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    DIY Series: Tips for Organizing Your Recital

    in Classical Music

    New DIY Series for Operaluscous Radio: How to Organize Your Own Recital

    Being an indie classical artist is awesome, but it can get a bit nerve-wracking when you find yourself trying to do it all. This show features some great tips to build off of to help get you started. Opera singer, recitalist, recording artist and actress, Bri Cooper, shares some amazing strategies that will keep you focused and on track when planning your next amazing recital! Continue the discussion by following her on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube! 

    Buy Bri's latest EP: Oh Mio Fernando

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    Rhapsody In Blue: Life of Opera Pioneer Anne Brown

    in Classical Music

    This month is not only the month of love, but we also celebrate the life of African Americans who have made significant contributions to the world. I am very excited that I have been invited by Baltimore National Heritage Area Association  to kick off their Black History Speakers Series at City Hall with The Honorable Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake this Friday. This Episode will give insight to who Anne Wiggins Brown was and how she impacted classical music forever. 

    Listen to Ms. Brown sing  SUMMERTIME

    I also have a few extra goodies to share with you but you have to listen to get the scoop!

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    Feel free to tweet of FB me for more details if you have any questions.. 

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    Happy New Year!

    in Classical Music

    Welcome to OPERALuscious radio. I can not believe I am actually doing my first show! First of all, thank you so much to all of you who have been so wonderful in supporting my career this year. I am truely humbled and honored that so many of you have reached out to me with your kind words and unconditional support.  So this show is going to be about the things that matter to all of us, especially those in the performing arts. We'll talk about  opera, fashion, beauty and of course have a little fun!!! 

    Feel free to call in with any questions!

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    Living a Shameless Lifestyle with Actress and Jewelry Designer Shea Curry

    in Lifestyle

    OPERALuscious Radio welcomes celebrity actress, jewelry designer, and founder of Shameless Jewelry, Shea Curry. Learn to what it means to live a "shameless" lifestyle and how you can "accessorize" your life throughout 2014. 

    Shameless Jewelry is the brainchild of jewelry designer and recent contestant on Lifetime’s PROJECT ACCESSORY, Shea Curry.  Shea is also an actress who, to pass the time, started hand making jewelry in her movie trailer on the set of her film Princess Diaries 2- The Royal Engagement where she made a unique piece of jewelry for the entire female cast and crew.  INStyle Weddings Magazine did a feature article on her own designed -pink wedding dress, jewelry, and bridesmaids’ jewelry, did she think she might have something special. Shea is continually inspired by the Shamelessly Bold, Shamelessly Vulnerable, and Shamelessly Courageous women in her life, thus her company name.

    FB- Shameless Jewelry 

    Twitter- @Shamelessjewel 

     Instagram- Shamelessjewelry

    e-mail- Shea@shamelessjewelry.com

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    Bri talks to Opera Sensation Duane Moody of Three Mo' Tenors about Ego

    in Classical Music

    Join Opera-Luscious Radio as Bri talks to one of the stars of Three Mo' Tenors, Duane Moody. Learn about how performing artists deal with EGO's .....our own and others :) PART 1

    Tenor, Duane A. Moody, Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music (Voice) and an instructor and coach with The Levine School of Music has expounded on a career of international proportions for over two decades.  From his international tours as Sportin’ Life in The Gershwins’ Porgy & Bess (1999-2005), his off-Broadway engagement with Three Mo’ Tenors (2007), Mr. Moody has always kept vocal beauty talent, through artistry first.   

    DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed on this web site are solely those of the guests and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Bri "The Mezzo Maven" Cooper, Operaluscious staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.

    Twitter: Duane Moody

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    DIY SERIES: De-Stress your Holidays with Relationship Expert Randie Shane

    in Family

    Randie Shane Tollefson, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

    Randie has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from CACREP- and COAMFTE-accredited Capella University, has completed her externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy, and graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelors of Science in Theater.

