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  • 02:13

    Open Treasures: A Return To God Part 2: 'Come Out Of Darkness'

    in Christianity

    Last week we dealt with a personal commitment to return to God in the areas of belief, faith, and their applications. We will continue to discuss other aspects within the body Christ that calls for a change of thinking and behavior pertaining to worship, discipleship, church, and leadership. Join Brian R. Baker, Kevin Harrison, and myself Rodney Kirkwood as we attempt to rally the people of God back into a right relationship with our heavenly Father.

  • 02:05

    Open Treasures: "Tattoo Tears Of A Child"

    in Christianity

    We're dealing with a generation of children who are coming from broken homes, dysfunctional families, abuse, and neglect that has created what we call "Tattoo Tears". You may wonder why they act out the way they do and why they appear to carry so much anger that you can't seem to understand. You'll be surprised to know that many of them don't even understand what's going on with themselves. Join us as we attempt to dissect the war going on within and what is truly behing these tears of anger, bitterness, and resentment. This is a show you truly don't want to miss.

  • 01:43

    Return To God 5: Whose Side Are You On?

    in Christianity

    In our final installment in the Return To God series, we will explore the common issue that's a constant within the Body of Christ; the rise of false teachings and the growing number of lifestyles that misrepresent who God is. Something must be done and it begins with the church, the body of believers returning to proper worship and a mind to follow not what man says...but what God says. Whose side are you really on....That's the question we must give an honest answer to. Join Kevin Harrison and myself Rodney D. Kirkwood for another 12 Kings Open Treasures broadcast.

  • 02:03

    Timeout Please!

    in Christianity

    Timeout is a word heard through organized sports. It called by players or coaches when one is fatigued, hurt, disorganized, or unsure concerning the present state of circumstances. Life in general is no different. We as people tend to lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of everyday living never truly taking a much needed "timeout". Join us for another episode of Open Treasures with the 12 Kings as we discuss the need for a break and the signs when we simply need to noy only say "Timeout!"....but actually take it.

  • 01:48

    Open Treasures: "Use Prayer or Use Common Sense?"

    in Christianity

    Life is full of choices and decisions to make. Yet how many of these decisions and choices require prayer or just common sense? Its is imperative that we know the difference between the two and when to truly use them. Many blessings and opportunites are missed out in life when one or the other is misused. Its is possible for one to be over zealous in their spiritual walk and and reject common sense while others who are not spiritual are stumped at situations that require prayer. Let us come together and know when to pray and when to use common sense.

  • 02:04

    Internal Affairs: When Home Is Prison (The Youth)

    in Christianity

    If we take a close examination at our youth and the troubles they find themselves in on the outside...disturbances in the schools, neighborhoods, and society...most likely we can trace the root cause of it in the homes they dwell in. Whether we would like to admit or not, rather than home being a place of love and peace for many of our youth it is a place of prison and war. It is time to truly and courageously deal with this harsh reality that takes place. Join us for another epsiode of Open Treasures as we sit down at the round table discussion concerning "When home is prison".

  • 02:06

    The Ministry Of Music: Featuring Larry Clark

    in Christianity

    This world is full of various types of music. From Jazz, Rap, Country, R&B, Classic, New Age, Metal, Rock, Pop, Gospel, Soul, Inspirational, Reggae, Latin, and the list goes on and on. Music has a way of influencing our actions, moods, and thoughts. In other words....there is a ministry in music, whether good or bad. In this show we want to focus in on the church and how music through history has been instrumental in worship and encouragement to those who are receptive to it's message. When it comes to music, what is acceptable by God? What is truly conducive to proper worship? How much of the secular world have we allowed in to the church?

    This being a week where we will be featuring many aspects from our book entitled "12 Kings and Their Treasures: Transparent, Testimony, Truth". As we spotlight our fellow King Eric Haylock's chapter entitled "Hip Hop"..we will have the honor to be joined by our VERY special guest Mr. Larry Clark. A talented songwriter, producer out of Detroit, Michigan who is also a member of Perfecting Church that's lead by Bishop Marvin L. Winans. Larry also comes from a legendary musical family known as " The Clark Sisters"..where he recently worked on a couple of projects with his aunt Twinkie Clark. He is also the Minister of Music for New Greater Love Baptist Church out of Detroit. We are grateful to have him share with us his insight on music within the church. Tell your family and friends...and join myself Rodney D. Kirkwood and my special co-host and fellow King.. Mandrill Mclaughlin as well for what will be a DYNAMIC broadcast with the 12 Kings. Join us and be blessed!

  • 02:09

    Ferguson: Now What?

    in Christianity

    In a recent article by the Christian Science Monitor, one young man named Anthony Pruitt walked up to the Missouri State Highway Patrol in the midst of the protests saying.. “We hurt, we broken, and we ain’t all criminals,” Mr. Pruit said. He then pulled down his bandanna to show his face, which was by then streaked with tears. “How can y’all fix this?” One difficult question you might ask, however it is one that needs to be addressed. Of course the portests and riots were a direct result of and unarmed 18 year old young black man named Michael Brown being shot several times by a white officer named Darren Wilson. Every since then it has created racial tensions, the resurface of questionable tactics by law enforcement, and including the constant search for answers as to why these type of incidents continue to plague our communities. What as a community can we truly do to combat these travesties? What can we teach our young men about how to avoid these situations? Join another edition of Open Treasures as we attempt to tackle the question...What do we do next?

  • 02:16

    For The Love Of Money

    in Christianity

    There was a hit song back in the 70's entitled "For The Love Of Money" by the soul group The O'Jays. This song named several demoralizing conditions that stemmed from the love of money. From the loss of family, friends, and even to the worse state of murder; the strong hand of greed can do some damaging things. In this episode of Open Treasures we attempt to discuss similar situations that are birthed out of financial hardships through the pursuit of money and how this remains to be one of the most destructive forces in today's society.

  • 02:34

    The Deception Of Depression

    in Christianity

    Who would've thought that Robin Williams, one of the most funniest and wittiest men that so many adored would commit suicide because of depression. How can someone who appeared to be so happy be so DEPRESSED? This tragedy has without a doubt shaken up society by reintroducing to us all the horrifc realities of depression. What can we do about this? What signs must we look for? What preventative steps can be taken to avoid falling into what doctors are now calling a DISEASE. More importantly, where does God come into play? Join another episode of Open Treasures as we discuss the deceptions of depression and how it can affect an individual....even to the point of death.

  • 01:39

    12 Kings: Interview with the Authors

    in Christianity

    Join us for this in this up close & personal interview with the authors of the "12 Kings and Their Treasures." This is one of the most unique books of our era written by 12 men who serve God and have joined together to shed light on relationships.....You do not want to miss this one.....