hear all aobut it.  It caught our interest, as it is very much like our own Project Warm Up.  It is winter.  It is cold.  And there are still a large number of working people that must sleep outdoors because their income simply isn't enough.  There is also another population that has no income that is in even worse shape.  Offering warmth--blankets, coats, hats, gloves, etc won't solve all their problems... but it is definitely a great outreach that can lead to them getting screened for benefits and employment, thus getting off the streets for good.

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    Denice Freeman of Operation American Freedom

    in Politics Conservative

    Operation American Freedom will be holding a rally on Wednesday, Dec. 10 in front of the White House to hold all elected officials accountable for their failure to uphold theor oath office to the U.S. Constitution. Denice Freeman, chief of operations for Operation American Freedom, will call in to discuss the event.  

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    Episode 267: Samuel B. Roberts and Operation Praying Mantis, best of

    in Military

    Narrow seas, unseen mines, punitive expeditions, and "come as you are" ASUW on the sea and in the air.

    Yes, it has been a quarter-century, but little has changed since the USS SAMUEL B. ROBERTS (FFG-58) struck a mine, and in retribution, the US Navy launched Operation PRAYING MANTIS.

    The tactical and operational aspects of each, as well as combat leadership, remain constant even while the tools may have changed a bit.

    To discuss this an more, our guest for the full hour will be Brad Peniston, author of "No Higher Honor: Saving the USS Samuel B. Roberts in the Persian Gulf," recently released by the Naval Institute Press in paperback and on Kindle.

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    The Salty Dawg's Present "Operation Ocean's" Very First Show!

    in Pets

    A new series comes to Aquatics Euphoria. "The Salty Dawg's" present "Operation Ocean" a new podcast show and will begin its very first episode with an introduction to the The Salty Dawg's Duo, William T and Roger T. The Salty Dawg's will take you from the very beginning of having a marine tank right on into the fragging corals and ETC. Stop by and listen live to a great new series that will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what comes next! Call in live at 1-347-677-1837.

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    Undercover Operation

    in Current Events

    You Are Welcome Here On God's Resurrection Power Church Of Christ Ministry Where The Holy Spirit Is In Control And Jesus Christ Is Lord,We Believe In The Infallible Uncompromising Word Of God The Bible,We Are Here Every Morning Teaching Preaching And Reaching The Souls Of This Sin Darken World For The Kingdom Of Heaven In The Name Of Jesus,Monday Through Friday From 10:30 a.m Est Until 2:30 p.m Est And Saturday's From 12 p.m Est Dial In Number Is 1-661-467-2411

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    Operation Jericho Project Radio Temporarily Down For Family Emergency

    in Education

    Operation Jericho Project Radio is off temporarily due to a family health emergency.. We thank you for your prayers!

    We will resume at our regularly scheduled time and date , Thursday's at 1 PM PST,  by the end of December or January 8th which is the Thrusday following New Years Day.  Please be sure to mark January 8th on your calendars for sure as we resume our efforts to educate parents to the ever growing dangers our children are facing in the "government (public) run schools"...We hope to be back on the air in December but it's in God's hands.. 

      BE prayerful and seek God's gulidance to remove your children from this ungodly  indoctrination system...visit our website for alternatives to government education/indoctrination...www.operationjerichoproject.com 

    Be blessed and we pray you all have a very blessed Holiday season from the OPERATION JERICHO PROJECT TEAM!!!





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    Keegan from Operation Generosity joins the Friends of Kevin Radio Show

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Keegan from Operation Generosity. Operation Generosity is an e-movement to help good people reach their kindness capabilities. Please visit their website to learn more at http://progressisgood.maker.good.is/projects/OperationGenerosity 

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    OPERATION: NEXT CHAPTER, supporting those who serve(d) in the armed forces

    in Spirituality

    It’s the holiday season - the hustle and bustle at this time seems to occupy everyone with thoughts of gift giving, party going and preparations for the celebrations of whatever holiday we acknowledge at this time of year.

    We have the freedom to celebrate and make merry whenever we choose.

    OPERATION: NEXT CHAPTER is an initiative founded by Vietnam veteran and author Cym Lowell to support the men and women who sacrificed so much for our freedom in the Armed Forces.


    Tune in to learn how the meaning of the gift giving season is shared all year round through this initiative, OPERATION: NEXT CHAPTER.

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    Building God’s House Through Operation S.M.P.F.F.

    in Education

    Building God’s House
    Through Operation S.M.P.F.F.

    In today’s Lesson we learn about our priorities and purposes in which we build the House of God. 1Kings 5-8.

    In order to build the House of God (Our bodies) to its fullest grander we need to break down what “Operation S.M.P.F.F” means.

    S. = Spiritually we all need to take the time (First priority) to place God about all things. Once we have focused our time and energy for the Glory of God will be at peace within ourselves and others.

    M. = Mentally we need to remain focused and be prepared for all trials and tribulations. By being mentally prepared in life means that we are willing to accept that which comes our way because we have faith that this is part of God’s plan.

    P. = Physically we need to nurture our bodies so that it may grow and be strong. We do not build a house on sand because it is not stable. Our bodies are God’s Temple (God’s House) so to show respect to God and ourselves we need to treat it as such.

    F. = Financially we need to pay our tides (Not always monetary), dues, our bills. We all have been blessed to work to pay our way in life. As responsible individuals we all have to make sure that we “pay” attention to our responsibilities.

    F. = Fit in all aspects in life. This means that we are prepared for whatever comes our way because we have taken the responsibility in being prepared in life. For us all to be prepared in life we have to put God first. By putting God first we are letting the world know that He is in driver seat in our lives.

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    Operation American Freedom Exclusive With William Tint Live

    in Politics

    On tonites episode we will talk with One of the Leaders of Operation American Freedom William Tint about all thing's Operation American Freedom. With special guests Matt Menchue, and Robert Kilpatrick. 6:30pm eastern time, and 3:30pm pacific at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnation

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