    In her approach to counseling, Randie trusts that there are real, adaptive reasons for what we do in our relationships to everything, whether with a partner, parent, child, friend, or career. She believes it is only when we become trapped by those reasons in a way that robs us of choice and flexibility that what started as right starts to feel wrong. Randie creates a safe and judgment-free space to stretch, experiment and try on parts of ourselves we may have lost contact with along the way.

    Randie is also the creator and star of the show HIS HEART, an exploration of gender and relationship through the songs of today’s male singer-songwriters. The show tells the story of one man’s journey in and out (and in again) of love, while considering the impact of the Hero narrative on his experience. Randie is giving our listeners a free 45 minute conslutation. Email her randi@lotustreetherapy.com Check out Randie's website www.lotustreetherapy.com

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    TNT The Hero's Lydia Callins Talks About Acting, Staying Fit and Her New Book

    in Lifestyle

    Many of you may remember Lydia Callins as the tough, nonsense competitor with a heart of gold on TNT's The Hero with Dwayne "The Rock"  Johnson, but did you also know that Lydia is an accomplished actress, athlete, personal trainer, foster care advocate and now published author of the recently released Chena The Making of an Orphan (pronounced Cheena).

    Ms. Callins was raised in the inner city of Oakland and credits being raised in numerous foster homes as helping to create the woman who she is today. Lydia is also a graduate of U.C.at Berkeley. She is hungry for life and destined for greatness!

    Buy Lydia's Book: Chena The Making of an Orphan

    Twitter: @LydiaCallins

    Website: Lydia Callins

    Fitness: Lydia's Fitness and Fun Training

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    How to Deal With Over the Top Expectations on Valentine's Day

    in Romance

    Wondering how you can make this Valentine's Day extra special? Our relationship expert Randie Shane Tollefson returns to give us advice and answer questions from our listeners about how you can make this Valentine's Day extra special. If you are in a relationship or happily single, this show is for you! 

    Randei Shane Tollefson  is a graduate of Northwestern University and has a long history in the exploration of emotion, expression, relationship and change; first through the lens of theater, music and dance, then as a personal trainer and life coach, and now in her true passion as a developing Marriage and Family Therapist. 

    If you are in the NYC area, listen and learn how you can get free relationship coaching from NYC Couples. 

    Twitter: @RandieShaneT

    Facebook: Randie Shane Tollefson, Relationship Coaching

    Contact:NYC Couples 


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    Duane Moody talks Three Mo Tenors

    in Classical Music

    Part 2 Continued conversation with Duane Moody is back talking about how he got into the group Three Mo Tenors! What it is like touring and how to deal with ego!

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this radio show are solely those of the guests and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Bri "The Mezzo Maven" Cooper and Operaluscious radio staff, and/or any/all contributors to this site.

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    Love The One You're With

    in Lifestyle

    Since February is all about relationships (with others or yourself), I am excited about our guest! Randi is going to give us some great tips about how we can cultivate those relationships that affect our daily lives. Our relationships at home, work and including the relationships we have with ourselves, all play a role in how we choose to show love and give love. 



    Randie Shane Tollefson is a graduate of Northwestern University and has a long history in the exploration of emotion, expression, relationship and change; first through the lens of theater, music and dance, then as a personal trainer and life coach, and now in her true passion as a developing Marriage and Family Therapist. Through each of these endeavors, a desire to understand and be understood, as well as an investment in the well-being of others has made her an invaluable partner for growth and change.


    Connect with Randi:

    Twitter: @randieshanet

    Linkedin: Randi Shane Tollefson

    Facebook: Randi Shane Tllefson, Relationship Coaching



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    Encore....Encore... The Return of The Mezzo Maven

    in Entertainment

    Hey there Tea Sippers!  Today spot of tea is going to be one full of culture and sophistication as we venture into the world of classical music.... and have an afternoon at The Opera
    My guest today has graced us once before and she returns to give us a contemporary look at the genre of classic music as she has fused it with hip hop culture. 
    The Mezzo Maven, Ms. Bridgette Cooper is back to share with us her inspirational insight to buidling bridges between two artforms that have been misunderstood and under appreciated.
    This is going to be a hot pot of sophisticated tea so my darlings bring your crumpets and a few tea biscuits cuz for this lovely ole pot!