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    Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins!

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    Tonight on Cop Block and Open Cary with Kory Watkins:

    Tonight on the radio show I will have members of "Hell's Saints" on to talk about their open carry group in Michigan.

    Afterwards, we will talk about the panic button in Austin and our recent visit.

    You won't want to miss this. Finally, we will take a plethora off phone calls on police accountability and so much more.

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    Episode 1 - Introduction to OCT Radio

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    For our inaugural episode, we will discuss the purpose and intent behind OCT Radio, to wit:

    1) Discuss gun rights issues and stories of the week.

    2) Highlight open carry events throughout Texas and, eventually, the country.

    3) Interview key players and organizations dedicated to this fundamental right.

    4) Explain and encourage open carry.

    5) Fight for ALL gun rights, specifically in Texas.

    6) Update listeners on legislation making its way through the Texas and federal legislatures to keep them better informed.

    7) Directly respond to manufactured "controversies" ginned up by the anti-gun astroturfers to head off false narratives in the Bloomberg-funded media.

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    Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins!

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    On this Friday’s edition of “Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins!” we will have Kenneth Rogers of Kokomo, Indiana on. We will be talking about his open carry group "Open Carry Kokomo, Indiana" and what they have been doing and why. After that, we will have a cop block veteran on the show. Deo Odolecki from Cop Block who holds down the Greater Cleveland Cop Block. We will discuss some of the wild events that are going on in Ohio with police overreach and abuse. Deo is the man and knows a lot about police accountability. Later on, we will take phone calls all the last hour about anything on the topic of guns, open carry, police accountability or other political issue. We are going to rock the air waves this FRIDAY! 10pm Central time!

    Hit the LINK to join us in the chat room and listen on your computer


    Call on your phone to just listen or to speak to the Hosts and guests- (347) 857-4397

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    "Open Carry Cop Block" with Kory Watkins

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    On this week's Cop Block Open Carry show we will have on Luis Mises from Emancipated Human. Luis is very involved as a activist. Open carry, cop watch and more. We will talk to him about what he has been doing and what Emancipated Human is all about. Second, we will talk about four arrest in the last two weeks on peaceful cop watchers who choose to open carry. We will talk further about what's going on in Arlington, Texas. Official oppression!!!!!! After that, we will have on our lawyer pal from last week Scott Phillips. We want to get his opinion from a lawyers point of view, on the arrest the past weekend. Finally, we will take a stupendous amount of phone calls and answer all the questions we can. this is going to be action packed, So BUCKLE UP!! Tune in, call in, and share this message! Share to Facebook, twitter, and all other outlets you can. We appreciate any and all support. 9PM Central time Friday!!! Call in number. (347) 857-4397

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    Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins

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    Tonight is the launch of “Cop Block and Open Carry With Kory Watkins!” on We Resisters Radio.

    We are excited to have Kory join us with his proven commitment to open unflinching activism.

    Kory Watkins, Super activist spawned during the Ron Paul campaign is now active in many different things. Ran for a small position in local county politics and won, taking 60% of the vote. Shortly after that he helped lead the Open Carry and Cop Watch movements in North Texas.

     Hundreds of people active with him and thousands of supporters behind him. Now bringing his activism to the air waves to help further educate and motivate others to join the movement.

    Join us in lively discussions of all things Liberty Activist.


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    Open Carry TX Update & Guests; Economic Update; Global Chess Moves

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    Good evening fellow conspirators! Welcome back! Tonight we are expecting to hear from some special guests from the front lines of the battle for Open Carry in Texas! The situation on the ground continues to develop as Lt. Governor Dan Patricks tries to back pedal on his word.

    Also, we continue to monitor the economic waves as they crest on the global stage. Greek elections this week have elected the Anti EU / Anti Austerity party. The possibility that Greece could default and leave the EU could topple the dominoes of unstable, insolvent regimes across Europe. Concurrently, Western / EU countries continue to pressure Russia into lashing out against the sanctions and other actions imposed upon them. Not to be outdone, the Middle East turmoil continues to froth up and spread into a larger regional / global war game.

