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    Mello Moments (Inspiration for the Heart)

    in Music

    Hey Podcast Friends,

    Just thought I would share some of my favorite cuts with ya'll!  Not ony do I consider these songs, songs of inspiration,  but a playlist I believe will uplift your inner spirit, and inspire the heart.  I believe that there is a message in every song that plucks the "heart string" of everyone, and I hope to a least inspire you with one!

    Have your heart been broken?  I got a song for you.

    Are you discouraged about something?  I got a song for you.

    How about ....?

    Do you............?

    Why you..........?

    For you............?

    Real you...........?

    Do you..............?






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    The Nikki Rich Show Motivted Mondays with USA Tennis Player Lendale Johnson

    in Entertainment

    Lendale is from USA tennis, he is not ony a tenns player but is an international male model and is the face of Oyama Model Management in South Africa. Also seen on  America's Next Top Model.

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    Arsenal routs Liverpool, MCFC implosion continues, United Premier Soccer League

    in Sports

    The panel reacts to the beatdown Liverpool took at the hands of the on-fire Gunners. Four fantastic goals against a porous Reds defense. Any hope for Arsenal League title glory?  Man City continues it's meltdown with a stunning loss to Crystal Palace.  Can oil rich ownership tolerate this season performance after spending $1 billion on players in recent years? Is Pelligrini history? We welcome Yan Skwara, Comissioner of the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) and Ony Dozie, General Manager of the L.A. Wolves to the Podcast Cubby. We discuss this up and coming league, their top team's advancement to the United States' version of the FA Cup and the growth of grassroots local football in America - not before before Londoner and Newcastle fan Ony dishes stick to the Arsenal contingent.  We discuss this and much more on this latest edition of the Two Yanks v Brits Soccer Show.  

  • Kshell Gypsy Talk

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    The Ony True Gypsy Talk Show 

    Real Guest Real Topics 

    We Dont Preach We Dont Judge 

    Your Hosts Are Shelta ...Old School Eddie And Michael T Bucth 

    Join Us Live Every Wednesday Night At 9pm West Coat 11pm Central 12am East Coast Time 

    Right Here On BlogTalkRadio Call (323)642-1083 

    Or From Your Pc / Smart Phone / Tablet Log Onto www.blogtalkradio.com/kshell

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    Morning Coffee With Flava Vol.3-2015

    in Entertainment

    Come start your day and new week with a little coffee with Flava.  This is my personal time to just connect with you in our quiet space with nice cup of coffee, conversation if you feel like talking or we can just sit back, relax and listen to some great music together.


    This show is sponsored by Author, Spoken Word Artists & Musician;

    Alvin L.A. Horn www.alvinhorn.com

    Books by Alvin L.A. Horn:

    Brush Strokes

    Perfect Circle

    A Safe Place (NEW Release)


    Support Flava Coffee House 206 Radio and Unity Through Arts Exchange Artist Gifting Program atL www.gofundme.com/flavamarlex

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    Bridges Programming, tell me again, why do we need a measurement ?

    in Energy

    Why do we need a measurement within the economic system that values human survival, human existense?  The answer to this is that the lack of a 'human heart', within the economic systems we are all compellled to work in, is generating more and more distructive symptoms.  Symtoms we all know well like, wars over natural resources, rigged elections, economic terrorism, religious prejudice, scape goating, on and on.  All these are symtoms of an economics that values ony 'the bottom line'  and the myth of 'survival of the fittest' (another excuse for discrimination).  All these distructive economic symtoms are taking us to our own extinction along with all the other creatures and plants that have already gone extinct because of human behavior motivated by economics.

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    Brains And Beauty: An Hour With Ony Powers

    in Self Help

    Ony, celebrity makeup artist and one of the most sought after brow specialist, began her makeup career 10 yrs ago. Ony's work has graced the faces of such noted celebrities as Whitney Houston, CeCe Winans, Tasha Smith, Sheri Shepard and Chante Moore. Ony's career has flourished allowing her to become one of the most sought after makeup artists. Her work has appeared on a countless number of album covers and television shows, including Oprah, American Idol, Good Morning America, VH1's Save the Music, and Motown Live.
    Today, she is founder and CEO of Ony...the beauty co. "Beautiful brows and lipgloss were the first things on my agenda," explains the busy mother of two. Initially, Ony tested gloss on her clients, family and friends and "They loved it!" Shortly thereafter, Ony, the lipgloss line was launched. Ony the line, consists of products women need and are actually going to use. "Most of us have a drawer full of makeup that we never use," says Ony. I've put together a collection of colors that I absolutely love and can be used on any complexion, from a swedish blond to cocoa sudanese complexion...colors that can be worn everyday or glammed up, ranging from several nude, earth tone and berry hues like, platnium, jewels, elle,lola and gem. Ony gloss textures include a lacquer and gel.

    Ony is available for brow waxing, lashes and makeup by appointment at Enhanced Salon located in Nashville, TN.

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    Living With JOY part 3

    in Spirituality

    A Note From the author Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

    Approaching the Garden

    "Everyone yearns for deep and lasting joy.  If you look around, though, you see that while some people emanate joy, others wear sullen faces and still others make merry and laugh but seem to lack real joy.

    The key to joy is simple.  There is ony one source of real joy, and it is within you.  True joy comes from your inner reality".....

    Join Harmonious Vibrations for the next six weeks as we share more thoughts about joy from the pocket handbook, from the series Gardens of the Heart, entitled JOY by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

    Every Tuesday night 8:30-9:30 Dr. Deirdre J. Burrell, DAOMc, LAc, will take you one more step on a JOYOUS journey in time to discover or rediscover the JOY within your heart.

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    Obama's Amnesty Plan Hurts Urban America

    in Politics Conservative

    Mr. President, you asked Black people to have your back in 2013.  Now it it is 2 years later, do you have our back.  We are still dealing and reeling with double digit unemployment.  Ony 4 of 10 of our sons are graduating from high school.  Pain, agony and frustration is the trinity that most people in the urban community are most familar with.  Well Mr. President do you have our back?  Or have you decided to go "light"?  Are you courting a new girl?  Did you forget the girl that put you back together when you were down?  Stood by you in the tough times?  Are you leaving her in place of the new exciting girl from down south?  Mr. President, granting amnesty to illegal immigrants is a move that show you do not have our back in the urban community.  It proves that your focus is elsewhere. And yes, this is a battle for your attention.

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    Lugnuts and Horsepower

    in Sports

    The pressure to win the championship or just to make it into the next round, is beyond the boiling point.  It has exploded, as was seen at Texas on Sunday.  Patti Rodisch and Dustin Parks will divulge into the fight, which it really was, between Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski, as well as the aftermath.  Is this good for NASCAR, or has someone stepped over the line?

    Not ony that, but once again, a non-Chaser has won, making Phoenix a major race for the Eliminator Round drivers, and that simply increases the pressure beyond anything imaginable.

    Plus, the Nationwide Series could crown a champion come next weekend, a rookie champion no less, while the Truck Series still has a close title hunt going on.  This season is coming down to the wire, and champions weill soon be crowned.  Tune in at 6:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. CT to hear all this and more.

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    False Minsters of Christianity Violate Law of the Lord Regarding Salvation

    in Religion

    Perverting the "right way of the Lord" is a terrible transgression, routinely and for many hundreds of years done by frocked priests of apostate Christianity. They shall be thrust down to hell, saith the Lord.

    How is the "right way" determined?  By revelation through the medium of his legal appointment (the Apostleship) and that revelation not contradicting the Bible and companion revelation received by Israel, the prophets and seers thereof.  For the Lord will not speak to the Gentile nations in their wickedness assembled against the Lord and his anointed, nor will he speak to the black race of Cain, but ony to the prophets and seers of Jacob and Judah only, saith the Lord. Any violations of the following law of salvation is regarded as severe regarding salvation and safety in this life and deliverance from death and hell in the world to come.

     19 And this greater priesthood administereth the gospel and holdeth the key of the mysteries of the kingdom, even the key of the knowledge of God.
     20 Therefore, in the ordinances thereof, the power of godliness is manifest.
     21 And without the ordinances thereof, and the authority of the priesthood, the power of godliness is not manifest unto men in the flesh;
     22 For without this no man can see the face of God, even the Father, and live.
     23 Now this Moses plainly taught to the children of Israel in the wilderness, and sought diligently to sanctify his people that they might behold the face of God;
     24 But they hardened their hearts and could not endure his presence...
     25 Therefore, he took Moses out of their midst, and the Holy Priesthood also;
     26 And the lesser priesthood continued, which priesthood holdeth the key of the ministering of angels and the preparatory gospel. (D&C  84:19-26)