    Be sure to join us live, in the chat, and on the call lines! (347) 308-8713. Don't forget to stop by our FB page and give us a like. Conspiracy Corner: Blogtalkradio.

    Peace, Love, and Conspiracy!

    ~Dave and Wes


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    Open Carry - Is This A Law That Should Be Upheld

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    In Michigan, open carry is legal.  This means that as long as your weapon is not concealed you can carry a firearm.  Is this safe?  Should an open carry law still be upheld.  Call in to comment on the hot topic - "OPEN CARRY...SHOULD IT BE LEGAL?"  Call 760.283.4647 to listen in, hit the #1 key to comment.  Click on www.eblockradio.com to watch us LIVE on YOUTUBE! ****SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST PIERRE STONE REPPIN' ALL THE WAY FROM CLEVELAND, OH *****


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    In this Special Edition of We Resisters Radio we welcome Kory Watkins. Super activist spawned during the Ron Paul campaign is now active in many different things. Ran for a small position in local county politics and won. Taking 60% of the vote. Shortly after that he helped lead the open carry movement and cop watch movement in North Texas. 100s of people active with him and 1000s of supporters behind him. Now bringing his activism to The air waves to help further educate and motivate others to join the movement.

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    My take on SC District 63 Forums & Sean Caranna of Florida Open Carry

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    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" this morning at 8AM-11AM EST for an extended show. 

    The countdown is on, 12 days then Election Day. Oh,hum. Last night in my prayers I asked for the return of the good old time political debate. I miss the the spontaneous discussions and outbursts. Well, that is far from what took place in two SC District 63 candidate "forums" in three days. Join me this morning as we take a look at the candidates, examine their responses to questions (and do some reading between the lines). 

    Sean Caranna, Executice Director of Florida Carry, Inc will use his expertise to elaborate on why the right to bear arms has a lot of enemies and how rights to own guns is becoming more of an interest instead of an opposition.

    Join in our conversations LIVE by calling 855-236-2486 or take part in the conversation in the live chat room.


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    Voices Carry for Animals # 37

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    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

    Guests  will be Cindy Marx-Sander  Co-founder Community Action for Animals  & Patrice Gilgan  Elder Abuse Gerald's Story    Be A Voice for the Voiceless.. We are their only hope to carry on.. STAND UP Together for the Vulnerable AGAINST all abuse, neglect, & cruelty towards the defenseless, helpless, voiceless, and innocent.. *J*U*S*T*I*C*E  *F*O*R*  *A*L*L*  Animals Included..

    Animal Cruelty and Abuse and Neglect of Vulnerable Adults.. 

    http://ncall.us/content/WEAAD   World Elder Abuse Awareness Day  Monday -June 15th , 2015 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) is recognized annually on or around the 15th of June. Since its inception in 2006, communities throughout the country and around the world have used this day to raise the visibility of elder abuse by sharing information about abuse, neglect, and exploitation in later life and promoting the resources and services that work to increase victim safety and improve offender accountability.

    Community Action for Animals (CAA) is a two member Memphis and Shelby County based group whose mission is to emphasize the importance of the prosecution of animal cruelty in Memphis and Shelby County.  To accomplish its mission, CAA works to introduce humane legislation geared towards the specific needs of the community, to provide education about animal cruelty, and to increase public awareness of the importance and necessity of prosecuting animal cruelty.

    Sanders has either written or been an active part of several laws, including the Memphis spay/neuter ordinance, the Memphis and Shelby County ban on the roadside sale of animals, and the recently passed Shelby County Companion Animal Care ordinance.



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    Voices Carry for Animals #35

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    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

    ***Voices Carry for Animals # 35   Tuesday- March 24th, 2015 

    The Guest will be Laurie Gaston -Marshall   Founder of  Calling All Angels animal Advocacy,Animal Advocates of Fayette County Tx. and Calling all Angels animal advocacy.  LoveYourPitBulls is focused on rescuing abused and neglected dogs, providing them with love, shelter, and vetting and placing them with responsible owners



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